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The cries that follow

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posted on Mar, 27 2016 @ 04:32 PM
" Do you see how they changed Christ to fit their own purpose "
The old man looked at the southern cross in the night sky upon the mountain of Sinai; " He offered them everything, they killed him in return and they clothed him in something called humanity " He said and sighed.. " Do you enjoy the gift i gave you? He asked with a smile.
I didnt know what to answer to something he considered a gift while i saw it as a curse..
" Christ offered these men everything, and they call him a monster.. You see the atrocity they worship, just so a few can claim a throne that they have no claim to" The old man looked troublesome when he declared the words..
" You see, one by one they stand by your side, they have faith in the world you are creating "

" So if i take away the throne you still think they will follow? " " You and both know they wont " I had to say the words, i hated when he got carried away in hope only to fall in despair. It was always like he looked down into pandoras box and removed everything, just to find hope. And closed his eyes on everything else that was removed before..

" Christ will come no matter the cost, even if i have to remove the last of humanity " When i said that to the old man, he looked down.. quiet..
" You have to much faith in your own creation, you have to let it go, its the end of a story that lasted for a very long time.. But the ones you see now, is just a memory of what you once created " I put my hand on the old mans shoulder and said " Let go " He cried and i embraced him.. " You have dont all that you can, let me do the rest "

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