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Slight of Hand

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posted on Apr, 14 2016 @ 09:58 PM
Sarah said to her mom, "I woukd like to just look at your face."

"Can I touch your lovely silky black hair?" Mom replied "I want to touch your shoulders and your beautiful fingers".

Sarah was telling her mom, "but your wrist with the purple watchband on it looks a little tight". "Mom I think your stoping time with your band so tight".

Sarah's mom replies, "I see your strong hands are stopping the love of life all around you". Mom, Sara says "I love your short fingernails".

Mom says to Sarah" I want you to look into my green eyes and see the love of your life".

Sarah replies "mom my life feels complete and incomplete without a lover". Mom tells Sarah" I know but you have to see him there in person".

Sarah replies "Mom he is in the flesh I want to feel him again". The mom says "Sarah your pressing down the walls of life to thin".

Sarah replies "mom I am making folds in the cover of life to keep away my sins". The mom says "Sarah, the sun is coming in behind you". Sarah says "Mom it would be very nice of you to understand my way" "Well Sarah I think you shoukd stretch out your thoughts on a daybed".

"Mom it has been awhile since the love has never faded". "Sarah I will be in the next room, nearby."

Thank you mom. I really love you for saving my life.

As mother and daughter lie in two hospital beds the Doctor removed Sarah's bad heart and transplanted her moms good heart into her body and gave her a new life. The End... To Sarah's mom please RIP
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