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You, Me and the Apocalypse

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posted on Mar, 25 2016 @ 05:54 AM
If you don't want any spoilers, don't read this.

Someone has to be channeling Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. Makes me think of his book Galapagos, a whole bunch of odd coincidences that leave a few people left to kick start humanity.

Some great casting. Love the broad from Broadchurch(my oh my she was creepy in that show). Rob Lowe(R.I.P.). Megan Mullaly as Charlie Manson's wife.

O.K., slight exaggeration there but anyone who has watched this will understand the lame joke.

Just far too much fun, yet serious at the same time. A load of extreme craziness going on in this one. At least the general did the right thing killing the President, he was a dick. Also loved the Buddhists fighting in last nights episode(at least that's what I thought I saw, may have misinterpreted that one).

So, who's been in on this? Looking forward to that apocalypse as things should get really crazy once they are all in the bunker.

posted on Mar, 25 2016 @ 07:13 AM
a reply to: TheSpanishArcher
This show was not what I expected. I really don't watch much TV, but I watched the opening show for this series, and the first show of Lucifer, when sitting with my mom, and I have to admit I got drawn into both.

YMatA is bizarrely odd, but realistic at the same time. I love how they have people going on with their own lives while mayhem, murder, and madness, is occurring right behind them, and they are completely oblivious to it.

I thought they were Hare Krishnas.
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posted on Mar, 25 2016 @ 07:27 AM
a reply to: TheSpanishArcher
On that show's first broadcast, it was labelled as a "black comedy".
When you see the last episode you will understand why. The implications about the bunker's future are even darker than what you see happening.

posted on Mar, 25 2016 @ 07:42 AM
a reply to: NightSkyeB4Dawn

Hare Krishnas? Oh, man that takes me back to that classic scene in Airplane. I wasn't sure, the colors didn't seem right on the outfits but I just went with Buddhists, because, it's funny. I guess Krishnas are funny also but kinda old school.

@Disraeli, yeah black comedy fits it well. I can see the implications of that bunker and you can bet I wouldn't want to survive the apocalypse if i had to stay there, with some of those people.

Gotta admit, it's the most unlikely crew one would ever expect to survive the apocalypse.

BTW, LOVED the girl from AB FAB as God. They couldn't have picked a better actor for God. Even Marianne Faithful wasn't that good.

posted on Mar, 25 2016 @ 08:21 AM
a reply to: TheSpanishArcher
I guess I am showing my age.

I agree. This old fart will gladly give up her seat in the bunker for any young person.

Unfortunately, I think regardless to who goes in the bunker, they will all end up being just like those people.

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posted on Mar, 31 2016 @ 11:18 PM
Just finished the season finale. I still think the writers had Vonnegut in mind when they did this.

I wish I could see all the Christian symbolism in this. It's like looking at old paintings, like that thread about the conspiracy, I miss so much as I'm not religious. Quite a lot of that in this show.

Well done, folks. My only wish is that I hadn't changed from Directv to Dish in the early part of the show hence I missed a couple episodes and I really want to go back and watch them all. I'm sure I missed a few bits.

posted on Apr, 1 2016 @ 08:04 PM
a reply to: TheSpanishArcher
I was waiting for Jamie's moment. I was a bit surprised they chose that manifestation.

It may have been his first, but I don't think it will be his last.

Why do I feel instead of ending, it is just beginning?

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