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My Fan Theory: 'Jupiter Ascending' Happened in the Matrix

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posted on Mar, 20 2016 @ 10:11 PM
And, I actually have what I feel is solid evidence for it. The bee scene reveals it IMHO.

Jupiter is in her mid-twenties in the film and she had never seen bees react to her before? To me the fact that the bees suddenly started acting that way is a sign that she was in the matrix and the programming of the matrix had been shifted just for her when she started her special journey.

More evidence is found in this dialogue:

You cannot just...blow up a bunch of buildings and get away with it.
Those buildings will be rebuilt by tonight.
That's impossible.
Take a look.
Holy crap.

Is it more likely that the extraterrestrial beings in "Jupiter Ascending" exist in our real world and can bend the laws of physics, time, and space or is it more likely that the whole thing was happening in the matrix? I'll go with the latter, easily.

Also, the Matrix films and "Jupiter Ascending" were made by the same people, Lana Wachowski and Lilly Wachowski.

Is the plot of "Jupiter Ascending" consistent with "The Matrix" films? I feel it is. I'm of the belief that Zion was part of the matrix. The entirety of "The Matrix" saga was nothing but a hoax to extract as much energy as possible from Neo's body, all while he remained asleep.

I've read a theory that the only reason Neo experienced what he did specifically is because the entire thing was tailored for him personally. My theory is that the same thing is shown from a different character's point of view in "Jupiter Ascending."

There are also many similarities between Neo's journey and Jupiter's journey to consider:

1. Both were told they were the key to saving the human race.

2. Both were told they were unique and very important for their uniqueness.

3. Both were taken on an unbelievable adventure that seemed to come out of a fairy tale.

4. Both were told that Earth is a farm (specifically for the extraction of energy) and that only they could help the prisoners.

I'm sure there are many more similarities between the stories, I'm not doing a completely thorough analysis now. Let's turn to motive.

What's the motive of the matrix to play with people like this?

Answer: To work them up emotionally to create more energy.

A fascinating side note from the end of "Jupiter Ascending":

Jupiter says that she'll never tell her family about what happened because "They'd have [her] locked up." That makes me wonder if these "great adventures" are quite common in the matrix but everyone keeps their mouth shut about them for fear of being labeled "crazy."

Lots of implications here.
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posted on Mar, 20 2016 @ 10:25 PM
a reply to: Profusion

I need to watch the movie. Didn't realize I had to before I read this. I was planning on it, eventually, but I didn't know much about it. You've definitely piqued my interest.

So, not coming from a point of knowledge, I can't really speak to your theory, beyond what you've written in your OP, but I like the theory, and from what you've written, it seems solid.

Going to plan on watching it asap, though with 2 little ones, that means if it's the next movie I watch, it could be awhile still lol.

posted on Mar, 20 2016 @ 10:40 PM
a reply to: Profusion

My first impression of Jupiter Ascending was that it was a jazzed up high tech Cinderella story.However, the idea of the matrix being what we experience is highly probable. There are theories bouncing around that show that there is a far greater probability that we operate with a virtual reality simulation, than that this "reality" is actually real. There are other directions in thought that enhance the virtual reality idea that propose we are inmates and this is hell. We spend an eternity being reincarnated into a "material" existence. We won't know for sure 'till we get off the ride ;-)

Cheers - Dave

posted on Mar, 21 2016 @ 02:19 AM
a reply to: Profusion

Sigh... I love Jupiter Ascending despite some flaws. Shame it bombed so hard at the box office. The Wachowski sisters and the studio had plans for two sequels. I know, I know: Reloaded and Revolutions were a far cry from the first film but I would have been soooo curious to see where they would take the story and world building of the Jupiterverse. I think it would have been a fireworks of ATS compatible ideas. Harvest/ascension, greys, reptilians, hybrids, loads of symbolism.

I doubt they would have openly connected the universes of Matrix and JA yet but probably would have left plenty of room for some post trilogy shared universe sequels. Heck even Ridley Scott seems to be linking Alien to Blade Runner now.

Your first three points can easily be applied to any hero's journey plot - just think about Star Wars and Lord of The Rings for two very obvious examples. But nitpicking aside I agree that your theory would be a possibility.

posted on Mar, 21 2016 @ 07:17 AM

originally posted by: MindBodySpiritComplex
a reply to: Profusion
Your first three points can easily be applied to any hero's journey plot - just think about Star Wars and Lord of The Rings for two very obvious examples. But nitpicking aside I agree that your theory would be a possibility.

My first two points were about the bee scene and the buildings being rebuilt. Hero's journey plot?

You're bringing up a theory that seems to overlap just like I am. The fact is, unless the filmmakers admit to their intentions, your theory is no better than mine based on those three points alone. However, I have a lot more than those three points.

I've analyzed my original theory and I think the parallels run very deep and I'm still getting a grasp of them. First, the explanation of the bees reaction to Jupiter:

You know, bees are genetically designed to recognize royalty.

Compare that with what the Oracle said about the entire matrix:

Neo: Are there other programs like you?
The Oracle: Oh, well, not like me. But... Look, see those birds? At some point a program was written to govern them. A program was written to watch over the trees, and the wind, the sunrise, and sunset. There are programs running all over the place. The ones doing their job, doing what they were meant to do, are invisible. You'd never even know they were here. But the other ones, well, we hear about them all the time.
Matrix Reloaded Transcript Part 4

Those details match up perfectly IMHO. Assuming that the "genetically designed to recognize royalty" concept was the truth then we've either got an unacceptable proposition on our hands or it's proof that we're dealing with the matrix:

The unacceptable proposition: Jupiter made it to her mid-twenties without knowing how bees reacted to her. I can't even imagine that being possible, bees are everywhere. I don't think it's reasonable to believe that is possible.

The matrix explanation: Bees were "genetically designed to recognize royalty" as a modification of the matrix code. That's the only explanation that I believe is possible. If a simple organism is genetically designed in a certain way, it's always going to do what it was designed to do. All bees would have reacted to Jupiter the same way from the time she was born.

So, if bees were "genetically designed to recognize royalty" it had to have been done at a point in time not too long before the bee scene. There's just no other explanation for her surprise. How often does someone spend a whole year for example without coming across some bees? And, if they were "genetically designed" not too long before the bee scene then you're either talking about the matrix or you're talking about pure magic.

Concerning the "bunch of buildings" being "rebuilt", here are some pictures of it:

In that picture, I believe you can see right through the building. It's clear to me that it was cut in half.

That picture is what Jupiter saw when she looked back at the buildings. If I'm right and the building in the first picture above was cut in half, it's either matrix-type stuff we're dealing with or pure magic. When Jupiter looked back at the buildings, it was apparently just minutes after they had been "blown up." The two pictures above were shown within about one minute of screen time.

I didn't think "Jupiter Ascending" was a good film at all and the only reason I even want to discuss it is to see if it puts the Matrix films in a new light. And, look what I just found:

The New ‘Matrix’ Trilogy Could Launch in 2017
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