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The Vision

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posted on Mar, 27 2016 @ 11:38 AM
As I sat watching another ufo video it dawned on me that they can't all be fake and if they are it must cost a fortune
to produce so many. Maybe it's all for the five minutes of fame? Who knows. Then I saw it... As soon as the video loaded I instantly
got goose bumps and all I saw came flooding back into the forefront of my mind.

The video itself was shaky and the voices erratic, Spanish maybe? I don't know but they were petrified. As I watched this video
a thought popped into my head "teacup" without even noticing I shouted "teacup" and as I did the ball of light being recorded popped
into a teacup. I thought what the... I started shaking, then I noticed the date. The date was today, I'm the third viewer.
How is this even possible?

I never even got to finish the video when it sounded like a sledge hammer was took to my front door.

"You must answer this door immediately!"

I almost fell down the stairs in my fear of who was pummelling my door, I barely had the door open when he handed me my coat...
How did he have my coat?. He said "take this, you'll need it" as he handed me my laptop, the same laptop that was upstairs in my house.

I never got to finish my question of who the hell he is before I was whisked into a black Sudan and I was briefed on what's happening.

"We have a chopper standing by, we are taking you to the epicentre. You will found out what they want."

I hesitantly asked, who is waiting the epicentre of what?

"You know" he said then added "teacup"

I could of cried if I didn't laugh, is this really happening? What kind of assistance can I be to you I thought and as if he read my
mind he said. "We know of them and we know you've had contact, you might not remember yet but you will. Turn your laptop on.
We've took the liberty to have the videos ready. You'll be up to speed in no time.

As the first video started loading I got a shiver down my spine and a tear in my eye. I've seen this, this was my first sighting.
"Who in god's name recorded this!" I screamed and with a smile he replied "Nobody" and a long pause he added "They have great memory, Don't you think?"

"Well I don't" I snarled "and what the hell am I supposed to remember anyways"
"Locations! We want locations!" he snapped at me and I swear he almost pushed me out of that helicopter with the energy he shouted with alone.
"They are here you moron! hundreds fell earlier and we need to find out how to stop them! The world is going crazy!"

He seemed a little irate, as he took my laptop and loaded a map up it hit me... I muttered "Water... They come from the water". As I said this the live map he had loaded
started acting crazy and a golden glow seemed to rush from every river on the planet to the sea and built up about 50 miles of the coasts of the world.

"Five minutes out" comes over the speaker and as I look out of the window I see one of these golden balls of light a couple of hundred meters away from the helicopter.
As I watched this light it kind of popped out of existence then popped back... Guess what as? A bloody teacup! Then an apple then back.

The world started going black...

I woke up to a crimson sky, a ball of light hits the see in front of me and a great torrent of water shoots up into the sky.
I see what looks to be mermaids made of water swimming around this inverted waterfall. They let out a bellowing scream as water comes out of their mouths and adds to the torrent. The water isn't falling, it's pooling in the sky... Like a second sea. As I'm watching this I'm shown the world, the lands and come to terms that this is some kind of vision. I see men fighting on a beach and the sea is stained red with blood. I see the sea in the sky falling. I try to scream to warn them but I cannot. It's as if I'm not real.
As the water hits the Earth it doesn't crash, it's more like it creates a new reality. The world has changed but it's the same and the men are now
creatures I cannot comprehend... It all starts going black...

"Locations! We want locations!"
"They are here you moron! hundreds fell earlier and we need to find out how to stop them! The world is going crazy!"

"Five mins out" comes over the speakers... What the heck?
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