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My message was read wrong...

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posted on Apr, 17 2016 @ 09:13 PM
Johnnie was a sand man. A keeper of sand in a far away place. The ocean encrusted Johnnie to bring all the sand in from a far away land. I could not help see Johnnie and the sand land take a fall.

I screamed out of red lungs to Johnnie, hey are you ok. No ok was not a word a sand person could understand. Crying out for help to me was a saying Johnnie could understand.

His wife was Joey. Joey could not see thru all the sand Johnnie has left in the sand shed of life. Every time Joey cried Johnnies sand would turn hard and into small balls of sand.

Joey loved Johnnie so much and wanted more. More was impossible. Joey wanted so badley to hold and kiss Johnnie. She wanted to have a child with Johnnie. She would do anything to make this happen.

Nignt after night in the sand of time she cried out for help in her lonely world. Please anyone who can hear me. I need help.

One night she saw her friend had built her a beautiful sand castle out of Johnnie in her sandbox. The end...


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