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I am InsaE...

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posted on Apr, 7 2016 @ 03:29 PM
Shane was standing in a field full of green rice. His long thoughts of the day were all coming true. His disbelief turned stones into the most beautiful ponds with purple frogs and red lilly pads. Jumping around he saw some room. A room he knew too soon.

Along with his day now he kissed the purple frog after stepping over red Lilly pads. Out of the sky she came like a quick dream.

The most beautiful sight, a sight of delight. A sight of fright. A sight he might not forget.

Was it rain a flower a call to be taller. Shane stumbled back to his lost room. The view to this room was like being in a shed. Strings of light followed him all night. He went to bed put down his head. Shane read a story for two.

She gave him a kiss that he would miss. She woke him from his dream.

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