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ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS: Suspect in two-state killing spree arrested in Missouri

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posted on Mar, 9 2016 @ 07:32 AM
If you noticed the title, Fox news has posted "As Illegal Immigrants"! Apparently ICE had him in custody in September of '14, but was released due to an erroneously used fingerprint generated ICE detainer.

This same illegal immigrant was deported back in 2004.......

Another perfect example of how the system is well beyond broken. If and when Trump takes the gold, will he put the issue to rest? Can this really be repaired?

Seems as though we keep seeing the same illegal activities happening over and over again.... will a wall HUGE wall keep them out, or will they just become better at tunnel engineering? ?

A man suspected of killing five people across Kansas and Missouri was arrested early Wednesday morning after an extensive manhunt, the Missouri Highway Patrol said.

Highway Patrol officials told the Kansas City Star that Pablo Antonio Serrano-Vitorino was arrested in Montgomery County, Missouri. He was found lying on a hill just north of Interstate-70 and no shots were fired, according to The Star.

"He looked exhausted," Sgt. James Hedrick said.

The Star reported the area where Serrano-Vitorino was apprehended is near a McDonald's restaurant and several motels.

Serrano-Vitorino is accused of murdering four men late Monday night at his neighbor’s home in Kansas City, Kan. He was also wanted in connection with the shooting death of 49-year-old Randy Nordman in Montgomery County.


posted on Mar, 9 2016 @ 07:42 AM
a reply to: ReadLeader

I wonder about the feasibility of drones. It seems one of the logical alternatives would be to invade where there is not a wall. Like the ocean.

I don't understand Mexico and the people. It is a diverse and beautiful geography, resources. Why they can't evolve beyond bad governance and gangs?

posted on Mar, 9 2016 @ 07:44 AM
a reply to: ReadLeader

B-But enforcing the current immigration laws are racist. Heil ReadLeader!

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posted on Mar, 9 2016 @ 07:53 AM
a reply to: Konduit

Roflmao.... just spewed java ery wear....

posted on Mar, 9 2016 @ 08:06 AM
How come the police don't claim self defense and end up shooting repeat offenders such this one. Every one else seems to be fair game.

posted on Mar, 9 2016 @ 09:10 AM
a reply to: roadgravel

if this were to have taken place, ICE would lose the spot-lite; the one that they have needed to be in for the last 2 decades, that they clearly are not

thanks for posting!

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