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Going Up Country

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posted on Apr, 15 2016 @ 03:30 PM
The aroma of hot coffee filled the air as Ben and Josh and Sarah discussed the door and its purpose. They could not, with any reasonableness, explain the need for a door that presumably went nowhere. A door in the bottom of an old water mill ? What for ?
Soon they were carefully removing everything blocking the door and sweeping as they went. They waited until Josh gave his okay that the integrity of the walls and ceiling was strong and safe enough for them to enter . . . then went inside. Ben pulled out his flashlight and aimed it at the center of darkness. The light showed only briefly, then disappeared into an abyss of black. One small flashlight wasn't going to work here. They all backed out slowly. Ben went upstairs to get another flashlight and a lantern, while Josh and Sarah finished stacking the loose rocks in piles as best they could.

Once again, they entered together. The stony walls this time reflected the light . . showing them a set of what appeared to be railroad tracks, running off into the black interior. About twenty feet away sat an empty Hopper car. They all had the same thought at the same time . . .a mine shaft !

posted on Apr, 18 2016 @ 04:34 PM
Snow fell heavily outside as the three of them discussed the shaft and railroad tracks. Ben said he thought he remembered hearing about a mine on the other side of the ridge but it was supposedly lost in an avalanche many years ago and forgotten. And that would be the only feasible use for rail tracks up here. But why did they run down into the mill ? Didn't make sense unless someone was trying to hide what was happening at the mine back in its heyday. They decided to check it out.

Sarah would stay back with Blue, while Ben and Josh would follow the shaft as far as they safely could. Light backpacks were filled with food, water, and extra batteries. After thirty minutes of running over "what-if" scenarios and conferring with Sarah, Ben and Josh set off to explore. They followed the tracks for about 200 yards as they wind down to the right and then back up to the left, now steeply. Josh took the lead as Ben tired a bit. Another 1/2 mile, uphill. Then it leveled off, ending at a pile of rock and beams. They had reached the site of the cave-in and it appeared the passage was blocked completely.
An hour had gone by and they were ready for a rest. Over a ham sandwich and some water, Ben and Josh talked about the abrupt dead end to the shaft. "Wonder if we can work our way through this heap of rocks and find out if the other side has anything to offer", Josh asked. "Probably not", said Ben, "Too much work and just look at this stuff, worthless as a whistle in a wind storm", handing a jagged broken piece to Josh. Josh looked at the rock in his hand carefully. Slowly he stood up and shining his flashlight directly onto it said, "I don't know Ben, we might have a little potential here. This looks like a piece of Acanthite, good Acanthite. That's Silver Sulfide ! We may be on to something here.
Ben began to laugh. Then they both laughed together.

posted on Apr, 19 2016 @ 02:24 PM
Sarah and Blue were both happy to see the two come walking down the passageway hours later. Both had smirks on their faces and seemed to be walking with exaggerated swaggers. "We found something Sarah, something very exciting", laughed Josh. Ben couldn't contain himself either. "We're going to be self-sufficient Sarah, we've found a source of income for our independent lifestyles !"

Later, back in the warm cabin, they sipped hot honey tea and began meticulous, brain-storming, idea-forming logistics.

posted on Apr, 21 2016 @ 04:42 PM
Note : As I expected, collaboration is not easily forthcoming. But, I'll try to make it interesting.

Now Ben and Josh and Sarah began to make some plans. Josh and Sarah would leave in a week and travel to California for business. Ben would stay and take care of the property and work on the mine. The goal was to set up contacts for processing whatever came out of the mine. Prospects were endless. Silver, being both a precious metal and a noble metal, should be easy to sell. Because of its thermal and electrical conductivity, silver is ideal for electrical applications, and can also be used for coins, jewelry, and silverware. Leads should be easy to find for Josh and Sarah, especially in the San Francisco area, where a lot of investors waited for opportunities. They would start there.

Ben and Blue would hold down the fort.

posted on Apr, 22 2016 @ 04:08 PM
Two days after Josh and Sarah left, Ben made another discovery in the mine. Crystal. He had worked his way through a small hole in the bottom of the rubble pile and had squeezed through to the other side of the cave-in. Turning his flashlight in the direction of the extending shaft, he was amazed at what he now saw, large pieces of crystal, radiating the light as if energized by the sun. Rays of colored lights, everywhere.
He packed what he could into his small backpack and crawled back through the hole. He was smiling to himself and he knew why. On his numerous supply treks to Bonner's Ferry, he had met a little gal there that told him she'd be interested in buying any crystal formations he might find on his property. Seems she had connections that had connections that held crystal in high esteem, and they were constantly looking for new sources. It was a spiritual thing she said. Her name was Hallie and he had been surprised how easy it had been to talk casually with her over a hot cup of coffee. She worked part-time at the Alley Fabric Nook and part-time at the Medicine Man Pharmacy, as needed. He liked how independent she was. Yeah, she was a possible customer now. He'd go see her soon !
He began to feel spiritual himself.

posted on Apr, 22 2016 @ 04:10 PM
a reply to: SIEGE

I will add later. I have to catch up. As always your awesome

posted on Apr, 25 2016 @ 12:47 PM
Hallie Spencer sat alone at a table in Badger's Den, sipping on a delicious latte while watching the snow fall gently to the ground. It was a warm, wet snow, the flakes very big and sticky. She imagined how fun it would be to be a little girl again and make angels in the snow, many angels, so many that it might resemble a tiny part of heaven. She was still laughing to herself about the idea when the front door opened and Ben and Blue came in, brushing snow off themselves before venturing any further into the restaurant itself. Hallie was thirty-nine , with fiery red hair down to the middle of her back and a face that was comfortable to look at. She wasn't "beautiful", but she had "the look", and her green eyes made you feel light-headed when you looked directly into them.
And that's how Ben was feeling at the moment. Her smile encouraged him and Blue to join her, and Blue walked up to her and licked her hand before laying down under the table between the both of them.
"So how the Hal are ya ? Ben asked.
"Ben okay." she answered with that smile.

posted on Apr, 26 2016 @ 12:29 PM
"Brought something for you to look at", Ben said. "Found it on my land and there's more where this came from." He opened his backpack and took out a piece of crystal approximately 4" x 4" x 4" and handed it over to her. It was almost as clear as glass, and heavy. Hallie stood up slowly and walked to the window where there was a little more light. She held it out, and watched as the rays flashed here and there. "It's beautiful", she said, "just beautiful". "I can sell this for you in a heartbeat."
She moved back to the table and they began to talk business.

"So why don't you come over for a visit ?" Ben asked. "You said yourself there won't be too much work available for you over the next couple of weeks, so taking some time off shouldn't be a problem, right ?"

Two hours later they were hiking out of town together, backpacks filled.

Blue led the way, as they all disappeared into the falling snow.

posted on Apr, 26 2016 @ 03:40 PM
Josh and Sarah were doing alright for themselves in California. They had met with four potential clients in San Francisco and one in Los Angeles and the future showed promise. Two of their contacts insisted on sending representatives to Idaho to inspect and rate ore purity before making any definitive decisions. Josh and Sarah had a tough time convincing them to wait a month before doing so. They had to get back to Tarecar Terminal and give Ben a heads-up on the investor requests, it was only proper. And they wanted to do a little recruiting on the side, to see if any of their friends might be interested in joining the compound.
As it turned out, they were able to get commitments from four other couples, to visit on a trial basis and see if it was all it was made out to be. They headed back to Tarecar.

Hallie was quite impressed with the property as a whole. Ben had shown her around, even taking her down into the mine so she could get a first-hand look at the crystal. She was excited and giddy. The two of them now sat at the table, drinking hot honey-tea, and watching the snow fall. It was warm inside the cabin, the fireplace crackling loudly. Ben leaned over to give her a kiss just as Blue sprang up from the floor and began to bark at the door. Peering out through the curtain, they saw company coming up from the river. It was Josh and Sarah !

posted on Apr, 28 2016 @ 03:36 PM
The four of them exchanged greetings and stories over some fresh brewed honey tea, laced with cinnamon brandy that Josh produced from his backpack. It was like a reunion. Sarah clued Ben on the possibility of potential investor reps showing up in less than two weeks. Josh told him about the four couples that had committed to give Tarecar a visit. Ben was elated. He told them about finding the crystal, introduced them to Hallie, and talked about the possibilities of selling the crystal as another form of income for the compound. Everyone felt the positive vibes.

Ben and Hallie retired to the mill, leaving Josh and Sarah to enjoy the quiet, warm fireplace.

Ben worked on Hallie, suggesting that she might be very happy too as a permanent resident of Tarecar.

Her eyes sparkled as she said; "Let me sleep on it ".

posted on May, 3 2016 @ 04:34 PM
In the weeks that followed, many things began to happen at the compound. Assayers showed up and took samples of the ore.
Results showed high-grade silver potential and investors in San Francisco were notified as quickly as possible. A mining crew was put together and sent on their way to Bonner's Ferry, tasked to pull whatever they could out of the mine and get it shipped to a refinery. The crew consisted of ten seasoned men, all adventurous and hard-working, familiar with the problems associated with mountain mining and living. Josh went off to meet them.

Ben asked Hallie to get in touch with her crystal contacts and see what was happening there.

Sarah and Josh's college friends showed up in Bonner's Ferry at the same time, waiting for Josh to guide them in.

Ben found himself busier than a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest.

posted on May, 4 2016 @ 12:19 PM
Living quarters for the influx of visitors to Tarecar became the number one priority. Ben oversaw the construction of a large bunkhouse for the mining crew, as well as a larger cabin for the "college crew". Snow did not particularly affect the day-to-day operations as the weather warmed a bit and light snow flurries became the norm.

A road down to the river was proposed and quickly took shape. Borrowing from a local phenomenon, a ferry system was put into practice, allowing movement of supplies and equipment from one side of the river over to their side of the river in a timely manner. Ben watched as the first truck drove off of the ferry and headed up to the compound. He couldn't believe it.

The existing railroad tracks in the mine were over-hauled and extended out of the bottom of the mill, all the way down to their new road. Now, the mining could begin in earnest.

And it did. Ore was transferred from hoppers to trucks, then across the river and off to the nearest railroad loading station.

posted on May, 4 2016 @ 04:20 PM
At first the money trickled in slowly. Separate bank accounts were set up in Bonner's Ferry with Hallie's help and recommendations. The miners were paid by the original investors so that wasn't a problem. Expenses now were minor and manageable. And then the money came in waves. Direct deposits to the bank. The balance rose swiftly, as did their net worth. Four of them, Ben . .Josh . .Sarah . .and Hallie, all partners now, enjoyed the bonanza. The eight from college, finding life and opportunity at Tarecar positively giddy, set up their own account, based on a percentage of production. All had adapted to the new lifestyle and held "positions of authority" throughout the compound. Everyone worked hard.

The last snowfall ushered in a spring rain, and then . . .then they planted.
Vegetables galore. Flour, rice, and meats came from town, in larger quantities. A walk-in freezer and cooler were filled with bags and boxes. Solar panels, (Sarah's idea), provided more than enough power to run them.
Life was good.

posted on May, 5 2016 @ 12:56 PM
Hallie's contact list grew by leaps and bounds. Seemed "word-of-mouth" was the best medicine when it came to advertising.
They were selling pieces of crystal to buyers at an ever increasing rate. Seers, crystal gazers, fortune-tellers, you name it. And the money poured in. One particular buyer though, got her undivided attention every time he showed up in Bonner's Ferry. He wanted only green-hued crystal and he paid right there on the spot with cash. Hallie had explained to him that the green was not as readily available as the other colors, and that in fact it was becoming scarce. Waving her off, he told her that he'd be willing to pay top dollar for the green . . .if she sold it exclusively to him. After mulling it over, she agreed. She didn't have a good reason not to, so what the heck.

As they prospered, Ben went to the local real estate agency and inquired about annexing more land around their compound. He ended up buying another two hundred acres.

Growing pains.

posted on Aug, 25 2016 @ 04:29 PM
The man once again made his way through the streets of Bonner's Ferry, heading to his rented room over Badger's Den. He'd been lucky enough to score the same room three times in a row now on his brief visits, and was feeling relaxed enough to admit to himself that this little business venture wasn't such a bad gig after all. He'd buy the crystal, scope it, log the readings, and then deliver it to a pick-up location. His contact, an elderly gentleman of about seventy or so, would transfer the crystal into another package made of mylar, and hand him an envelope with cash in it. Quite simple, actually. He smiled to himself as he thought about how easy this job had become. Piece of cake ! Piece of cake !

What he didn't know, was that the green crystal he specifically asked for every time was high-grade Torbernite. It was radioactive crystal desired by his anonymous employer and although he suspected something along those lines, he was not at all aware of how deadly the green crystal would become.

posted on Aug, 26 2016 @ 04:36 PM
William Jarvis studied his face in the mirror, noting his ashen appearance and bags under the eyes. At seventy years old he still mentally felt like he did when he was in his early fifties. But physically he was losing the battle. Everything ached . . .all of the time. And it was getting worse. Every day he hurt just a little bit more and every day he lost just a little more hair. At this rate he figured he'd be completely bald in two months. He knew it was that damn crystal, the green rocks he had been handling for the last three months. The new mylar bags weren't working. Why not ? They told him they would reduce the exposure levels . . .but they didn't damn work. He spit into the sink in disgust and started to turn away when he noticed the blood. He spit again, and more blood appeared in the sink. He spit a third time and shivers ran up the back of his neck. More blood.
He knew he wouldn't make the next drop, he was just too weak. What the hell could he do about it ? And what about the money ? Yes, the money. As green as that crystal, but only paid after confirmation of the buy. And that confirmation was a phone call from the buyer to the "man". He was just a middleman. His phone call came for the drop only after the "man" was satisfied that the scoping readings were high enough. Slowly he sat down. And spit on a towel he was holding. Red !

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