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An inferno of love

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posted on Mar, 25 2016 @ 06:00 PM
I watched the world and it gave no hope and a new child was born, i told my brother always treat him with love and do never let him become a slave nor the monster you and i are.. You have a goddess next to you, she can raise him with love.. You and I, brother.. We summon the Dragons and the Lycans, our world is not the one your child will know.. We are one with nature and nature is one with us.. The first time i held my brothers child in my arms, i saw something, a soul.. And i said to my brother;" He has something you and i dont" And he smiled and said ;" Maybe there is hope " I knew he meant that when this child is grown, he will never know the pain we suffered..
So i sat down and whispered in his ear;"

I cant let you walk alone in a world that gave no man any hope, i do this for you, only you..
I raze what was built, so you can walk this earth with dreams of a tomorow that doesnt end, no boundaries that keeps you from your home..

And then i watched you sleep, and i remember why we named you "Dante"


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