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Rhino Horn Theft And The Fake Traveller's Rights Campaign

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posted on Feb, 29 2016 @ 04:25 PM
Here's an interview from the time of the Dale Farm Eviction.

Richard Sheridan was a spokesman. You would have thought if they had someone better, they'd use someone better.

THE FORMER spokesman for families battling eviction from the Dale Farm traveller site has denied being part of a gang that masterminded the theft of high-value artefacts from museums up and down the country.

Richard Sheridan, 46, a former governer of Crays Hill Primary School, is one of 14 men, two others from south Essex, charged with conspiracy to steal the items following a national investigation into the thefts which included items made from rhinocerous horns.

And now.

Among those convicted of conspiracy to steal were six members of the same Rathkeale based O’Brien family, travellers' rights campaigner Richard Sheridan, and Donald Chi Chong Wong, a London-based “fence” who made frequent trips to Hong Kong.

This is so much like the Calais migrant camp affair.

We were told by spook 'anarchists' Dale Farm was a travellers rights issue that we must fight. We were alerted by travellers, Romanies, and friends, that Dale Farm was a front for an international criminal organisation. The spook arranged gladiatorial games arranged for the Dale Farm evictions failed to materialise. Now we're told criminals associated with Dale Farm stole almost £60 million worth of goods from museums. And we were told they were poor, would become homeless, and needed our help.

Meanwhile, as in Calais, some who deserve help get pushed aside.

These affairs are all manipulated by dark actors. People like Richard Sheridan are the big losers in this.

Don't believe anything you're told, especially when you sense you are being emotionally manipulated.

posted on Feb, 29 2016 @ 06:29 PM
a reply to: Kester

I have no idea what this is about even having read your OP twice. IF this is a fake traveler's rights campaign what would a real one look like? Sorry, I am feeling dense right now.

posted on Feb, 29 2016 @ 10:26 PM
a reply to: Metallicus

Sorry, it was late when I cast this one out.

There's a travellers camp in Essex called Dale Farm. First it was just British Romanies then some Irish Travellers connected to the town of Rathkeale moved in and used it as a centre for international criminal operations and fraudulent benefits claims.

An eviction was planned and a huge campaign against the eviction was launched. The driving force behind the campaign seemed to be treacherous intelligence assets whose intention was to provoke a battle between activists and police. The police went there en-masse, but only a couple of dozen activists were stupid enough to turn up. The traveller men were nowhere to be seen because they were all doing crime somewhere and didn't want their faces on TV. Apart from Richard Sheridan, the spokesman, previously convicted for smuggling cigarettes inside highly flammable cheap sofas. Now convicted for his part in the £60 million museum thefts.

The Rathkeale/Dale Farm travellers are the worst example of Irish travellers.

I've been helped by an Irish traveller who gave me money with a laugh when I was stranded. We bought a horse drawn caravan from Irish Tinkers and they were truly noble savages who's only desire was to 'see a bit of the country'. Not a bad bone in their bodies. A TV documentary crew who went around to all the different traveller clans in Ireland said some welcomed them and were friendly. Others were maybe a bit untrusting. But the Rathkeale travellers the worst. The documentary crew were followed by an aggressive group of thirty or so men everywhere they went.

Back later to finish this explanation.

posted on Mar, 1 2016 @ 01:23 AM
a reply to: Kester

The Dale Farm eviction and the Calais migrant camp eviction have a lot in common.

The protest and solidarity campaigns seem to be run by spooks or controlled assets of some nature.

The media give a completely false impression.

Actors get involved in campaigning, then demonstrate their almost complete ignorance.

Women and children suffer. This is particularly unfair on the children who are affected for life by these experiences.

We will have to wait and see if any of the people smugglers. mafia, drug dealers etc. at the Calais camp are subjected to high profile investigations and prosecutions as is being done to the Rathkeale travellers now.

If these two operations are as controlled as seems obvious we can analyse the patterns and anticipate where things will go next.

I'll admit I have got a personal grudge. They came to my door with one of their chinese generators and if I'd had cash I might have bought it. They buy generators, fake Makita angle grinders and pressure washers by the container load from china. Have them shipped to the country where they'll do the selling. Then rip off a swathe of the country with generators that only work once etc. Not good if you're a trusting Australian farmer who'll need that genny sometime. To make electricity. Not be a pretty paperweight.

In Australia some farm lads got together and held them up at gunpoint and took the cash. The travellers called the police. The police came out then released a media statement saying, 'We thought we were attending a robbery, but it turned out we were attending a serious trading standards violation.'

The travellers had disappeared by the next day and the authorities opened their container at the docks, lined up all the generators, and ran them over with a bulldozer.

We were being told by the usual spook/fake activist/'anarchist' sources to come and defend these people. Just like Calais.

And just like Calais it's the vulnerable who suffer. It even turned out the council had illegally dumped asbestos on the land the caravans were on at Dale Farm and they used the eviction to spirit it away. There's asbestos at Calais. Dale Farm and Calais are like twins.

Here at 44 seconds you see Charlie 'the spook' Veitch. This is his video and he's interviewing a Traveller activist. I doubt this activist realised Charlie is a spook/provocateur. Charlie was co-ordinator for the notorious Millbank fire extinguisher drop. A failed attempt by security services to kill a British policeman. Intended to demonise student protestors.

You ask what would a real travellers rights campaign look like.

There are nothing like enough sites for travellers to stop on. It's disgusting. There should be provision at the roadside and elsewhere for a few families to stop. We need more travellers sites.

That's my campaign.

Here's someone else's.

"My caravan is parked up on rough gravel and we have no toilets or showers. To wash the kids, I must heat water, and wash them in a bath in front of the fire. There are nearly 100 children on the site and they have no place safe to play. Often, my own children were injured playing from the hazards on this site. The only place they have to play is on a potholed road and in puddles of water which are everywhere here.

It’s hard living in conditions like this. The children often get sick with chest complaints and kidney infections.

This is an official halting site built by the council and everyone here pays rent.

For years, I went to meetings with the council but nothing changed.

For the last two years, residents and local Traveller organisations have started a campaign for our accommodation rights."

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