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Donald Trump's Big Plan to Stop a Contested Republican Convention

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posted on Mar, 27 2016 @ 08:24 AM

originally posted by: BooCrackers
Just another prime example of where the peoples voice don't mean snip*. I thought we were the ones who decided a runners fate? Not so apparently, because even though most of America apparently wants him, they will try to deny us that.

Who says we live in a democracy? Doesn't Russia do the same thing to keep Putin in power? Nah that would be much simpler. America is home of the convoluted.

This popped into mind when i read your post.

"Cold hearted orb, who rules the night,
steals the colors from our sight,
red is grey and yellow white,
and who decides which is right,
and which is an illusion"

moody blues

posted on Mar, 27 2016 @ 08:35 AM

originally posted by: nwtrucker

a reply to: MrSpad

I'd love to see your 'rosy' assessment of the Democrat side. Tell me Hillary isn't at least equally hated as any Republican option.

Sanders is getting the shaft on your side and points out that neither camp is worth much. Seeing your in the same camp as the pundits-which haven't accurately predicted a sunset, never mind a federal election result-it's hard to give much credit to your views.

A more 'honest' assessment is no one know how this is going to play out....including you..

Bernie crushed hillary in WA, AK and HI.

posted on Mar, 27 2016 @ 11:22 AM
a reply to: burgerbuddy

None of the above states are doing particularly well economically, either.

Freebies always attract a crowd.

posted on Mar, 27 2016 @ 01:03 PM
a reply to: Profusion

It's amazing how nearly everyone acknowledges the scheming that goes on with these two corrupt parties and the media but it never crosses their minds that they are all in on it together.

All this party division the media peddles and it rarely crosses anyone's minds that the division, too, is a lie.

Forget the image the candidates and media portray as truth. Logic dictates that the Establishment would be backing the candidate with the biggest spending plan so that they can steal the most money from taxpayers; and the candidate with the biggest tax plan so that the federal government can grow even larger and have unprecedented power.

It's no coincidence that the candidate that fits the above-described bill has been billed as the MOST anti-Establishment candidate of the bunch by the media and two parties.

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posted on Mar, 27 2016 @ 01:09 PM
a reply to: CaDreamer For the same reasons Bernie wont win either.

posted on Mar, 27 2016 @ 01:11 PM
a reply to: burgerbuddy You call coming out of 3 states 13 delegates richer "crushing" LMAO I call that "dreaming".

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