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Prediction February 2018 (Next stage wars) Booo!

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posted on Apr, 24 2016 @ 11:58 AM
Hello, ATS. Our beloved elitists manipulate the state of humanity affairs very well. They do it by utilizing ancient esoteric knowledge, including astrology. Almost all important events are well planned in time-space. I do not know if they use exactly astrology for everything or they have better solutions, yet I know tat I can use astrology to get them. Please accept the astrologist as a Meteorologist, just a one that can predict just as a bout Everything if he/she is good. However at present I cannot claim that neither me neither any other one I know is further than amateur in this field. Greeks were no further, Egyptians.. and Maya... maybe a bit better, but still skeptical about. I can bet that many of our extra-terrestrial friends are kinda advanced in this sciences however. As everything else on Earth we use, astrology is logical discipline and as such it comes... as my favorite Jesus Freaks would name it - from the Devil.

What my idea here is, to use (and I do) this discipline for finding specific "spots" and "windows" which are time/space opportunity for specific earth-manifestations(actions). 9/11 was planned to the minute, Hiroshima too. If there is big event it is planed. And the biggest events always go along with the best time/space opportunities. Do I dig this kind of things regularly... well no. But today I did, for the sake I got curious for one calculation that I have not done from months. I was delaying it because I know myself, I will need 30 mins to assimilate it, than I will have to research something for hour to make my mind, then I would like to spend time and share it on some crappy forums probably, which takes... time.. and here my afternoon biscuit gets in half. For what... for something that in the end neither I neither you can influence in any manner, neither would be the only one important thing in the universe. Yet today something told me: do the chart, catch the fly.

As always it was piece of cake. The thing I wanted to see was the time/space expression at the moment Pluto changes from the second to third decan n Capricorn. Why this? Because I wanted to find information about Elitist agenda and all these stuff which we go about at ATS, so I knew exactly what to go around. Pluto is the Grandpa and if you want to see when to do your big stuff, call to him - the Mafia boss. And when the Mafia boss changes the Bar - be careful, action's on the line. my question was WHAT action. And the answer after 20 second of clicks was:

You very well know the cliche that there is war waged on Humanity from thousands and thousands of years. You know the reason well - a cliche again - blood and territory. Now lets see if this chart tells us something about the opportunity in near future of something big happening in this sinister direction. I mean something serious, not just sending some troops in Syria.

Well, I was surprised what I saw. The moment you see there is the the exact moment Pluto goes into 20th degree of Capricorn, this at my town happens exactly at 13:00 on 6th February 2018.

Pluto(Power) 3rd decan 10th house(prison, security, safety)
Sun(Harmony) + Mercury(Technology) + Venus (Money, Workers) are in the 11th house( Advancing, Abrupt release of held power, Mass communities, Mass Technologies) and are very harmonically set there.

Until now sounds like a nice fairy tale of fortune... well... until...

Saturn(The mason grade 34(pun) itself) is in its Temple - 10th house.
Moon(feelings, subconscious) is suppressed and betrayed by the decaying first decan of 8th house (the house of taking from the others - Judas house)
Jupiter is just sent to rot in the third decan of 8th house. (the decan of dark ritual)

Considering this I can admit that The Prison plan they have plotting for centuries could be accelerated with event, massacre, a con or another trickery executed while this time/space energy is occurring. This could be a swift action or just whispers(announcement) of something grandiose following. For sure, opportunists like them would rather not miss to use Vito Corleone(Pluto). The Aquarian positioned Sun(the SUN for sake! and Merc+Venus) very well goes and favors their technocracy plans for us. Also the subconscious resistance of humanity would be rather vulnerable(according moon position), while the greatest Chivalry (Jupiter) is corrupted at the moment by... Judas.

I hope, Rock and Roll save your souls! Goodbye.

posted on Apr, 28 2016 @ 09:50 PM
Ah yes, the coming war see the problem with humanity is that everyone can feel it, they know something is on the horizon it's like an itch they can't scratch. But... the problem is that due to the hefty fog no one can really see too much at once, the war is coming if you like it or not. The question is - Will Europe (E.U and Nato) and North America live through it?

What you should be paying attention to is the coming rise of The Whore of Babylon, the one that will spread lies and war throughout the world. Hell if Trump doesn't win we're gonna have more serious issues than people worry if Trump wins about.


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