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Carter Reaction to N.Reagan Death is a Great Lesson for America

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posted on Mar, 7 2016 @ 03:57 AM
a reply to: The angel of light

After reading your comment that our current president deserved to get a Nobel peace prize really gave me a good long laugh.

He has used drones to kill more women and children than anyone else since the time of Genghis Khan, and attacked other countries without getting approval of the American people, never mind congressional approval.

Trump has been calling out the scumbags. Calling them to the CARPET. He hasn't done anything against our American values, but rather, reminding those of us with any semblance of rational and individual thought power remaining, to get it together and stand up to those who would strip you of what freedoms you still have left.

But that is lost on people like yourself, who don't seem to understand reality, or truth.
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posted on Mar, 7 2016 @ 10:52 AM
a reply to: seagull

A lousy President? Why? Under which Standards?

If it is because he ruled only one term, there were a lot of Presidents in XX century that ruled only one term.

If you check carefully in between January 20th of 1961 and January 20th of 1981 there were 5 Presidents, one after the other that couldn't really project their work for more than one term, and that include not only Jimmy Carter, there were other two Democratic Presidents and Two Republicans in the list.

The worst episode of confrontation in between the two Superpowers during all the cold war, the Soviet Missiles in Cuba, was overcome peacefully, the civil rights became law and the triggering of the race that allow America to put the first Man in the moon were all achieved by a President of only one term: JFK.

By the way John F Kennedy used to say in his hard moments in the white house that it was better to have one only good term that various mediocre.

We have microcomputers or laptops to write these lines through the internet thanks to the technology developed to go to that space odyssey by the way.

James E. Carter Presided an incredibly productive administration in terms of Enacted laws and Passed bills in the congress, he did in just one term what many Presidents after him were unable to do in two terms.

We are talking about 3427 laws and Bills enacted and passed in total during the 95th and 96th Congress, the two of the Carter Adminstration.

None of the terms of Reagan was even closer to that level of productivity in the Congress, the only term of G.W.H.Bush was also below that statistic, as well as each of the two terms of W.Clinton, G.W.Bush and even until now B.Obama.

We still have Chrysler cars in America thanks to him, since he was that bailed out that corporation. Detroit might never existed anymore without him.

Pls check:

You and me and everybody else in this country can travel by airplane with incredible cheap tickets thanks to Carter, he was who deregulated the airline Industry.

A lot of people in the US can live today in relatively clean safer areas, free of dangerous industrial pollution residuals thanks to the Action of Carter in the crisis of Lowe Canal. Before Carter Realtors could build where ever they wanted housing, and industries can also throw their trash where ever they wanted, but after him everybody knows that there is a liability to face if they try to do so.

The microbrewery industry that offer millions of jobs to people in this country exist thanks to him.

Pls check:


The Angel of Lightness

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posted on Mar, 7 2016 @ 11:24 AM
a reply to: burdman30ott6

Really? decisive action like this clandestine operation for instance:

To exchange hostages for weapons, like it was done with those five Americans kidnapped in Lebanon, and moreover to also sell arms to the Iranians and get the profit to support the contras in Nicaragua? Do you realize how many laws were violated and how grave was the moral offense caused just that 'negotiation' ?

President Carter got the release of the hostages in Iran, not in Lebanon, without surrender a single ethical principle along the entire crisis.

Carter ability to negotiate international agreements that are still offering benefit for America is unquestionable, there has been no other President with such important skills to turn bad foreign issues in great deals.

Also Carter's is the only treaty on Middle east that still survive until our days , Peace agreement between Egypt and israel. The Peace agreement in between Palestinians and israel signed in the W.Clinton Administration didn't survive one term after him, and there were no more Peace agreements subscribed for that part of the world under other Presidents.

If Carter wouldn't never rule as President, without the Panama Canal treaty subscribed under his Presidence by sure we should have seen years ago In that country another revolution look like Fidel Castros', Hugo Chavez' or Daniel Ortega's taking by force that so strategic construction with the support of almost all Latin America.

By the way it is true that the Crisis of the hostages in Iran marred his last days in the white house, but also that he didn't inherit that crisis to his successor, he got the release of all the kidnapped people in the very last day of his administration.

Compare that with the Legacy of G.W. Bush that left back two wars that he couldn't win, and Barack Obama took over and reproduced by three, so the Next President is going to receive 6 wars as their legacy: Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Ukraine, Lybia, Egypt.

Notice that there is no space in this same post to talk nothing about all what the Carter Center has done along 35 years promoting peaceful resolution of conflicts and respect to human rights along the world.


The Angel of Lightness

posted on Mar, 7 2016 @ 11:28 AM
a reply to: NoCorruptionAllowed

Excuse me Dear NoCorruptionallowed,

First at all I never have said that President Obama deserved the Peace Nobel Prize, that comment came from other member posting here, and I am not sure he is really endorsing it.

Who without doubt deserved since so many years ago, not only for his role in the Carter Center promoting democracy in many areas of the world, but for his contribution to the Camp David Agreement in between Egypt and Israel is President James E. Carter, that by the way is the topic of this thread.

Now, about your interesting comment on Donald Trump this is a valid remark:

He has not done nothing wrong? Well, there are already in the list of his offenses the scamming of students of the Trump University for which he has been sued twice in California and in New York, apart of his previous law suits of the Baja Resort , as well as in Florida,

Trump sued over failed Florida deal

and of course who can forget the ACN Ponzi scheme:

Now, if that is not enough in your standards, let me ask you So what is this?

Pls check:

Trump challenged over ties to mob-linked gambler with ugly past

It seems his contender Ted Cruz possibly is right when he claimed that the reason for which Trump does not disclose his tax return is because he might have a lot of ties with mob isn't it?


The Angel of Lightness
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posted on Mar, 7 2016 @ 12:10 PM
Thread title about Reagan & carter.

Thread body all trump bashing.

You've become far too predictable Angel of Lies...

posted on Mar, 7 2016 @ 12:17 PM
a reply to: The angel of light

You are amazing . I see this is like your 5th Trump bashing thread. I like how you tied in Nancy Reagan's death to Trump trashing. Next you'll blame him 'cause your tacos are cold. Can we expect a daily Trump thread from you for four years if he is elected POTUS?

I see you have over 21 million unearned stars. Thanks. I feel less self-conscious about my 6+ million unearned stars.
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posted on Mar, 7 2016 @ 12:28 PM
a reply to: Esoterotica

Dear Esoerotica, I think you have not yet understood fully what is this thread about.

First at all the Thread is showing since the beginning a contrast among two figures that are necessarily extremely contrasting, but both were Presidents of the US in the XX century.

First we have a President with an extremely high moral height, James E. Carter, that can teach lessons of ethics to many people working in politics around the world, that had the so difficult mission to be the President elect after Water Gate, working so much hard to try to restore the so damaged Presidential institution, whose great challenge and frustration was to rule with principles used by George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, or Ulysses Grant, in times of terrible degradation in politics.

Some of the other figures mentioned in the theread are certainly the opposite to him:

In particular the comparison includes another former President, Ronald W. Reagan, whose behavior in 1980 election can be acceptable
perhaps as an entertainer of comedy shows, He was an ex-Actor, but not in serious Political forums.

Now, the comparison also include a candidate that today , surprise he is also an entertainer, that follows that tradition of madness or cynicism in politics, representing the most marred of all what the US has ever produced and well he is not going to be President at all of course.

Now, for what is today circulating along the entire web, not just ATS , it is clear for anybody, not just for me, that , quite another surprise!, it seems Mr Donald Trump has a kind of past that might cause Ernesto Samper-Pizano, Carlos Menem, Manuel A. Noriega, Fernando Collor de Melo, or Carlos Salinas de Gortari to feel deeply embarrassed to confess in public, isnt it?

I am sure you can understand that I can't control of course that the fame of D.Trump on these days make him almost Omnipresent everywhere.

if it alleviates your grief please notice that former State Secretary Hillary Clinton, as well as President Barack Obama were also mentioned in my posts on this thread, aside of other 7 of his predecessors.


The Angel of Lightness
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posted on Mar, 7 2016 @ 01:45 PM
President Carter could've won in 1980 if he'd borrowed like Reagan later did. Reagan simply borrowed his way out of the economic turmoil of the 1970's in an attempt to grow the economy ... but his administration just couldn't stop borrowing. Same with G. Bush snr., Clinton, G.W. Bush and now Obama. That's why his administration produced some gut busting deficits.

What are you at now ? $17 trillion in debt, if not more ? You might all still be paying for Reagan's four old battleships being re-commissioned, the Star Wars SDI missile shield (what happened to that ?), the Cruise/Pershing & MX missiles, the Statue of Liberty being given a facelift etc etc.

Yeah, anyone can appear successful if you're spending someone else's money lol.

Still, his was a very graceful tribute to a very graceful lady. You wouldn't have minded either President Carter or President Reagan stopping by your home for a cup of coffee, with their spouses, hell you'd invite them all on in. You can't say that about most of today's politicians (of either party) ... you'd probably take a shot at them as they advanced up your driveway.

posted on Mar, 8 2016 @ 07:44 PM
a reply to: TheShippingForecast

Dear TheShippingForecast,

I believe the people that voted in 1980 election were unable to see beyond the mirage created by a media that was no doubt almost all bought by the great capitals whose interest was precisely to elect a President offering unrealistic Tax reductions.

People were unable to understand that what makes a nation strong is its macroeconomic indicators, and in particular the strength of its public financial situation. When we abuse of Credit for long time we can't expect to be living in wonderland without soon or later broken our economy.

Now, if the Government , that is who must give example to the society, is moving over abuse of Credit, getting a lot of external loans that are really never paid the final outcome is of course predictable.

Ronald Reagan sold to America an illusion like a Hollywood movie, He sold to the people not real progress, but just a kind of collective dream that we were moving ahead based first on the cult to his personality and second on certain dogmas that he defended fiercely along his two terms:

- That we can sustain public finances and also offer giant tax cuts, something that is of course impossible.

- That salaries cause inflation, so the lower the salaries the most regulated is the economy, something that also is false, since the demand is also constrained when you pull down the income of the people that earn less money.

- That in contrast an unregulated industry will bring incredible progress to the nation, when instead it caused the deepest recession after WWII.

- That everything is solved through the use of the blind brutal force in the International Arena.

Pls Check:

We were extremely lucky that when he launched his giant economic embargo against the USSR that country was ruled by a man with much more brain than him, Mikhail Gorbachev, who resisted the temptation to go in to a huge confrontation against Reagan.

- The huge increase in defense expenses that Reagan boosted became in the long run a formidable Achilles tendon for The American economy, the people has paid along 30 years the cost of the renewal of almost all the nuclear arsenal he did in times in which the USSR decided to reduce drastically theirs, even in the vespers of its dissolution.

Carter's Salt II agreement of reduction of nuclear weapons with the USSR arrived in times US economy was unable to support anymore the arms race of the cold war, due to the Oil embargo from Opec. Unfortunately Reagan needed to push the country to a recession of almost 3 years before to understand that.

President Carter gave a brilliant example to Americans when he decided to cut drastically the energy expenses in public offices, by buying sweaters in winter to be used inside the white house and show that it was possibly to live decently without wasting exaggerated amounts of money in fuel.

For other politicians like the two Bushes it was needed to arrive to the Great recession and see General Motors broken to understand that we need to drive cheaper and smaller cars, Europeans understood that decades ago, but Jimmy Carter told it to us just in April of 1977, in his first quarter in the white house.

The way Presidents that followed him solved the energetic issue was to push the nation in wars for Oil, and those wars proven to be our nightmare, the speculation with gas prices in times of superabundance of oil in the market by evil bankers broke the economy in 1992 as well as again in 2008, under two Bush Administrations, father and son respectively.


The Angel of Lightness

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posted on Mar, 8 2016 @ 08:32 PM
a reply to: NoCorruptionAllowed

Look NoCorruptionAllowed,

Trump has been part all the time of the same establishment that now he is criticizing. He has profited immensely of the crisis that other politicians have created, without complaining before, and he supported the two Bushes when they ruled the country.

If you really want to know when America entered in the dark tunnel we are still crossing , you need to refer really back in time, you need to go to July 15th of 1979 when Jimmy Carter addressed the country to tell with his soul completely open what was wrong with us, but moreover How to fix it.

His Crisis of Confidence speech was the way he tried to hold us from our shoulders and shake us to try to awake our minds, unfortunately this was misunderstood by many and also misinterpreted by his critics, that called it the 'Malaise' speech.

Carter tried to motivate a change of attitude on the people, to understand that it is not through path of uncontrolled ambition, materialism and violence that we are going to find our destination, but by cultivating values of our spirit: education, creative thinking, inventive thinking, less destructive criticism and more constructive mentality.

For Jimmy Carter America needed to be a moral nation in order to justify and maintain its leadership in the world, a country supported the solid principles preached by our founder fathers: A fatherland for all of us, not a jungle in which we predate economically each one the others.

Crisis of Confidence Speech was a reflection about the lack of confidence among Americans, the huge division existing that was in the core of the evil mentality that caused horrible episodes of our History: the Assassination of JFK, RFK, MLK, MX, the lost war of Vietnam and the Water gate and the subsequent moral damage those events brought to the country.

When he arrived to Power America was not a healthy nation, it was sick of incredible national traumas that were caused by wrong leaderships of the past, with huge injuries dividing the society. He tried to recover the spirit of Camelot, that Kennedy advocated in his times, or the New Deal of FDR, to join America around moral ideals of a great Society.

Carter's call was for motivate us to grow intellectually to develop new solutions for our problems stimulating creativity in Arts, technology and science. His successors wanted to made America a country of Pirates and Corsairs that can find their future by harassing and plundering other nations, he instead foresaw an America that can be a world moral power, able to generate wealth for itself from its own most precious capital: The inventive spirit of its people.

Please check:

Since the so called 'Malaise' speech was not really understood we went to more unfruitful wars: like Iraq and Afghanistan, and we saw more political scandals like Iran-Contras, the Sex-gate and even a President that declared a war based on lies, like it happened with the non existing massive destruction weapons of Saddam Hussein.

Of course unrealistic and populist offers on relaxing regulations and taxes brought every time worst recessions shaken our economy: The Volkers-Reagan 1982-3 , the post Persian Gulf and the Great one.

Please check:

His administration had only six months of recession under the pressure of the Opec embargo, that looks mild if we compare it with the almost three years under R.Reagan, two years under G.H.W.Bush and the horrible Great recession at the end of the G.W.Bush and beginning of the Obama one.

Jimmy Carter never lied to the country, even when the truth was so difficult to face, like under the crisis of hostages in Iran. When the country became in recession under him he faced it with dignity and courage, not making up macroeconomic indicators as G.W.Bush did for years before to accept his.

He was never involved in unethical actions, possibly that was what certain politicians disliked of him. Although he is classified as a Liberal President by many his standards for the Presidency were based in his Baptist Christian principles .

We Need today again so much a genuine moral leader to push America altogether, not an opportunistic billionaire injecting hatred among us, but a mind with a Pastor approach to heal us with the power of mutual forgiveness and concord, that handle us as only one piece to ride us back toward the path of real progress we lost long time ago.

We need a President that cure us of our Gas and War addictions, from self destructive criticism and predation to constructive solidarity, somebody that treat us as a giant team, to return us to real life.


The Angel of Lightness

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