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posted on Apr, 5 2016 @ 01:12 AM

originally posted by: Pinocchio
I always do this one thing and ask for forgiveness afterwards when I'm done.
Maybe it's time to stop doing that thing and give thanks for forgiveness.........

Or, and this is just a wild guess, you could give up the neurotic illness of feeling guilty in the natural performance and unfolding of your nature!

posted on Apr, 5 2016 @ 01:51 AM

originally posted by: newnature1

originally posted by: namelesss
So, you are saying that we can all 'sin' with impunity?

There will be a requirement to escape the judgment of God, and it will not be by anything that we do. We must be justified on the basis of believing in what Christ has already done on our behalf, but unless we qualify what believing in God means, our belief in God will do us absolutely no good! 

This 'judgment day' sounds rather reminiscent of mother's threats, when we were infants; "Don't do (fill in the blank) or you'll go to Hell!"
"Please do not remove the carts from the store or you'll go to Hell!"
I think the entire 'Judgment Day' (tm) is local superstition!
Segundo; let me 'qualify' what a 'belief' is from my nearly century long studies and experiences;
A 'belief' is a pathologically symptomatic infection of the IMAGINATION, the 'ego'! Vanity!
It makes no difference what particular strain of 'belief' you host, the symptomology remains highly consistent!
A structure/concept of the imagination!

Knowledge = experience!

The mystical union, the living of (being One with) unconditional Love is the experience/Knowledge of God!

People 'believe' in faeries!

No one ever deliberately harms others unless he hosts some 'belief' or other!

For anyone to think they are just before God through their performance, to think that they have perfected themselves with God through their behavior proves that they are a liar, and the truth is not in them.

No need to get all emotional, I agree!
BUT; if "the Truth IS (them) 'in them'", it reflects (can be seen/known) in their tiniest of their daily actions!
In everything they do!
Available to all!
And this cannot be faked!

True, unconditional Love is ALWAYS recognized by It's unconditional Virtues; Compassion, Empathy, Sympathy, Gratitude, Humility, Charity (charity is never taking more than your share of anything, ever!), Honesty, Happiness, Faith...

All people are wrath-worthy, there is none good, no not even one, we have all gone out of the way, we all are continually coming short of the righteousness of God himself, and therefore we are in need of a justification that will come totally apart from anything that we do. God has kept the fingerprints of the guilt-worthy off the the righteousness he designed for the guilt-worthy! 

Independent of all we can do = unconditional!
The 'wrath worthy' is childish.
Stick and carrot nonsense!
The Honest know that we are hypocrites, that we 'humans' are constructed from ALL that is human, in us all!
Love is Honest and, thus, Humble!
There is no 'wrath' in unconditional Love!

Religion continues to make sin the issue,

Of course!
It is 'sin', Pride/vanity, that carries the 'sin' warning because it blinds us to unconditional Love!
Know Thine Enemy, no?

and then gives people a way to take care of that problem.

Unconditional Love.
Which the 'conditional concepts' and words of all the 'scripture' ever scripted cannot possible impart!
So all those words meander all over the place and really say quite little of any value!

How many have grown up with the idea that God has to make a decision whether or not to forgive us for our sins?

How many have grown up with the idea that "I Do Not Like Green Eggs and Ham!"?
Or with the 'belief' in the tooth faerie or Santa or the Cat in the Hat?

God has not held back his wrath because he is happy with who we think we are, or because he is satisfied with who we are trying to become.

So every storm or tsunami or lightning strike is God displaying his 'wrath'?
I feel dirty already from even talking about your monster bully of a wrathful God!
Not sure that I want a 'Heaven' if it is having to spend time with this monster!
My 'experience/knowledge' is that 'Heaven' = unconditional Love!
Anything else is Hell!
And insanity! 

God has been long-suffering in holding back his wrath

So has daddy! But wait till he gets home tonight!

because he hopes that we will consider

Cleaning our room, before the painful consequences!

his goodness through what his son accomplished for us and flee to his grace. God wants us to change our mind about who we are from a fleshly perspective apart from Christ.

Nothing to do with the 'mind'/ego/vanity at all!
It is the Heart that is different!

All is a reflection of the Heart!

Wait a minute, I think that I have allowed you to ... change the goalposts!
You have yet to answer my question!

Can you simply host a belief in Jesus (imaginary friend/savior) and continue to do as the world demands, lie, persecute, vain, selfish, corrupt... while going to church on Sundays reinforcing that 'belief infection, and all is well?

As Jesus said; "Heaven is at hand!"
That means HERE! NOW!
Not somewhere you go after you drop dead after you are judged and condemned for whakking your weasel!
Here! Now!
It is the unconditional state of unconditional Love!
Hell, HERE! NOW!, is anything other than unconditional Love!

Love, being transcendental of all limitations; 'time/space', 'life/death'... remains forever!
ALL else is recycle!
No judgment day, no bully God...
Once you're dead, you're dead.
So said Jesus!

"You can be as I Am, in unconditional Love!" - Jesus

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