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Russia, what would you do?

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posted on Mar, 31 2016 @ 03:49 AM
a reply to: markosity1973

I like it. Only difference is that lately (6 years) Australia doesn't care about it's leaders. There are so many 'sooky lala's' in parliament that can't take a sound "NO" for an answer so they change leaders. I vote Putin for the new PM of Aussie.

If he say's "NO" it means what is described in the Oxford Dictionary and not something in Edna Everidge's explanation of Aussie meanings where "NO" means "Maybe,,, stupids".

My thoughts,

Kind regards,


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posted on Mar, 31 2016 @ 04:14 AM

Actually one of Russia's beefs with joining NATO was that all nations had an equal vote. It wanted special status because it did not see how the US could allow NATO policy to be stopped by a single nation like Iceland if the US, UK and France wanted it. Greece blocking Macedonia from joining, Turkey blocking Cyprus etc. Russia's view is that it leads not joins because that is what great powers do.

Its a great thread mate, I think from reading your first post I was borderline, sh1t, do they reset by starting a nuclear war...but then I read a bit further and was left thinking this.

Perhaps Putin does press the button but its no longer wired to the ICBMs, its wired to a Coup de etat and his termination with no Russian face lost, blame it all on Putin, reinstate a relationship with Europe and US and where are the common enemies, Middle East, North Africa and.....China.

I also agree with Tadaman on how great it could be, I was at a dinner with some Russian cosmonauts 15 years ago and asked the guy (he spent a year on MiR) how far could we have come if Russia and US worked together...I cant remember the answer he gave (I had drunk too much Vodka) but I am thinking now, without that competition probably nowhere but it would be nice to think we could have expanded mankind in a positive is a shame we humans dont roll like that, money and greed means war, enemy, threats and risk keep the money flowing.

My answer to the OP question, I think Putin will have an accident soon and Russia will move to support Europe with gas and oil and move our reliance on the ME, they will work with the US to reduce reliance on ME which will move towards China which in turn, allows the west to push the Wahhabi terrorists into China as we no longer have anything to do with them and watch that little cauldron explode.

posted on Mar, 31 2016 @ 06:08 AM
Let me speak since I'm Russian. And as you can see by my posts, I'm not really tied to any political or national prejudices.

1. Everything that is done by Russia in recent years on the geopolitical scene is reaction to the aggressive pressure of the international mafia. All demonizing of Putin and Russia is connected with his desire to have own plan on this arena (I think it is obvious to all attendees here) and I believe it started with Putin's famous speech in 2007 at Munich Security Conference.

It is obvious that international gang would praise Russia if the latter did not have its own position but simply implemented the decisions taken beyond its borders. But as the Russian government is not fulfilling the role of a perfect vassal (like, say, the European bureaucrats), it is necessary to lower the boom - at least in order to prevent emergence of such capricious behavior at someone else and to maintain the illusion of the "united" position.

And to be honest, I am pleased to see that the vast majority of ordinary people around the world (at forums, on YouTube) agree with his position (against the unipolarity of the world, etc.) - despite the launched large-scale campaign against it.
Look even at our forum: we have just 3-4 people who defend the interests of the international mafia, while most people seem to understand what is really going on.

2. The real problem in Russia is CORRUPTION.

All the officials are corrupt. Money is plundered in ALL projects (federal, local, municipal) financed by the state. Somewhere it is 10%, somewhere it is 50%. Can you imagine this? Initially, at the very first stage projects on which it is possible to steal are selected, but not those which are really necessary. Our roads in the cities are constructed intentionally poor to steal partly and to receive the new project on road construction the next year (and steal again). How do you like it?
Thus, instead of making it once qualitatively (albeit more expensively, but for ten or twenty years, not for one year), they spend many times more during the same ten-year or twenty-year period, having an opportunity to steal every year on such projects. And this is just a small example. What a terrible disgrace! Shoot them all!

We do not need any international support or any additional resources - we've got everything we need. We have a huge quantity of any resource. What we really need is a real political will, which will pursue a policy of full and real intolerance to corruption. But personally, I do not believe those days ever come.

Instead of establishing order within the country, diversifying our economy, etc., they are focusing all their attention on geopolitics. Nonsense. Of course, they should pay attention to the pressure of external forces, but, in my opinion, not paying attention to internal problems, they totally miss the point (for example, if we purposefully were engaged in diversification of economy the last twenty years, then the current crisis would be significantly less deep).

posted on Mar, 31 2016 @ 07:00 AM

originally posted by: tadaman
a reply to: MrSpad

They should join NATO, well, propose a new organization, and join that. One with ALL allies from both sides.

Some years ago I did read a document; - (can't find the link now among my 10,000 bookmarks) - that is is exactly what Stalin proposed in the late 1940's when NATO was founded. The west didn't like that idea too much ...

posted on Mar, 31 2016 @ 12:09 PM
a reply to: Guenter

That is news to me.. NATO was formed specifically to deter Soviet aggression towards the parts of Europe the USSR wasn't illegally occupying. The counter to NATO was the Warsaw pact. I don't know of any Soviet propositions for a NATO equivalent prior to the Warsaw pact.

The USSR's goal was to try and get the US removed from western Europe in order for the USSR to dominate. The idea was not well received by Europe.

posted on Mar, 31 2016 @ 12:43 PM
If I visit Russia I am sure it will be just like
it is in the Russian car crash videos on u tube.

People will be happy anywhere they love the
natural environment. Starving and idleness due
to unemployment is the demoralizer. I
worked with a Russian fellow at General
Dynamics, and see that people are the same
but act and look differently. The few poor
may exist as a goal to have the multitudes
exist this way. Elite people compose just
a small part of a percent of the total people
on Earth. If the proletariat is to exist it
should be at the same level and quality of
life as any other person. Many towns there
hold many people and are remotely
connected, so it is difficult to share
wealth easily.

Some cities in the world have 20 and more
million people in them so there are a lot
of people. The few who suffer in this world,
and do not receive the full extent of the
wealth other people receive exist as a
dismal failure of society.

in a reply to: markosity1973

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