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#DhimashoHaGadan, Don't Buy Death, Somalia

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posted on Apr, 23 2016 @ 12:56 AM

'Don't buy death' - Somalis urged to stay and rebuild their country

. . .

Abdinur Mohamed Ahmed decided to do something. He decided to create a campaign to persuade his fellow Somalis not to give their money to people traffickers and instead to stay and help rebuild their war torn country.
So Abdinur, who is based in the Somali capital Mogadishu, started tweeting using the hashtag #DhimashoHaGadan, which literally translated means "don't buy death."
Abdinur told BBC Trending "The whole notion of this hashtag was to discourage people from emigrating to Europe through these perilous journeys."

"If we leave this country because of insecurity or unemployment, who will change this country? Who will make this country a peaceful place to live?"

He also told Trending that he believes reality of life in Europe does not match expectations. One of his relatives left for Europe last year and calls him to tell him how unhappy he is.

I got in touch with Abdinur's relative on Whatsapp and he told me, "Life in Europe is not as easy as you might think right now. Language barriers, low paid jobs and lack of documents are the main hurdles to integration. We feel we've entered an open air prison. I am a professional nurse and I could have done so much for my country and my people. But Sweden does not need my skills. I need to start from scratch."

Abdinur also told BBC Trending he feels there's a false impression created on social media about how good life is in Europe.

"If we leave . . . Who will make this country a peaceful place to live."

" . . . there's a false impression created on social media about how good life is in Europe."

It's clearly laid out here. The false impression created on social media encourages more people to leave, resulting in a less stable Somalia, causing more people to leave. The cycle has to be broken.

My question is, who's co-ordinating the false impression created on social media? Who benefits?
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posted on Apr, 23 2016 @ 01:04 AM
Mind blowing and amazing on multiple levels.

I've been coming to the conclusion that life in the west isn't really all its cracked up to be. Mostly due to how complicated life is Sven just on a basic level, its like were busy start to finish nonstop everyday just taking care of what needs to get taken care of to live here from car registration to everything complicated busy busy busy all so we can live comfortable easy lives that in reality do not exist.

And I totally agree with the stay and help me change jt*. Lots of courage and he is probably in a lot of danger.

We've seen what happens to the leaders of this kind of idea.


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