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Diary of a human chess-figure...the black horse

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posted on Mar, 8 2016 @ 08:08 PM
Dear Diary,

I know when I have to be on guard! I'm a human chess-figure and I know it! I've been here that kind of realm.

I'm a black horse. That much I do know. And I'm some sort of a ruler. It makes me feel important. I'm not a nobody! That you can bet on!

Maybe I picked the wrong side of that game, but did I ever had a choise anyway? Free will is an illusion. It's scientifically proven already!

When my master/creator/superiour-being calls for me, I show up and stand up for him. That's what I do. I took an oath to not tell what kind of oath I took. And I keep it a secret. To handle the truth is not everybodys buisnes. It's not for the faint-hearted ones. That I can assure you.

Me and my buddys are one! There's nothing that can seperate us! We rule! Because we do know "who is who and what is what". That's nothing some average boy can even grasp (not to talk about girls anyway). There is Truth! And they, the crowd, can't stand it! That's my stance! If they would know what this sh!t is all about, they would kill me, if they could. They, the so called truthers, are morons, idiots, actually. They need some place to post their crap and I help to provide it. That's my job.

Does that pay my bills? No! It's charity work!

Get it, lunatics!

Good night.
edit on 8-3-2016 by Willingly because: That's the deal we're dealing in...that's the deal we're dealing in...


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