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Is it always an evil spirit or can it be something else?

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posted on Apr, 14 2016 @ 01:15 AM
Is it always an evil spirit or can it be something else? The answer is .... of course it can be something else..... then what can it be?

The answer is......ENERGY!

Often people will think they have something evil inside their homes.... and they are right BUT often it has nothing to do with evil spirits but more with negative energy. You can bring doom and gloom to your family and it can be your fault. Have you ever walked into someones home and immediately get that "good vibe" or that "bad vibe"? Never have I walked into a church and received some type of negative vibe BUT I have been in many homes and businesses where you can feel tension ...... so thick you can cut it with a knife or you feel hate or anger. If this is the case.... watch the family and/or work colleagues as to how they react to one another. This negative atmosphere comes directly from a family member or colleague. Constant screaming and arguing brings negativity inside your home and it then seeps into the walls where it remains. Negative talk and depression will do the same thing! Depression is not only dangerous for the depressed person but for the home the common cold..... it can be passed onto others...... especially children.

Have you ever heard the phrase: You will be judged for everything that comes out of your mouth? But this type of judgement does not only come after death..... but also while you live..... what comes out of your mouth will turn your home or office into one big negative or positive atmosphere. It is like a magnet .... you draw to you and your family the atmosphere you display. It can also come from previous tenants...... this is a BIGGIE. Previous tenants leave behind inside the home the emotions they commonly used within the home. Number one reason when moving into a new home to have it blessed or cleansed.....whichever word you prefer to use. The same goes for those who practiced various spirituality beliefs. I have been in homes where people have practiced magic and other occult beliefs and found their homes have manifested an evil spirit and the home is possessed.......not the people living in the home. First comes nightmares..... and then after awhile it then turns ugly..... sounds like knocking ( 3 knocks symbolizes evil), items turning up missing, screams in the home (not from the family), growling, etc.... and if this is the case then it needs to be handled by a professional and if done correctly the house will be cleansed and everything stops.

So how can you remove this negativity? How can I help remove depression from my life? Since the negativity came with sound, it can be removed by sound as well. Can you say Hugh Hefner? LOL

Go to a quite place and sit down and get relaxed. No meditation required ..... just say the word HUE or HUGH for as long as you can in one breath. Repeat as needed until you start to feel something. Do this numerous times EVERY day and night and watch your life change and your home atmosphere change. The word HUR or HUGH, whichever you prefer to say, gives off a tone and pitch that affects your surroundings in a positive manner. Once you are done you will immediately feel something ..... keep doing it and you will soon feel better.... more confident.....happier. Have HUE parties with your family!

This has been tested and I read a few studies on this (can not recall the name of the authors) please research it yourself or you can take the plunge and get started right now!

Good luck and God bless.

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posted on Apr, 14 2016 @ 02:21 AM
a reply to: DeathSlayer

Good post! I've always researched one phenomenon out of the many regarding ghosts or spirits.

That being, ever notice during a supposed encounter with an apparition nobody gets hurt?

There have been cases in which knives appeared to be thrown, etc. But after the encounter, the person is never harmed unless perhaps they trip while running away.

This leads me to believe that it's all based on the perception of the viewer. All thoughts are creative energies and sometimes we can manifest our fears into an entity that doesn't truly exist in physical form

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posted on Apr, 14 2016 @ 07:49 AM
a reply to: DeathSlayer

So in summary are you saying that everything is either "The answer is......ENERGY!" or "manifested an evil spirit".

Neutral energy is one thing, an evil spirit is something totally different.

How about this. Walk down any road, focus on the back of a single persons head 30ft ahead of you walking in the same direction as you are.

Think the words 'I know what you are thinking' in a horror movie style voice. Watch their movement pattern change slightly.

Then step across the road and continue walking. Then think 'I am still watching you' whilst focusing on the back of their head. They then stop dead in their tracks and turn around.

When i did that once, i thought 'no way, no freaking way. Did that really just happen ?'.

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