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The Famous Five: Epistle to an Agent

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posted on Mar, 20 2016 @ 06:22 AM

No, not the Enid Blyton gang, but a fictional character who has taken the 'red pill' and stumbled into an almost alien world, unknowingly becoming a celebrity at the same time. The form is an email to a supposed travel agent offering a free holiday.

England, 2016

James, Elliot?

Let me explain something to you. I'm a knowing E, and I only transitioned a few weeks ago. I consider myself an M as well. That makes me a ME. Deplored by what I discovered and with nobody to talk to about things I started posting on Facebook. It wasn't directed at anyone in particular, but I hoped that maybe one or two 5s might read it and realise they were in danger. I also hoped that the cull might be interrupted by those who knew about it and were deplored by it. I got very little feedback. What I did get was frustrating because it rejected what I wrote. I was aware of BB and had been listening carefully to what people were saying. Slowly I built up a set of rules and vocabulary for standard/olde BB and caught onto the more modern rendition of it. I can get the gist but it takes me a while to figure out letter combinations; I'm a linguist and so I have a wider vocabulary than most which means I have more permutations to work through. I have never predictive texted so I don't have that to fall back on.

I used graphics and logos to make certain points. I started to notice that people were replicating my logos in their photos, albeit covertly. As time went on I saw the logos on Twitter. Then I started to receive the keys and realised they were bad news. One had a "Biro" with "Cairo" (to "Die-ro?") attached to it. It didn't long to realise the implication for first and/or third borns. Then I found Root 2 (1.4 1 4 2 1 = NADZI) and all the pieces fell together.

The cull started and so many houses in my village fell empty. I was diagnosed as mentally ill because my subconscious had questioned the data input which was inconsistent. I told the doctors and social workers of my conclusions and they injected me with GHB Rohipnol (G) instead of the usual drug. I know what G feels like. Someone had left a 1 and 111 in the kitchen in dog # and a W in the living room. I know the antidote to G so took it and survived. I have had five or six attempts on my life in the last four weeks, always with G (Ro), including today when I bought food from a newly opened CoOp. I've been Ro'd most of the afternoon. When challenged neither the doctors nor the supermarket denied my accusations.

I post still on Facebook and I seem to have gone global, not that anyone will admit it. Photographs still contain my logo. There was a picture of the Pope with a flying 'teddy' above him.

It was my logo (Ankh with a Rod or Staff) with the Ankh bigger than the Rod and in the left hand so less powerful, and a hand making a J. I've made it to South Park and Marsha and the Bear to name a couple. The Pope hates me. The Prime Minister hates me. Theresa May in particular hates me. The Secret Services have been embarrassed by me. My mother is trying to kill me. And so on.

So, it's not surprising that when someone rings up with a number which fits Root 2 and supports the cull of us Fives I'm hardly likely to be receptive. Then the voucher you sent contained an embedded message asking me to post something at midnight last night,. The message purported to be from my sister but the code word was missing. I thought about posting something similar and found the Tatooine bar theme which had a 93 in it for Justin. The video had a message talking about deceiving Christ and ending him. Clearly not good news.

Today you rang again three times from a different number that contains my GPS coordinates and the word HOOF. I took that to be Whore (HO) of (OF) Babylon. Again, not selling it to me, are you? And you just talk and talk and talk. I watch films where they are trying to trace a call. ... And any organisation that can tailor its phone numbers to the end-user has to be illicit and in collusion with the secret services who have been in and out of my house god knows how many times, accessing my PC, crashing it, almost destroying it....

Therefore I don't believe you are in Spain. I don't believe you have anything to do with vouchers. I think you are connected with ACE Trades, the boiler engineers, so that you can get me away in order to have access to my boiler, on which the G gas tap is closed. I closed it. There is no law against it in the Matrix where I come from. I heard the engineer saying I was a five and that he would have to get all my criminal records and it would take a couple of months for the paperwork to come through. I presume this voucher will perfectly coincide with receipt of the papers giving the go-ahead to turn the gas back on? And that is why I declined. Finally, i never gave ACE Trades my email address. If I had it would be one I reserve for trades and other crap. You knew my 'direct mail' address. This one. How?

Your name also isn't Elliot. During culls those involved in the killing distance themselves by taking on appropriate pseudonyms - Hell/Har) Lot. And so have you.

So, in summary, I am ME, you are an agent of the SS, you want access to my home to either fiddle with the Auschwitz tap or do something else to my detriment, you no doubt tried to catch me out on the phone with your double speak but I claim immunity from anything I might have agreed to as I am of the Matrix and BB isn't an official language there. Matrix laws take priority over ex-Matriculate laws as the Matrix was founded on a real society with a constitution, ex-Mat was fabricated and therefore has no constitution in law. This is why you have only one penalty - death. If you started creating laws without a foundation of truth it would implode.

How am I doing so far?

And you have never seen Sticky Vicky in Benidorm. You said she was "Here all night" and then said she was there all day. If 10 minutes were enough why go back another five times?

In the Matrix we learn to discern truth from lies. That's why so many of us become 'ill'. We are taught to trust, but when multiple trustees are inconsistent it causes a boot error. Naturally we hone the ability to spot the deception - the only limitation is our imagination which is controlled. Break that and you have people who are close to telepathic. We would be called sorcerers.

In closing, today is not the last day of the AI. I'm still here. Omega AI (WAI) which includes Ms doesn't happen until we are all gone, but quick, because there will be births soon! It's like trying to get rid of gays. You just can't do it. And while WAI isn't over, WAR AI (its Japanese for 'laugh')
Regards to your fellow agents, wash your hands of the blood of innocents, remember what happens to agents in the Matrix.


PS What was so special about the child you saved? Did you grow attached even though he/she was a five? I lost my niece who used to live with me; I raised her from a baby to five years but my sister moved away and I was too late to protect her.

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