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Is Yellowstone's Data Being Throttled?

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posted on Apr, 6 2016 @ 08:49 PM

originally posted by: ketsuko

originally posted by: mazzroth
The journo scum are to blame...I think we should jail them all for failing to do their job which is speak the truth.

No, no, no, ever since Watergate, the journalist has been taught that their job is to change the world, not simply report truth. Since when did you get so naive?

Of course, if we'd go back to the days of more reporting, less crusading disguised as reporting, we might start to re-establish some trust in our public institutions.

I really don't think so....
How do you learn to trust a Chronicle Liar.......

posted on Apr, 10 2016 @ 12:47 PM

originally posted by: ericblair4891
a reply to: research100

Here read all of this and you'll be all filled in. This thread was started with the swarm and is the reason I end up here. It explains everything.

Same here, I'm there.
No literally, I'm there. Or close enough anyway

I looked around here, but didn't see any discussion about a new Geothermal feature that supposedly has appeared in the Shoshone River East of Yellowstone in Cody, Wyoming.
The fact that the news pertains to new activity in the Yellowstone area, I'll slide it in as on topic.

This is a photo that was reportedly taken on the 1st by a local and posted on social media.

He mentions the strong odor, I can attest to that. It's always been that way when driving past that area.
I love his comment that in Wyoming, Geology is a verb.

That area is also home to Colter's Hell - A large, but now mostly inactive Geyser Basin.
Colter's Hell WIKI

Google Earth shot of one of the dormant ones:

Larger Overview:

Cody, Wyoming is located in the Bighorn Basin to the East of Yellowstone. The whole basin has a connection to Yellowstone, IMHO.
Bighorn Basin WIKI

Located on the Southern Rim of the Bighorn Basin is Thermopolis, Wyoming. Home to the World's Largest single mineral hot spring. I'm way overdue for a soak BTW...
Thermopolis, WY WIKI

You may recall that recently there was a bit of a "landslide" in the Bighorns of Wyoming? Southeastern Rim to be more precise?

Not to mention this EQ? Never seen one there before...
M3.1 - 18km SSW of Midwest, Wyoming

I think that we're seeing new activity in the entire basin. Even my son who just passed through here the other day (he's a trucker) commented about a hot spring that's just south of here. Said he never noticed it before.
Funny, a work partner and I were just having a conversation about it as we drove by it the other day. It does seem to be quite active as of late.

Here's the big picture that I see:

ETA: I should add that the Google Earth Placemarks in the photo are not all volcanoes. They're all related, though. Old Mud Vents, Hot Springs, Etc.
I see that it's hard to read them unless the photo is zoomed as well.
Center Left - Yellowstone. Center - Cody, WY.
Bottom - Thermopolis, WY. Yellow Pushpin Bottom Right - Bighorns Landslide.
Below the yellow circle are Hell's Half Acre, Powder River Extinct Mud Volcano, Hot Springs, Casper WY and more Hot Springs.

edit on 10-4-2016 by sageturkey because: Clarification

posted on Apr, 10 2016 @ 01:20 PM

originally posted by: crappiekat
Ok, I did receive a reply back from someone named Wendy. (Not the same person) odd.

She directed me to this page.

So tomorrow I will send another message with more detail.

Do you need to be careful about the detail and exactly what you're asking? As in, will you 'out' your informant if in fact, someone else is censoring the email messages?

Not that this is all top secret government info, but if your person is still there, could s/he possibly get fired for revealing information?

Just a question.

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