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(EPIC) Amazing Muslim scholar tells Canadian Senate truth of Islam

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posted on Apr, 16 2016 @ 05:55 AM

originally posted by: AVtech34
Palestine is not a country, never was, never will be. The truth is muslims have waged constant war up and down Europe for 1500 years give or take.. Any idea that America had anything to do with the way they negatively interact with the rest of the world in modern times is stupid.

ISIS came about when the Muslim Brotherhood, The Salafist, and Al Qaeda in Iraq supported the Syrian/foreign rebels after they started having interest in overthrowing the democratically elected President Assad of Syria. And Who also supported these Syrian/foreign rebels knowing they were supported by these extremists groups? .......... THE U S A

The Syrian government and country was fairly moderate and thriving at that. Yet the USA would rather support extremism in the region JUST to overthrow a DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED GOVERNMENT. You have to ask yourself why, and has this happened before. The truth is the US does not care about "freedom" or "terrorism" in the region and they have done this time and time again.

Al Qaeda in Iraq came about through the fall of Saddam Hussein. The leader of Iraq. Overthrown illegally on false pretenses by whom?.... The U S A

You see if you follow from where we are now and actually trace back. You will find the U S A having their dirty hands all over Islamic extremism that goes back DECADES.

The first democratically elected Syrian government was overthrown from within all the way back in the 50s with help of the CIA. This is simply because the Syrian leader at the time didn't want an oil pipeline running through his country built by American corporations. It's the same old story. .... The guy gets overthrown and that pipeline gets built.... Although back then Russia didn't have the interest they have today and so weren't there to save the day.

The rise of Islamic extremism has coincided with American interest in the region ever since the creation of Israel. And this is mostly down to the sides that America picks, it doesn't matter how extreme they are as long as the job is done. Right now Saudi Arabia is the key ally with the USA and they are chief supporters of ISIS and Wahhabism and spreading extreme forms of Islam. Saudi Arabia spends billions opening up Muslim schools neighboring muslim countries teaching extreme forms of Islam. Meanwhile the Americans have overthrown or supported revolts of democratically elected Muslim governments over the past few decades (along with the British) simply because these countries didn't want to be puppets.

Who supported Saddam Husseins rise of Power? Who supported Bin Laden and the Taliban against the Soviets? Who supported the Syrian rebels knowing this would create an extreme terrorist state in Iraq/Syria?

And you say Any idea that America had anything to do with the way they negatively interact with the rest of the world in modern times is stupid. ..... WOW

In reference to Palestine. Palestine has been a region for centuries. The British created the Palestinian state simply because of Zionist interests. The plan all along was to replace the Palestinian people with Eastern European Jews. The fact is, Arabs living in the area going back thousands years have mostly been replaced by white Eastern European Jews who only arrived in the 20th century.

Palestine has declared independence since 1988, with a government in exile and is recognized by 134 countries.

posted on Apr, 21 2016 @ 07:42 AM

originally posted by: ChesterJohn
a reply to: MystikMushroom

other than the book of Revelation. There are no violent passages in the New Testament, especially the books of Paul.

I beg to differ, the Bible has an exceptional amount of violent passages....outwith the book of Revelation.

Its the people that interpret the relevant texts and how they are then portrayed to people that cause the problems, they spread extremism by being great orators, who can gain the attention of groups of people and persuade them to act in a certain way.

Christianity has in the most part managed to ignore these extremists (in the last 200 years anyway), however there are many who spread hatred still. The Muslim community is no different its just that we only get to see in the media....the extremists and what they are doing and then we project that opinion against all Muslims.

In my opinion all religions are bad in some way (hence I don't follow any). If we all believed in the same one we would not be having these problems (unfortunately each one thinks theirs is the right one).

To add, if you look at the way Americans portrayed communism and all communists vs what the communists say then you have a similar scenario, Two different belief systems in how something should work will always cause confrontation, you just have to hope that the majority can see the sense beyond all the madness.
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