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Maine Gov.: Cruz's national campaign is run by hoooligans, betrayed the people of Maine

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posted on Apr, 24 2016 @ 03:55 AM

Bangor, Maine (CNN)Texas Sen. Ted Cruz collected the overwhelming majority of Maine's Republican delegates during the state's GOP convention Saturday.


Ahead of the vote, LePage accused the Cruz campaign of going back on a promise to back a "unity slate" of the state's delegates, a move he portrayed as "stabbing us in the back."

In a statement, LePage said, "We reached a deal with Cruz's national campaign to put up a unity slate that would honor the wishes of the thousands of Mainers who voted at caucus. But Cruz's Northeast Political Director David Sawyer lied to us and broke the deal. Sawyer stabbed us in the back, reneged on the unity slate, and betrayed the people of Maine."

Though he singled out Sawyer in his statement, LePage said the actions were emblematic of the Cruz campaign. "As we have seen throughout the country, Cruz's national campaign is run by greedy political hoooligans."
Ted Cruz wins almost all of Maine's delegates at convention

It's as if a memo sent was out to all US political leaders directing them to tell the truth as much as possible. Or perhaps it's the following?

Are we in "The Age of Revealing"?

Can anyone else recall so much candor from political leaders ever happening in history?

Some posters on this site don't seem to like it. They claim such honesty will discourage people from voting. I'm on the exact opposite side; I don't think people should vote when the entire process is a mockery. At this point, I think voting is giving your stamp of approval to the current system, and that is a betrayal of yourself and your loved ones IMHO.
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posted on Apr, 24 2016 @ 04:07 AM
You mean Lyin' Ted.... lied? Say it ain't so!!!

I think Trump has blown the lid off this whole mess. Had he not called half of this stuff out, folks would have gone along just like we've always done. Love him or hate him, but he has put a huge spotlight on the shenanigans that have no doubt been going on since elections were a thing.

Name it and shame it. I like it but am also disgusted by how bad it really is. When you take the time to go vote and then hear the party leaders say that your vote doesn't count??? The clock is ticking on the GOP party and depending on what happens at the convention... It's likely not going to be successfully revived.

Dollars to donuts that Trump will provide them with the Slate they made a bargain with the devil for when he hears about this.

As for the age of revealing? I don't know. It sure seems like a lot of stuff is coming out into the open and I'll have to read over your linked thread to find out more.
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posted on Apr, 24 2016 @ 05:28 AM
a reply to: Profusion
I agree. Imagine if only a thousand people only truly voted, then....oh wait....


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