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Fastening the procedures of totalitarianism on the substance of democratic society

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posted on Apr, 7 2016 @ 09:30 PM
Sounds a bit harsh you think? Let's take a closer look at the facts!

Trump hasn’t talked about the Espionage Act. Instead, the Obama administration has used the draconian 1917 law to prosecute more leakers and whistleblowers than all previous administrations combined...


Yeah, Bush was bad. Now it's even worse.
The following (and quite long) snipped is linked within the previous article. Nothing new, but straight to the point:

Because of Mr. Snowden, we now know that the listeners, in their aggressive effort to maintain the security of the United States by breaking anything that stands in the way of listening, undertook to do what they repeatedly promised respectable opinion in the trade they would never do.

Systematically, they attempted what they had once and for all promised many a time in the discreetest but most credible fashion to respectable opinion, which then carried their water for them throughout our world. They always said they would not attempt breaking the crypto which secures the global financial system.

That was false.

When, on September 6th, the New York Times re-entered the pursuit of journalism in this area so triumphantly, by revealing the existence of Bull Run, publishing Mr. Snowden's various disclosures concerning both the substance of Bull Run and the National Security Agency's discussions of it, we learned that the United States listeners had been systematically and deliberately trying to subvert the crypto that holds the international financial system together, for years. And we learned a good deal more—which we shall spend more time upon on another evening, considering carefully what we learned in this respect—we learned that their efforts had been so far only partially successful.

Within hours they had forfeited respectable opinion around the world, which had stood solidly in their corner all the way along. The recklessness of what they had done, and the danger to which it put the people in the world who don't accept danger from the United States Government, was breathtaking.

When the morality of freedom is so thoroughly thrown away, it isn't only the "little people" of the world who suffer, but they do. The empire of the United States, the one that secured itself by listening to everything, was the empire of exported liberty. What we had to offer all around the world was freedom—after colonization, after European theft, after the forms of twentieth-century horror we haven't even talked about yet—we offered liberty; we offered freedom.

In the twentieth century we were prepared to sacrifice many of the world's great cities, and to accept the sacrifice of tens of millions of human lives, in order to secure our selves against forms of government we called "totalitarianism," in which the State grew so powerful and so invasive that it recognized no longer any border of private life, and brought itself into everything that its subjects did. Where the State listened to every telephone conversation, and kept a list of everybody every troublemaker knew.

So let us unfortunately tell the truth as it appeared to the people who worked in the system: When the morality of freedom was withdrawn, our State began fastening the procedures of totalitarianism on the substance of democratic society.

There is no historical precedent for the proposition that the procedures of totalitarianism are compatible with the system of enlightened, individual, democratic self-governance. No one has ever previously in the history of the human race evolved an argument—and as I will show next time no argument can be evolved—that would give us any confidence in the ability of the procedures of totalitarianism to coexist with those of constitutional democratic self-governance. It is enough to say for now that omnipresent invasive listening creates fear. And I need not be Justice Brandeis to tell you that fear is the enemy of reasoned, ordered liberty.

Westward the Course of Empire - A talk given by Eben Moglen at Columbia Law School on October 9th, 2013

And now we have the Panama Papers at hand, our free press sifted through the vastness of data to shed some light on offshore tax evasion, eh? Yeah, right. And brilliant! Now the many cheer and embrace vague fears of a few, who were dumb enough not to handle things a tad less bold and well within their legal rights.
There is absolutely no debate regarding actual failed politics, it's already all about criminal individuals. Awesome! And who the eff needs a selected branch of crooked media business people to sift through the data in the first place, why isn't there an open source platform to access said data ourselves (possibly with further information at hand)?

Now that, ladies and gents, is actual (but circumstancial) evidence for the lack of a really free press. Really. And we march with them, in this endless War on Everything, praising the freedom of our press and the merits of enlightenment. Well. Played.

..."This keeping of the whole population on the march seemed to be a senseless waste of time and energy. Only much later," adds Hermann Rauschning, "was there revealed in it a subtle intention based on a well-judged adjustment of ends and means. Marching diverts men's thoughts. Marching kills thought. Marching makes an end of individuality. Marching is the indispensable magic stroke performed in order to accustom the people to a mechanical, quasi-ritualistic activity until it becomes second nature."

From his point of view and at the level where he had chosen to do his dreadful work, Hitler was perfectly correct in his estimate of human nature. To those of us who look at men and women as individuals rather than as members of crowds, or of regimented collec­tives, he seems hideously wrong. In an age of accelerat­ing over-population, of accelerating over-organization and ever more efficient means of mass communication, how can we preserve the integrity and reassert the value of the human individual? This is a question that can still be asked and perhaps effectively answered. A generation from now it may be too late to find an answer and perhaps impossible, in the stifling collec­tive climate of that future time, even to ask the ques­tion.

Brave New World revisited - Propaganda Under a Dictatorship

What if we're already there?

Thanks for reading and have a great time, dear ATSlien!

Sincerely yours,
A Pissed Public Opinion

posted on Apr, 7 2016 @ 09:48 PM
a reply to: PublicOpinion

Totalitarianism is my true enemy. Not Republicans, Democrats or even corporations.

The NWO and Government FORCED compliance are what get me riled up.

posted on Apr, 7 2016 @ 09:59 PM

A generation from now it may be too late to find an answer and perhaps impossible, in the stifling collec­tive climate of that future time, even to ask the ques­tion
It seems to me an inexorable march. I would suggest that the question might not just be forbidden but in light of general consciousness being developed by the dominant paradigm, virtually impossible to even formulate. The next generation will not even wonder what question we are talking about.

posted on Apr, 7 2016 @ 10:33 PM
a reply to: PublicOpinion

In criminal circles, it's a fundamental no-no to snitch on corrupt wrongdoings to the authorities - there are criminal codes of ethics which bind gang members / bikies / criminals and politicians to an oath.

So when gang members, mafioso and government employees decide to whistleblow, the propaganda is set up to deflect from the criminal act being exposed, but rather to have the propaganda machine focus on the messenger as being a traitorous unpatriotic terrorist enemy of freedom.

These traits, and others, as exercised in plain sight by these criminals and politicians, has all the hallmarks of totalitarianism under a fascist dictatorship where questioning and exposing the deceptive corruption of the Homelands hierarchies actions is treason.

posted on Apr, 7 2016 @ 11:05 PM
a reply to: Metallicus
Your frankness is much appreciated anyway.


a reply to: TerryMcGuire

I would suggest that the question might not just be forbidden but in light of general consciousness being developed by the dominant paradigm, virtually impossible to even formulate. The next generation will not even wonder what question we are talking about.

Deny optimism much? Damnd realists...

You have a great point there anyway. This Nanny State journalist conspiracy for a fricken elephant in the room is a marvellous sidenote in this process of boiling down the complex state of affairs for our daily spin. We're already unable to process vast amounts of raw data (together), take your Soma now!

a reply to: Sublimecraft
I get your drift, you see 'them all' as one big criminal gang, which is perfectly fine with me and right on the money.

And that, my friend, is the real story we shold read by now. There it sits, the beast staring straight into our eyes, more and more (legal) totalitarian acts for the sake of fighting totalitarian regimes. How much more absurd can it get?

What a blaze! Hitler didn't break any (German) laws either (at that time), did he?

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