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Doors - The Search For Bacon

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posted on Mar, 1 2016 @ 07:48 AM
So a new game became available on Steam last week called Doors that I decided to try out.

Doors is a logic based game that was inspired by a couple of other games: Antichamber and The Stanley Parable.

They game itself didn't cost that much, and it looked interesting to me. I didn't know I was going on a quest for bacon either!

So far from what I've seen, the game is about choosing the right door to go through (if you've played The Stanley Parable, you'll get that), and your choice is based upon the logic of which door is the right one to go through. One door leads to bacon, the other door will lead to death.

Death? Wow! So is bacon that important?

That question doesn't even deserve an answer! OF COURSE IT IS!!!!

Here's the Let's Play video I did. Not sure if I'll do more vids on this one, unless you guys want to see them. Enjoy!

posted on Mar, 1 2016 @ 11:03 AM
I like the looks, its like limbo, have you play that?

posted on Mar, 1 2016 @ 11:25 AM
a reply to: Indigent


But now that you've given me a title, I'll check it out!

posted on Mar, 1 2016 @ 11:56 AM
a reply to: eriktheawful

Not a happy experience, after i finished i never wanted to play it again and I'm the type that likes to complete the achievements

its an awesome game nevertheless
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posted on Mar, 1 2016 @ 01:28 PM
I had the same reaction to finishing Limbo...I put the controller down and never played it again. It's a great game but daaaamn is it abstractly sorrowful.

This doors games looks like it takes place in the same world but 3D. I am not sure if Doors would hold my intrest at all.

a reply to: Indigent

posted on Mar, 1 2016 @ 01:55 PM
a reply to: Athetos

Obviously they are very diferent games that share the visuals, there is no bacon in limbo

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