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Navy SEAL Medal of Honor recipient proved mettle in hand-to-hand combat

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posted on Feb, 29 2016 @ 05:50 AM
The title says it all. I felt the story needed to be here on ATS. This event happened in 2012.

Although it's been sveral years, Byers still mourns the loss of his brother, and fellow SEAL, Nicholas Cheque, who was hit with gunfire during the rescue mission.

Byers will be accepting the Medal of Honor on behalf of all fallen SEALS.

The Navy SEAL who will become on Monday the sixth member of that elite force to receive the Medal of Honor proved his mettle in hand-to-hand combat in Afghanistan – or more accurately, hand-to-throat.

During a daring nighttime raid in 2012 to rescue an American citizen from Taliban clutches, Edward Byers Jr. leaped across the room to shield the hostage from oncoming fire while simultaneously engaging a Taliban guard.

“To be a Navy SEAL means you have to be incredibly resilient,” Byers said. “You have to be hardworking. They’re the toughest men on the face of this planet. Any mission they’re given, they will have success at it, and ultimately they are our brothers who, if they have to, they’ll die for you.”


posted on Feb, 29 2016 @ 06:07 AM
a reply to: ReadLeader And I thank god for everyone of them.

posted on Feb, 29 2016 @ 06:22 AM
What's extra neat about this story is this guy went to the same school I did. Never would have thought someone like him could come out of this district.

He's becoming quite the celebrity around here, and deservedly so in my opinion

posted on Feb, 29 2016 @ 08:30 AM
They all deserve our debt of thanks...
Freedom is not Free...

posted on Feb, 29 2016 @ 09:48 PM
God bless all of them. Reading a lot of modern military novels, many SEALs say Devgru platoons are often running missions each night when they are deployed.

They are hardcore and we will never hear even a fraction of what they do for us.

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