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Drawing it out...

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posted on Apr, 16 2016 @ 09:53 AM
Yes I did use crayons.

As I draw my story of love I lay in sheets of 6 colors. Aqua, is a time of loving beaches. Memories of sun filled moments of Aqua begain around 12 noon each day. As the sun draws near to love of Aqua light.

Moving to Beige is harder for me. Some say Beige will go with everything. In the long days of summer I find my Beige days blue with un-matching colors of red with a pink tint. I can say a Beige day is a boring sound the ocean makes.

Azure days are all formed from a blue tinted sky with shades of light green. Azure Days our time your sharpness dreams of life and life's love of colors. Somedays in the moments after a dream I wish for the famous Azure day, how about you?

Gamboge, oh how I don't want a Gamboge day. A kind color you are but one who sets my mind apart from the days long hours of moonlit objects of sunlight. How Gamboge do you feel today? Looking in the mirror you see shades of fallen sun from faces of men and women of time lost in the past.

Hollywood Pink, A color where I can say I live. Hollywood Pink days are shared with fake memories of watching untruths become real. For some a Hollywood day is in the life of green tall people we think of as friends. Are the really friends

Ah the true color of lovers Lavender, with scents of the most beautiful colors a girl can see. As you give her a Lavender day love comes out from places in the mind. A soul of lost time. Girls love a Lavender day, a day you make your girl feel as a time line of love and happiness. Everyday is a Lavender day for the girl above whom I love. Your day is so special the the ones missing you the most.

Then there is grey, that is all I have to say...

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