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Video Game Vampire: the Masquerade Bloodlines, Real Psychic Power

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posted on Apr, 7 2016 @ 03:04 PM
My gaming experience with Vampire: the Masquerade Bloodlines was such, that I noticed a plausibility to the real world psychic abilities documented. Also, a shoot up and run thrill similar to Grand Theft

Clan Assamite practice Quiet Us, Haqim Fanatics of God - the Oldest Man with a Mountain, whom silence censors with a psychic discipline of assassination.

My first game through was as Clan Malkavian, they practice Dementia - the ability to cast insanity and hallucinations into the minds of others.

Clan Giovanni practices Necromancy (Vampire the Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition, Nigrimancy may be an esoteric hint to the effect of a racist infrastructure), the ability to summon zombies and zombify. Pages 56-57, the Giovanni Don has rodentesque teeth, on the side bar Giovanni says, "Nicolai Machievelli forgets he worked in the wake of the Borgias and the Medicis." Me di, ci? Id Mice. On Page 63, the Nosferatu are Sewer Rats that inform. The TalMaHeRa Mafia makes a point of shark teeth on pages 406-407 (towel, Ma Hera) - they are in the "True Black Hand," a different infrastructure from the Sabbat. When the game ends, the Zantosa Russian Revenants (can too say) can't control their desire for Hollywood money, and are at war with OpRichNicki (Op get him Rich off Nicky More / Rome Y Nick). Enrathi is listed above the name of Giovanni: Enrath I if the E N rat high on a Giovanni hit, is a fictional storyline meaning.

My Revelation Chapter 9, it says to loose the Euphrates bound. They are loosed to kill 1/3rd of mankind, Verse 16 begins. 3 then 6, 666. phee? u rats, is one thing it could mean on the Giovanni hit.

The Gay Gar Goyles practices Visceratika: V is c E rat, I k. (Like K, ali).

There are several Black Hand infrastructural initiations on loyalty, including "Rat Race," the mauling and maiming of any mortal guilty if accessory to the Jewish infrastructure, turning in a Hebrew for being Jewish to get out of trouble.

White Wolf is an Armageddon Fiction company, like Ragnarok, wherein Loki is at war with the Thunderer. Low Key and Brag I. A low key to fiction.

A popular documentary on the real world history of zombie plays frequently on basic cable, Giovanni is the first man to animate a dead corpse with electroshock, zombification. The game esoterically references a 666 hit which rots flesh. World War Z is World War III, any germ / germany and france (a d evil on a shot) spread the germs around. In real life, if the hit confined for the drugs, by militant accessories to sale/possession/&phile lipping, perpetuity snitching not to turn in the contagion because it amounts to snitching to get out of jail time to let the guy snitched out do your time.

The Assa mite (an ass whom might) may be safety obsessed on Haqim: an eccentric founder of the Faithful and the reptilian scales of justice. The Vampiric Discipline of Auspex provides the ability to scry the right wire on overall safety.

In my Chronicle, Hakim was never an accessory to the hit, just a hostage negotiator with an on / off stack option. Literally the only rank starting royal with option to call convergence with an off stack option. It isn't accessory to be enabled by. The Isaacs (Salubri) and Mummies all in the same position: the same person is also a new person, so inherits all old rights, no bad karma. Top 12 royals may be converged on last at

jurisprudence - apathy, hard work the worst direct exchange possible. Only convergence tried / convicted unless system stuck, if system stuck a % can be offered Nirvana, reincarnation as Samadhi babe + past life recall five seconds later. If paranoid about releasing data. Or the laos just enclosed and everyone released.

I recently began a preview of Bloodlines Antitribu, wherein the main Clan referenced is the Ivory Tower (after the Biblical Tower of Babel)'s Lasombra AntiTribu, Lam's Door of the Camara ill Sect. Lam's B0 Ra. Lamb's if Ra thinks BZero is the bet key.

I might pay taxes.

The youtube video provides a playthrough as a Lasombra of the Camarilla, an on stack Lasombra of the white pride Ivory Tower.

In the game, it is available to utilize diversified psychic abilities to maul and exsanguinate military enemies.

KB is me.

The Lamb of God has 7 horns of war, 7 eyes of clear vision, the 7 spirits of God.

"If Cain 7, Lamech 77" - I come from, L turned to the left, Va Mech. KB in Mecha,
Saudi Arabia - I sand, I a rabi, a Mafia:
KB in Maker,

With KaB Allah, Jews, Christians, and Muslims attribute the 5th sphere to War, every Muslim bows 5 times a day to KB in Maker. KB In Maker Is Lam, is the Lam of God of the Lasombra Elite.

The Lasombra practice 5 paths of heart driven loyalty:

the Path of Night - silent and subtle elite
the Cold Path of Night - silent and subtle, slightly less jaded in identification than a normal elite
the Allied Path of Night - love of Lasombra elites to correspond to love of attachment first, the building of infrastructural connections.
the Esoteric Path of Night - deep Ihsan, that adherent's heart is purified by pitch black silence
the Righteous Path of Night - adherents to the Jyhad.

That's five fingers invisible black ink of the black flag vein of global Islam.

Vin Cul Um - this announces to the loyalty of the Vein of the occult underworld. Is lam sides with the veins. All whom read are cool w/ the document being publically pondered.

posted on Apr, 7 2016 @ 03:19 PM
a reply to: KBisme

I'm guessing you are new to the overall World of Darkness canon? Well, it is absolutely rife with occult/esoteric influence. Its a horror genre. Vampire: The Masquerade is even more laden with occult influence than say Werewolf or Changeling, however I would say Vampire and Mage are on par with regard to esoteric influence.
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posted on Apr, 7 2016 @ 03:26 PM
a reply to: KBisme

Unfortunately I hate shooters otherwise I think I'd like this game. I'm adventure RPG trash/'retro gamer' (because apparently people who like Gameboy are retro now lol) I only have a 3DS, PS2, and Wii--oh, and my computer for WoW and LoL.

Nothing is created in a vacuum, so I don't doubt that your feels are spot on.

posted on Apr, 7 2016 @ 03:31 PM
a reply to: KBisme

I can't comment on the main body of your thread but I will say as someone who bought the game day one that Vampire: the Masquerade Bloodlines was an incredible game but sadly very very broken , never made it to the end because of the game killing bugs but I did invest many hours into it.
The music , story and atmosphere of the game was a revelation for me back then and I still have fond memories of the time I spent in that world , I thought Nines was the dude.

posted on Apr, 7 2016 @ 03:49 PM
Zombie Outbreak on Giovanni Hit

Giovanni raising the dead on Gehennah.

Those corpses rot in a jiggly rhythm of war.

rot = rat, as in bulk plurality, only if a line is drawn onto the o. Zombies are also guilty of attacking unreasonably, wanting brains and never finding any, moving as hordes, Contagioning society.

As a safety issue,
the Baali Bloodline practice Obfuscate (psychic mask contagioning), Presence (emanate love to entrap worship of demonic totems), and Daimoinon (pride in being demon, or Satanic Ritual Abuse Satanists).

Daimoinon 7, Contagion, spreads Catholicism child slavery scandals, obsession with inflicting hell, soul damnation, infinite suffering, and/or the killing of God Almighty, the Father of the Family, the Oldest Man. An epidemic rooted in laos ticks as old as the chimpanzee days compiling invisibly and irreversibly without outside help.

My Torah, Joshua Judges Roth (opposite Thor / Thor opposed, why the Tor Ah, object of devotion to the Jewish Faithful),
AC Hand confesses to stealing the shot, by saying to tan if a Russian roulette roll kill blow, the beginning d evil of the Bible Faith. Thyatira, Thar Y a Ti, a Jezebel into Satan's mysteries begins the contagion, God slays her children with death, advising to hold onto what you still have, in reference to the days to test the world.

d evil stretching human imagination could have tempted Balak to an extreme of contract literalism on atonement dram of hell, sufficient that he uses literals of Satan not Bible excluded. If not defeated, long term risk factor could be at torture pandemic.

Golconda - love inserted, not love removed, Nirvana results. Long term safety implications: highest success probability on only jurisprudence. Nothing worse than apathy, hard work, opportunity to make amends.

Lamb's possible: taxes. On dea enabling,
butterfly if no retention on that enables the dea to pay them. Culpability scales as pride/desire retaining invasion, without retention the infrastructure enabled isn't on point of being dea. Butterfly (non culpable) can be called ratting on similar diction to snitching, in part because similar diction means invented definition automatically applies.
butterfly invades Indiana if I tie my shoe, and is inevitable without evolution.

I accept property donations to avoid paying tax dollars. Houses, free clothing, free food, no caffeine or alcohol. Will post contact info on my home page.

posted on May, 20 2016 @ 03:41 PM
On this many games about vampires All game for kids but I like it!

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