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Request for moving forum. ok maybe several.

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posted on Mar, 19 2016 @ 06:33 PM
Well it is like this.

There is a forum that is called "breaking general news" it contains topics that are recent and I wouldn't consider them "off-topic".
I wondered the same when there was a difference made between "ATS and BTS" which is now called "Conspiracy and Off Topic"
The forum "regional politics" is another example.

So in my mind the is a line between those parts. Conspiracy is the more "ahum" serious business, like recent world developments while off-topic is... well of topic like look at these cutiepie cats and hear my rant.

Ok I get that there need to be made a lot of choices and spending time to think about it. And I also get it comes from the heritage from ATS and BTS but as a start it would be good to move the more serious forums from off-topic to the "recent" or "conspiracy" forum.

I understand that some will think that general news is hardly a conspiracy, but "fragile earth" isn't dominantly a conspiracy either (I like that forum btw) and "Skunk works" (one that I like too) isn't hardly being called serious.

So for a start I would just suggest that the more serious, news related topics, like "General Breaking News" or "Regional Politics" as they seem out of tone on the off-topic page.

But well it could just be me being a dumbass

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