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Parents went on Rampage during Easter Egg hunt Children Pushed one hurt

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posted on Mar, 28 2016 @ 11:59 AM
The Elite accommodating the enemy hating Easter or Christian events obviously had this one planned out with their disrupters!

posted on Mar, 28 2016 @ 12:28 PM

originally posted by: TerryMcGuire
a reply to: Nyiah

You still trick or treat? On your own, or do you take your kids out?

No man, I go out & knock on doors sans costume for the candy. DUH, of course it's with our kids, wth? o.O

originally posted by: dawnstar
by the way, where are you guys getting trick or treaters from? we used to buy candy but well, ended up eating all but a few pieces ourselves, finally just decided not to waste our money and just turned the lights off and hid ourselves away. the church down the street where I live now has a big thing for the kids and I think that's where most of them go here. It's gotten too dangerous for the little kids, that's why the tradition is dying out. either that or they are all too busy out spooning...

It's all but extinct in some spots of the country. Where I grew up in FL, mall & trunk-or-treating is all that's left, very few neighborhoods in our town still did door-to-door. It was dying out in other Bay area towns, too. I think that has more to do with just not caring much about community fun. Up here in MI, though, rain or snow, they're out there en mass. We had a BLAST walking around with the neighbors despite the rain last year & sub-freezing temps the year before. Crappy weather doesn't keep a Michigander from ToTing, it seems. Some people in the neighborhood go so far as to make sure the parents walk away with a nice hot bowl of chili or a warm hard cider. Totally different community feel up here.

posted on Mar, 28 2016 @ 01:07 PM

originally posted by: Informer1958

Marauding parents in Easter Egg hunt rampage: Out-of-control adults push children to the ground, steal their buckets and leave one four-year-old 'bloody' at chaotic free event
Children were trampled as 1,000 people stormed the PEZ center field
9,000 eggs were laid out on three different age-bracketed sections
But when the egg hunt started, 'parents stormed the field stealing eggs'
One four-year-old was left 'bloody', many toddlers 'pushed into the mud'

An Easter egg hunt descended into chaos on Saturday after parents in Orange, Connecticut, stormed the field.
Children as young as four were trampled by adults in a rampage to steal buckets and grab as many of the 9,000 hidden eggs as possible from the third annual free event at the PEZ headquarters.

One four-year-old son was left 'bloody' on the sports field and a two-year-old girl was shoved into the mud, witnesses claimed.
A horrified parent described the scene as 'an angry mob of chaos' with 'not one toddler hunting for eggs' among the crowds of adults. four-year-old-bloody-chaotic-free-event.html

I have always thought Easter egg hunts were for children only.

What is surprising to me is, these parents have no respect for children and their behavior of out of control GREED.

I am guessing the dumbing down process of the last three generation of adults in America have "succeeded", and this is one of the results that these adults have learned in government controlled education.

So ATSer's what is your opinions to why these parents behave this way?

People go out of control at free things, at least in my experience. I was at a community bbq that had free burgers and hotdogs and watched people go mad over them. They'd load up their plates with 5-6 burgers AND hotdogs each, steal buns from kids plates and such. I remember watching an old lady try and get a single burger as the plate was refilled three times and couldn't until I finally grabbed one for her. I ended up waiting for another couple of plates to grab one.

Next year they went back to charging for food.

People always seem to spoil nice things

posted on Mar, 28 2016 @ 01:11 PM
And my wife and kids wonder why I don't like people.

posted on Mar, 28 2016 @ 02:25 PM
This reminds me of the black Fridays event that I witness in the 1990's. I did the black Friday one time in my life and never did it again.

All I wanted was an Elmo toy. At that time they were being auction off on EBay for over $ 1000,00 because the manufacturing company did not mass produce enough of this particular toy, and it was in hot demand that year for Christmas.

The media had News stories of people paying up to $ 1500.00 on EBay for an Elmo doll.

So I arrived at the Mall at 3:30 am and was surprised there was already a long line in front of Toys Or Us already there.

At 6:00 am the manager open the front door, it was a stampede, people were screaming, I saw people grabbing shopping carts and running as fast as they can, knocking over some displays in their rout.

I made it to the isle where Elmo dolls were and there was about five people there grabbing as many Elmo's as they could and filling their shopping carts.

I saw two Elmo's left on the shelf as I ran to grab one, at the same time a man who had already filled his shopping cart full of Elmo's grabbed the same one I had grabbed.

I would not let go, neither would he, he was grunting and tugging, I look at his face and he was all wide eyed red in the face.

I yelled at him to let go, ( this one is mine you greedy pig, you have a shopping cart full %#&. hole )

Nerveless I got my Elmo and paid for him and left the store. I told myself I will never do this again and I never did. When black Friday comes, I do my shopping on the internet.

But to slam a kids face in the mud for a free Easter egg, is really going to far.

posted on Mar, 28 2016 @ 02:25 PM
That's completely insane. I guess it is pure luck that nobody was shot and/or killed during the event.
Not this year, at least.

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