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Presidents on the Topic of Aliens (Body Language)

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posted on Mar, 2 2016 @ 08:04 AM
Hey guys, was on YouTube, and I've always had a fascination with extraterrestrials - Now I don't neccesarily believe we have been visited, however I did see something that made me say "Wait a second.." after watching this video (

Now their are certain moments that made me rewatch, I later went on to watch someones analysis video on the video, but here is my take (I didn't agree with all the person concluded, but some of his observations matched mine) - This is the greatest evidence of extraterrestrial life being known (Whether observed or contact made - idk - all I know is that what was said was NOT the whole story).

1:33 exactly - He frowns after saying if their were aliens in roswell he would tell the public (Now, this doesn't mean there are aliens there, it could simply mean he was lying that he would tell) I do believe it was a lie of some sort, compare to 0:36 of this video - where he "did not have sexual relations with that woman" - as he turns, same face - same eye direction which could be shame or guilt. Also notice though, that he did nod yes, which indicates truth, conflicting body language.

To make it easier, here are screen caps compared side by side -

2:10 - Kimmel says "Oh, you're trying to give a hint that there are aliens" - Bill nods yes, then says no. Also his hand twitches.

Now those are the two I spotted, and are the most telling IMO. However, there is an in depth analysis here -

Also two have been done for Obama when asked about aliens also on the same guys channel. The one done on Ellen Degeneres was the most Obama said on the topic, and his exact quote was "The truth is, Macy, we haven't actually made direct contact with aliens yet." (The "Direct contact" is what seemed off to me - and while the guy does go more in depth, he overkills it in his analysis to the point of sounding absurd IMO - he get's the point across, but seems to go on and on about the same thing without adding anything to what is being said, just rewording over and over - video here -

Also Obama said in a kimmel interview "I can't reveal anything", but his smile dies down from what it was when telling other jokes, so if it was a joke, he didn't seem to be as amused with himself as he was before.

None of this proves alien existence, but is the most evidence I have seen. What I also noticed, is that every president that says "UFO disclosure" ends up not disclosing anything. Why is that? Well, either there is nothing to disclose, or there is a reason not to, now what could that reason be, off the top of my head...

- They are already here, and blending into society (Far fetched)

- They have an agreement not to tell in some sort of trade agreement (Knowledge or something physical (items) being traded)

- There are multiple types of aliens, possibly at war, and they do not want their enemy to know where they are.

- They do not think the public could handle it

- They have only seen or heard aliens, and do not have contact yet (Meaning to disclose it could cause panic because we don't know their intentions)

- And much more..

Side note - I think our best bet at finding alien life, lies within the earth, there has to be something IF they have visited before, something left over, forgotten and buried. I think - and this link is out there, but bare with me - that ancient people MAY have had contact or been visited. Reason - Pyramids. Pyramids for multiple reasons, we can only speculate how they were built, the carvings are top notch, pyramids were built in lands separated by great bodies of water (which could just be that multiple people from different continents came to some conclusion in design), and that for as much as we know, there is much we don't about pyramids, and more specifically, the images found within (We can only speculate what encouraged the images and belief systems).

My hope is, that if we are in contact with extraterrestrials that someone will break the news. (If I had knowledge as a government official, I would get on live tv and blurt it out as fast as possible - knowing that truth is better then any consequences I would face)

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posted on Mar, 2 2016 @ 08:15 AM
a reply to: Anon24

My hope is, that if we are in contact with extraterrestrials that someone will break the news. (If I had knowledge as a government official, I would get on live tv and blurt it out as fast as possible - knowing that truth is better then any consequences I would face)

There is no need for the politicians to be briefed on these matters. They aren't privy to that specific information, the military is. And they will die before divulging anything.

posted on Mar, 2 2016 @ 08:30 AM
i have a soft spot for bill clinton, something tells me he WOULD tell us the truth, unless there was a clear and real danger posed to him if he did.
I guess two alone is not enough to build a case, you would need sample larger than two of that body language moment to prove a case.
but i'll admit it's tantalizing.
nice detective work you got going there

posted on Mar, 2 2016 @ 09:12 AM
a reply to: Anon24

Congrats on a well set out first thread , don't have time to go through your links right now but will check out later.

Here's your first Flag of many.

posted on Mar, 2 2016 @ 09:31 AM
a reply to: intrptr

Speculation, just like mine (Although I would say MOST government employees would not be in the loop. I do notice what seems to be more interest in UFO's by governments (Or talking about anyway) then years prior, it seems a constant stream of almost releasing something. They mention it, and I believe there was a government conference in Canada about it. The pope said something like "If there are aliens, they are god's creatures too" or something similar. Maybe we are just becoming more open to the idea as a society, but it sounds like they are getting ready to disclose.

Reason I say that is, think of someone who has a secret, how do they broach the topic?

Example - (albeit not a great one):

Names for example, John and Robert.

Robert: Hey man, I was watching youtube the other day and saw a sexual thing people have about wanting to do (Taboo Sexual Fetish - I think normal fetishes are talked about without fear the majority of the time).

John: Yeah man, some people do that.

Robert: Have you ever known anybody who has?

John: No, but I have a friend who knew somebody who did.

See how it is brought up, what "Robert" is doing, is trying to gauge a reaction. If positive, he would disclose his fetish. If negative, he will become the number one hater verbally of the fetish. Again, bad example, but apply to other examples as you can. When revealing secrets, we first gauge reactions to feel safer. You will notice that the topics people talk about are often ones that are on their mind in conversation, so example let's say someone brings up the subject of gay people, out of nowhere, this can be a sign that this person is thinking about gay people, most of the times it is because this person is questioning their own sexuality. Now, I could give more examples of this happening, however, I will simply make a test you can take, and you can see the accuracy in what I have stated.

1.) Think of the meanest, most insulting insult you would tell someone. I'm talking about the one that you use when trying to utterly destroy someone.

2.) You got it? It's in your head? if not, go back to step one, it is important you do this without skipping steps.

3.) More text to separate next line that has reveal to remind you to make sure you have the insult and separate the final step.

4.) How does the insult apply to yourself. The majority of the time, the insult is not what you think of others, but what you think of self.

I have heard many responses when giving this test (Testing accuracy) and they have all had a moment of "Holy #!" and wide eyed surprise as they became a little more self aware. The point of this test, is to show that we are a predictable species, and one way we are predictable, is that in the majority of cases where we are unsure of others reactions, we gauge the situation. If we talk about a topic, it is because we have at least more than a passing interest on the topic. I am not good with words, so that is the best way I can describe the connection between my first point (Gauging reactions) and the second point (We are what we say) - and while you may find cases where this is not the case, most of the time it is accurate (I have yet to find a case where it wasn't but am 100% sure they exist).

I also like Bill, doesn't mean I don't question him. Not out of hate or anything, but because I question everything. You are right that the two examples are not enough, however I believe it is the best proof I have seen yet. Not saying better proof doesn't exist, but I haven't seen it if it does. So, while this is merely a possible portion of a piece to the puzzle, it is still a possible portion of the piece of the puzzle.

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posted on Mar, 2 2016 @ 09:34 AM
a reply to: gortex

Thanks! I try not to poop-post, and present it exactly as I see it, without jumping to conclusions. It may seem like I am suggesting something, but at most, I am saying "This is odd". I am not one to jump the gun on logic - No offense to anyone who does, they may know something they aren't saying that leads them to the final point, but a lot of times I see speculation that goes - 1,2,3,7. If you understand what I mean.

posted on Mar, 2 2016 @ 11:28 AM
The leaders of our planet have being interested in all things woo for 1000's of years - anything for them to get even more advantage.
To begin with it was through the gods, demon and spiritual beings, then it started to include fae creatures and then as we entered our technological age and most people stopped believing in most of the spirit/demon/fairies apart from a few of the most popular chiefs (gods) it has turned to aliens.

So logically whatever these are, have been 'visiting' for 1000's of years and over time people interpret what they are seeing in what makes sense for them, in their age/belief system.

Any country with an air force and especially the more advanced space vehicles will/would encounter these - so if they are all keeping quiet - I can only assume there has been no direct contact or they have been threatened into silence (only thing they understand)

There are however plenty of unexplained phenomena from military and civil pilots all over the world so we 'know' there are things there we still cannot explain.

My question would be why concentrate on physical answers when 95%+ of the Universe is invisible 'dark' energy and matter?

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posted on Mar, 5 2016 @ 08:19 PM
Whose to say the U.S. Government is the all knowing powerful beast we think it is, or at least when it comes to this phenomenon. Perhaps they just don't know, they don't understand it, it's almost inexplicable, or maybe they do and the truth is far worst than we can imagine. Perhaps it's better that we don't know.

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