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Hot Nights Cold Days...

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posted on Apr, 7 2016 @ 02:33 PM
Have you really not heard the news. A son of the sun was making its way to our great day. A new world with delight and might. Some say it's in the thick of time. I know you knew what I was talking about.

As he waited for this new blue light up in the sky his words of paint made it rain. Was it real. I can't feel. Was this his last meal.

The grey and silver clouds started to open. The rain this man created now neither hated or loved. He looked back in time to remember his thoughts and words he spoke on this same day.

Without regret he fell from the net. He made his last bet. His eyes steamed. His fluids poured on the floor. It was his last meal.

They pulled the reel he was unable to feel the jolts of electric shocks going into his head. He was dead.!
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