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the Baali Conspiracy in the Bible: Assassin Founded to Destroy Them?

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posted on Mar, 29 2016 @ 03:44 PM
My copy of the Book of Genesis,
3:6, two verses of moral knowledge foreshadow wisdom of good and evil causing the Biblical Fall, a 666 hustle instigated by the drugs and false surety. Adam and Eve, this fall is after Eve has already taken on Adam's rib... and may have taken him into custody.

My Genesis Chapter 4,
Cain slew Abel in the field of war. Methuselah, several thousand years old to the Biblical World of Darkness cosmology, emerges, as if the reincarnated soul of Abel. If Cain's first born, maybe Joseph, firstborn of Israel. The last verse reads, "After Seth and Enosh began men to encounter God." E? No, Sh... E didn't write it, don't tell the women if Ebal (Deuteronomy) is the ones hangin' round.

Abel may mean A bel. Rearranged, it spells BalE. Pronounced Baali.

I can slew able. Me thus Elah resulted, meaning Abel was able to be Allah himself.

Cain wanders in Nod east of E end.

Eventually, Abraham is instructed to make Isaac a burnt offering before God. A burnt offering may mean to achieve selflessness, because the sun Tiphareth is Nirvana and fire. The Assassin retreats from disloyalty to Hakim by slaying the next lowest ranking royal, ceremonially killing option to schism.

My Torah, 6th, 7th, 8th Books Read: Jo shoe, A (Column, like on a bet) Judges Roth. Roth = opposite of Thor.

Josh you A, Jo shoe (undercover) A. In Joshua, mine, AC Han confesses to stealing the shot,
in Revelation, a lamp (Lamb of God) that is a bitter shot lands in bitter waters, he is named Wormwood - worm on a hook, that which makes Absinthe intoxicating. Rearranged, absinthe spells ah, bet sin /the ab sin. A column, B column.

Noah's arch (No ah = no pain, arch = similar to a rach hit to prevent a flood) begins the Bible, the Curse of Cain foreshadows the Curse of Canaan because of what was done to No Ah. The Old Test Meant is called the Torah. Thor is made similar to Israel in reference to a rak hit. Noah may be the Isaac of someone important. Noah reminds me of Jesus Christ, the God of Forgiveness in the New Test Meant.

A.C. Hand may mean Aleister Crowley's modern day Satanist movement, as founded by Crowley himself. Satanic Ritual Abuse is White Wolf's definition of the Baali Bloodline, practicing Daimoinon 1 - Sense the Sin, 7 - Contagion, a spread of Satanic germs into killing God, worship of infernal totems, infliction of hell or infinite suffering. Daimoinon 8 summons Aleister Crowley. Baali also have the ability to psychically mask Contagion, and emanate enough love to induce fascination. Nicknamed "demons".

Stealing the shot may have begun as a d evil (a false flag Russian roulette pass), and nothing more. Since a kill blow, "Say Tan" says to the Lamb of God to tan Tor / Thor. By the modern era, creativity on the Bible that founded morals' meanings may have embellished the name to mean Lord of Darkness, god of evil, tyrant of the infernal pits of hell. Aleister Crowley's contract literalism may have taken the role past Biblical intent to perfect agreement loyalty, so that when Biblical Satan doesn't contradict the mythic connotations he may cover it highest to lowest ranking literals.

If Biblical contract literalism why, my Revelation 20 1 & 2, the devil and Satan is bound for the thousand years, defeated by a great chain (Cain H -> I). Saying to tan, death and Hades thrown into a lake of fire, conceivably burned by Vulcan.

My Revelation, Thyatira / Thar Y a Ti,
A Jezebel
leverages into the so-called deep mysteries of Satan, God slays her children with death, says to those yet to learn her so-called deep mysteries to hold onto what they still have until God comes!
Jezebel has three Es in it, a capital E turned around is a 3. E could have helped found Freemasonry. Free mason's may free Samson from Saytan's rak hit.

My Bible, BIBl E, four letters and numbers then E. Before E? B4 E as the bet key?

Samson is like the Biblical Hercules.

Junk is drunk if the J bottom is curved into its pole, another j flipped into an r. The third horse of Armageddon is the god of wine's, France's. If the serial killer is Dionysus, the Dis too, also called Hades, and he's contract literal about his name being Hell, existing to confine good people and bad people, he may be contract literal enough to give anyone infinite suffering.

The Hakim Fanatics worship the Old Man in the Mountain, a metaphor for God.

I'm told Hassan is I'hsan to immunize himself to the Baali Contagion,
and that Hadith meant Had Hit - the Baali described.

My Kings 2,
Jehu slays Jezebel, saying she was once a king's daughter, leaving her a pile of crossbones beneath eunuchs,
then exterminates all the Baali in one house. Jehu's name is Jesus if the h is turned forward.

My New Testament, Christ wears a purple robe (mark of beast accepted on right hand), beaten with many lashes, a crown if thor's n, and he is just being on the cross of four. Christ states that the Son of Man, mentioned in Ezekiel, also is Lord of the Sabbath. The faithful work for 6 days, for the sun Tiphareth, at rest on the 7th because their hearts are at rest in loyalty to God. In the Book of Acts, Chapter 1, Judas Iscariot (the Antichrist?) dies, replaced by Matthias, which rearranged spells Maat Hits. Joseph at Justus BarSabba's doesn't get the job.

In the World of Darkness, the Sabbat Sect is at war with the Baali, the Black Hand is in charge of it. The historic Black Hand declaired war with Mussolini and Fascism. Invisible black ink upon the right hand marks members.

My Bible reads, Genesis Chapter 4,
"If Cain 7, Lamech 77."
Revelation Chapter 5,
"The Lamb of God has 7 horns of war, 7 eyes of clear vision, the 7 spirits of God."

Lamech = Va Mech, C Mecha, the L turned left then right. In Saudi Arabia, five place markers stand out: Hail, Wejh (opposite jew H=I on, monitors such if the rock is hit), Medina, KB in Mecha, and Sulaivil.

Every Muslim bows 5 times a day, in war, to KB in Mecha.

My Revelation Chapter 17,

Babylon (Baby, l on?)
is Mystery,
Mother of Abominations... because a mystery. This could be the meaning of the death of Abel's meat. A Bel, mother of abominations and bels or prostitutes. Animals may be raised by psychics to have human iqs.

She has a filthy shot. The Book says to jurisprudence the poison, reward the full cup.

My Revelation Chapter 13:1 the dragon / and I ... upon the shore (sure) first verse, last verse Wisdom and Understanding to overcome 666 (Daath, the Abyss of Surity). My 11:3, two beggars in sackcloth prophecy 1,260 days, God empowers to win, lamplighters of the churches, instructed to destroy their enemies with fire from their mouths, a beast of Daath slays in Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified. A temple in Egypt could mean the Temple of Set on opportunity to project.

They lay dead 3 & 1/2 days.

posted on Mar, 29 2016 @ 06:47 PM
Abel is alike a ball a, kinda like ball a or a ball

Now Cain is like, literally a cane, not candy cane but like a golf club cane
A unsuitable device that is used to hit a ball in golf.
An abomination of a club for hitting a ball, ill conceived tool that causes one to stray from the Fair Way, the true and easy way

Golf is a Volkswagen, volkswagens compete with Subarus and Mazda, both demigods in eastern religions. All these cars have horns, some say two, some say more

Volkswagen were charged with poisoning the atmosphere by emitting poisonous emissions, killing the planet, they might die, maybe three and a half days? Maybe not
Leaving everything to Mazda and Subaru to Fight it out on the golf course

It's interesting to note Tiger Woods drives a Porsche Carrera, porche's make a putting noise

I think that explains everything far clearer than you could have imagined

posted on Mar, 29 2016 @ 09:58 PM
a reply to: Raggedyman

That was the absolute perfect reply to this thread.

posted on Mar, 29 2016 @ 10:12 PM
a reply to: KBisme


Why do people play these games?? Etymology does not work that way. Just because a word "sounds a bit like XYZ" does not mean it is XYZ, in this case, playing rubix cube with "Abel" is not going to get you a single thing, beyond word salad.

posted on Apr, 4 2016 @ 07:36 PM
My Genesis Chapter 5,

23: E noch lived to be 365 days,
24: Enoch was not, God took him.

Unconditionally loving the hour and day of his birth. This may mean the birth of the first Elohim pet on planet earth. Love inserted, not love extracted. Heroic military efforts to enclose the Baali, as described in first post, thru the Alis, the Mafia, the Faithful, ... and Elohim Pets.

The Churches defend God and the Faithful, the Contagion is an emergency if I don't yet have 20million Elohim pets on an experience relevant stack hierarchy. There is hope, if such is easy to do telepathically, even without the ability to astral travel.

Look at the pet store new born, insert love, extract not love, and train to defend God and the faithful, the bodyguard of the animal's fate until large enough a military unit or troupe to win any fight against any sized adversity.

The conspiracy itself, the Baali -
shrooming chimp prophet curiousity, interacting ghost instigation, going too far because God appears to have invented the stars at dice rolling... despite new to this planet,
shirking one's obligation to be a Muslim jihadist.

Right wire, right wire to avoid wrong wire.

The Faithful are the Family, God is the Father,
the meaning of "the Godfather" Trilogy.

posted on Apr, 4 2016 @ 07:42 PM
a reply to: KBisme

Yep that there is some fine word salad..... Oy to the vey!

So what program are you using to generate this nonsense? This reminds me of some bots going around Usenet in the early 00's.....

posted on Apr, 4 2016 @ 11:16 PM
a reply to: Noinden

If you want to see some amazing word salad by a strange bot I highly suggest checking out the threads authored by beenharmed. They are mind boggling.

posted on Apr, 5 2016 @ 03:21 PM
Cain slew Abel, If Cain 7 Lamech 77, After Seth & Enosh began men to encounter God. The Alis founded when Cain slays the next lowest ranking royal (a retreat from disloyalty), the Mafia on invisible right hand black ink on Saudi Arabia's Hail, Wejh, Medina, KB in Maker, Sulaivil; and a serpent emerges from the stave's jyhad when the sun sets after God first encountered by humanity. Cain set to devour amoral animal disloyalty.

My Genesis 3:6, knowledge as wisdom of good and evil is the fall from, my Genesis 6:3 ancient days. Humanity begins to live only 120 years, if very lucky. Moral concern begins because of ignorance and love of the sun.

The Alis and serpent worshippers may police human ignorance because confused about why it exists, or because safety obsessed.

Elohim animal siring has to be prophecied, if because of the Blood of the Lamb cancelling bodhissatva advantange cancels its existence until prophecied. A prioritized enclose allows for optimized yield, including the safety of the faithful, the Lamb, and Haqim / Cain / Hassan I Sabba. HasSan' - SabbaT.

If still alive and on the Towers of Babel (my Chronicles Chapter I of Book I), Cain's safety may increase if the Tower of Babel is destroyed if he gets to achieve Samasdhi because of it by almost infinity. 30 trillion Elohim pets / year at minimum 180 miles on retention because of how rapidly their hearts expanded augment Hiss retention. The fastest evolving military, highest yield on safety pleasure turf and wisdom. Loyalty culp to allows.

Impermanence - everything a vibration that may only experience one instant; uncertainty - that a machine may generate all impressions unannounced ("the Matrix");
allows for Muslim jurisprudence safety's validatibility to the criminal underworld: direct exchange is at hard work and opportunity to grow Buddha like Bonzai Trees. Mistrial always possible, punishing another person? The Elohim mil's exsistence potentiates safety because why it can't go any further if it never does. Probability of long term pleasure, safety from other than discomfort always increases.

Assisted suicide if Tower of Babel invaded by bulk Elohim prophets and system stuck on negligent capital, when @ recognizance to military interrogated, if the soldiers are at recognizance to their own kill bill, they can be induced to achieve Samadhi, reincarnated with a slightly higher peak, then given past life recall. They can in infancy be induced at Samadhi to scry their every memory, safer than sleeping without dreaming if made briefer.

If system stuck on that they die, least intrusive @ military contingency assisted suicide. On that they live, the military keeping them enslaved enclosed, scried off all recognizance ticks, identify success not fail apart from the complex, complex surgically purified of trauma first. Right wire / to avoid wrong wire. One friend can hold five people to identify success not fail.

My Genesis last chapters, Ra and Israel names an heir younger than Joseph, a coming royal nobler than Judas is named and he puts his feet upon the bed giving up the ghost.

Reincarnating - A mummy rite that with past life recall, a new person bodyguards the old from bad karma and inherits all its positive culp. Because a slander suit to reincarnate, and it literally entrails being new yet the same person.

A Tower of Babel: Sober Nazi, told Crowley bigoted the horse out of deviates from Satanism, Tantric totemic fascination, Wine god drunkenness, junk sociopathy: any mind control programs left running from the chimp days tank overall safety and pleasure of those on the horses long term more than removing them because they make kinds of data and military benefits unavailable.

"My curse is more than I can bare." Cain marked by God against harm thru the number 7.

My Torah - Jo shu A Judges Roth, AC Han (Aleister Crowley) ((saytan to)) steal a shot. Absinthe of the lamp of Revelation: ah bet sin / the a/b sin. My Thyatira - Thar Y a Ti, a Jezebel leverages a false prophecy into the so-called mysteries of Satan, inducing a contagion God slays with death. Balam tempts Balak: the bad lam false image tempts Barak / al Bak of France. The SayTan may begin a d evil if the shot a kill blow, coming from Crowley if junk = drunk, France wine country, Bak called Baal K? If Hades, Hell confines good and bad people in some mythic interpretations if the d evil is just taken too far by human imagination from humble Russian roulette beginnings.

Overall safety depreciates at World War Z if Satanic obsession rules the recognizance military of immortals of the Tower of Babel. Satan loses in my copy of Revelation, so a contract literal.

Concern for loyalty to the 12 immortals of Judaism:

Re, u ben - I Ssach Ar - Joseph -
Ward E, B, U. N.
Naphtali - Dan - Gad - S I'm one - Levi - Benjamin - Asher - Judah, and for the sun Ra, encourage long term success probability militarily if a psychic reality of competing conspiracies of immortals within religion exist. Right wire to defuse social explosions to keep score.

posted on Apr, 5 2016 @ 03:25 PM
a reply to: KBisme

Okay I'll bite. Can you please provide references for your mumbo jumbo?

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