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IR nightvision police cameras versus your IR dash cam..

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posted on Apr, 23 2016 @ 12:39 PM
With today's technology creeping into our cars even further where many consider safety and having a record of any events on the road recorded, there is a rise of police tech too..

Problem here though is the use of an IR camera..

Let me explain.. First of all, there is this report of police using night vision cameras to catch speeders, texters etc at night.

Many of us use a piece of kit for our cars with which to record any accident/s event/s on the road where said recording may be of use in a court of law.. Let's pick this one as an example. It has front and rear cams, both with IR night vision.

I have one similar to that and the IR lights on it are terrible and do not really offer a good "light-up" of the road.. so we might consider something extra like these lights to be added to the car to improve night vision capability, not just in clarity but distance too..
This would not take too much to be modified to fit on a car

So where is the problem?

The problem is that when two IR night vision cameras face each other with all the lights on, both cameras end up with a huge white spot where the lights are and no detail can be clearly made out.. a bit like trying to look at the sun.. it's not a thing you do..

So not only will your dash cam see the IR lights of the police camera, the police cam will see all of your IR lights too which will make both of you invisible to the cameras but both operators will know that there are IR lights in use..
This video shows a prime example (skip to 4:30) of how an IR light can completely blank a nightviison camera

And this vid does similar to the above but has a bit more clarity to it, though the user knowingly refrains from shining the IR light directly at the camera. You can still see just how bright these lights are to a NV cam.

What will happen in the future? Will you be able to use your night vision dash cam at night to record in case of any known/unknown event that might be the determining factor of someone going to jail for life, or will these lights and cams become illegal on public vehicles due to the police not being able to read your number plate?

I'm sure there are several other questions we could add to this too.. but, the way I see it, both sides of this story have valid reasons as to why they should both exist... not everyone has a dash cam..

We could find ourselves in a head-to-head with the legality and moral responsibility over the use of IR lights on cars. I once read that they even considered these IR systems to be used on vehicles as a complete replacement for the normal lights we use at night. If you have to see the road through a display screen which shows the IR imagery, then any car coming towards you that is using the same system will temporarily blind each other.. Not a good idea in that case..

Also, as a side note, should you not want to be seen in towns where CCTV is in operation.. just wear a few IR lights on your hat

posted on Apr, 23 2016 @ 12:44 PM
cool information.....the future will be here in a few months, that's how fast we're traveling.

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