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Why dogs don't die.. Touching if'n You LOVE canines..

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posted on Apr, 22 2016 @ 05:59 PM
Greetings and Salads-

I saw this on another site and thought I'd share with the group. Y'all are 'The Group' This is the 'why' dogs don't die, they're just taking a spot next to Your heart.. (I've printed this out in a 'reply' below..

I let My 3 lick the Coconut oil off My face, then I kid Myself that they LOVE Me for Me and NOT that I look like a big pork chop walking by.
I must confess, My Furs have helped Me immensely and now I use them in conquering My days. I have the whole day whittled down to 2 'D's'

#1) Dog park.
#2) Dishes.

If I do #1 then the dogs are happy. If I do #2 then SWMBO (She Who Must Be Obeyed) is happy.
If I do both then I've had a 'full day' Yet some may opine that it is a 'fool day' We don't pay much heed to these guys...

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posted on Apr, 22 2016 @ 06:00 PM
a reply to: JimNasium

"Some of you, particularly those who think they have recently lost a dog to 'death', don’t really understand this. I’ve had no desire to explain, but won’t be around forever and must.

Dogs never die. They don’t know how to. They get tired, and very old, and their bones hurt. Of course they don’t die. If they did they would not want to always go for a walk, even long after their old bones say: 'No, no, not a good idea. Let's not go for a walk.' Nope, dogs always want to go for a walk. They might get one step before their aging tendons collapse them into a heap on the floor, but that's what dogs are. They walk.

It’s not that they dislike your company. On the contrary, a walk with you is all there is. Their boss, and the cacaphonic symphony of odor that the world is. Cat poop, another dog’s mark, a rotting chicken bone (exultation), and you. That’s what makes their world perfect, and in a perfect world death has no place.

However, dogs get very very sleepy. That’s the thing, you see. They don't teach you that at the fancy university where they explain about quarks, gluons, and Keynesian economics. They know so much they forget that dogs never die. It’s a shame, really. Dogs have so much to offer and people just talk a lot.

When you think your dog has died, it has just fallen asleep in your heart. And by the way, it is wagging its tail madly, you see, and that’s why your chest hurts so much and you cry all the time. Who would not cry with a happy dog wagging its tail in their chest. Ouch! Wap wap wap wap wap, that hurts. But they only wag when they wake up. That’s when they say: 'Thanks Boss! Thanks for a warm place to sleep and always next to your heart, the best place.'

When they first fall asleep, they wake up all the time, and that’s why, of course, you cry all the time. Wap, wap, wap. After a while they sleep more. (remember, a dog while is not a human while. You take your dog for walk, it’s a day full of adventure in an hour. Then you come home and it's a week, well one of your days, but a week, really, before the dog gets another walk. No WONDER they love walks.)

Anyway, like I was saying, they fall asleep in your heart, and when they wake up, they wag their tail. After a few dog years, they sleep for longer naps, and you would too. They were a GOOD DOG all their life, and you both know it. It gets tiring being a good dog all the time, particularly when you get old and your bones hurt and you fall on your face and don’t want to go outside to pee when it is raining but do anyway, because you are a good dog. So understand, after they have been sleeping in your heart, they will sleep longer and longer.

But don’t get fooled. They are not 'dead.' There’s no such thing, really. They are sleeping in your heart, and they will wake up, usually when you’re not expecting it. It’s just who they are.

I feel sorry for people who don’t have dogs sleeping in their heart. You’ve missed so much. Excuse me, I have to go cry now."

posted on Apr, 22 2016 @ 06:13 PM
My child ask me if dogs go to heaven.

My reply was...It wouldn't be heaven without my dogs.

posted on Apr, 22 2016 @ 06:17 PM
a reply to: whyamIhere

ALL of them.

posted on Apr, 22 2016 @ 06:22 PM
I carry my old friend Dante's (I called him Retard, I know not socially acceptable, but he did some retarded things) tag on my keychain. It jingles like he's still always with me...My folks found one of those Japanese porcelain statues of a Boston Terrier that looks just like him on one of their junk jaunts. I have his collar by it, I still talk to him.
Stuck with three cats, and until the 17 year old one passes away, no dog. I love that old cat, but I'm a dog in human form, I need to run and play with my fellow dogs.

Thanks, Jim. Great thread.

posted on Apr, 22 2016 @ 06:31 PM
a reply to: JimNasium

What a wonderful thread.

I know what you mean, I have 4 dogs all indoor dogs and all different breeds.

I love them all equally. The breeds I have is, a two year old Bedlington terrier, a two year old King Charles cavalier spaniel, a 15 year old Rat Terrier, and 15 year old a poodle mix.

All I have to say is one word to them and they all get so excited and that word is out. They love to go outside as much as possible.

Two of my dogs love to ride in the car and they can't wait for another car trip.

However when it rains, they don't like to get wet, oh no not my four, I have no idea, I never seen dogs behave like that before, and they hate baths, when they see me getting a bunch of towels and go into the bathroom all four of my dogs will hide.

One of my dogs died two years ago, she was a Bedlington Terrier, she was 15 when she passed away, and I still miss her.

I love my dogs they are my children and they have helped me in so many wonderful ways.

posted on Apr, 22 2016 @ 06:51 PM
Beautiful and ........just. I have no dogs anymore but a bunch of cats. I can well imagine in my golden years having another fur friend of the larger size to share our days. Only if I can afford a trust account for them. Dogs are more human that people and must be cared for.

posted on Apr, 22 2016 @ 08:38 PM
A person that hasn't known the love of a faithful dog, has only lived half a life.

posted on Apr, 22 2016 @ 10:26 PM
Oh, my!
That was beautiful.

Sometimes when the house is quiet, I still hear Emily get up from her "nap".

posted on Apr, 22 2016 @ 10:28 PM
a reply to: DontTreadOnMe

I had wondered 'who' Emily was but, didn't dare ask.

So sweet.

posted on Apr, 22 2016 @ 10:37 PM
My best friends are my dogs. They are the Love of my life

posted on Apr, 23 2016 @ 01:55 AM
a reply to: JimNasium

The link is cute but your post makes as munch cents as a painted lady...
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posted on Apr, 23 2016 @ 02:32 AM
Great thread. I never got to formally say goodbye to my dog of 15 years because she passed at the vet while her condition was being treated. The presence of her sure stuck around as if to say goodbye. There were new impressions left on the pillow where she'd sleep and it felt like she'd jump on the bed.

Another impression is my heart besides the childhood memories of her was the love she had for colder whether, especially the snow. She was a Florida raised dog but loved to go outside when we moved to the NW. I must suggest letting your dogs enjoy snow on vacation if you're not in a snowy area at least once in their life. Dogs are cats are usually fascinated the first time they experience it.

posted on Apr, 23 2016 @ 10:42 AM

originally posted by: Aeshma
a reply to: JimNasium

The link is cute but your post makes as munch cents as a painted lady...

I apologize for wrecking Your weekend. I hope things turn around for You/Yours.

As the Chef told Me.. "Not everyone will enjoy Your 'Pheasant under Glass.." I think I sometimes use too many herbs..

Have a better day!


posted on May, 2 2016 @ 09:22 AM

What amazes me, is even with have 4 large babies sleeping in my heart, I still find room for the love of two "awake" babies.

I miss them all,so much.

posted on May, 4 2016 @ 04:16 AM
My Dog... Is Truly Not Man's Best Friend.
He Is A Tiny Little Bastard. Whenever I'm Coughing Out My Lungs... He Thinks It's A Great Time To Hump. Then... When I'm Not Looking... He Pees My Bed, My Blanket, And My Pillows.
Then... He Waits Until I Sit Down To Eat To Decide He Wants To Eat Too.
Then... He Scratches At My Door Just As Soon As I Finally Sit Down To Rest.
Despite Giving Him A Chance To Come In... To Which End He Stands At The Other End Of The Apartment Staring At Me. He Does Not Heed Commands.
Then He Takes Up The Middle Of The Bed And Wont Budge... I Sleep With Too Much Discomfort.
Also... He Knows When I'm Trying To Focus... I Sit On My Bed To Meditate And Suddenly He Decides To Make Hiding Under The Nightstand A Problem. I Have To Break Focus And Move Things That Aren't In His Way So That He Can Go Under The Nightstand.
Then He Has This Habbit Of Wanting Me To Play With Him...Eagerly He Initiates The Game... Then When I Touch Him... He Lashes Out. It's Been Seven Years And I Love To Hate Him.
But... I Put Up With Him... Because... I Love Him. He Is Not My Friend. But I Am Not His Either.
The Only Thing I Can Do To Punish Him Is Pray That He Burns In Hell Forever...
I So Like The Idea That Man's Best Friend Can Go There Too....
That Aside... I Allow Him To Be As He Is. Why??? Because The Son Of Bitch Ignores Every Attempt To Be Instructed.

And One More Thing.... He's Not Even My Dog. it's Someone Elses Dog.
He Doesnt Know He's Not Mine. I Try everyday To Give Him back To His Rightful Owner... But the scoundrel keeps finding his way back to me.

Never... Ever... Ever... Get A Dog!

posted on Dec, 23 2016 @ 08:04 AM
"All of His Life He tried to be a "good person". Many times, however, He failed. For after all, He was only a human, He wasn't a dog..."

Charles Schultz


posted on Dec, 23 2016 @ 08:48 AM
I'll just leave this here...

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