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A Prayer for All

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posted on Feb, 25 2016 @ 07:59 AM
Our eyes are blank, desensitised by the suffering, we look and see, but we don’t understand, how can cruelty exist whilst civilisation thrives.

Humanity, humans and humane, are words crumbled under the machines of those seeking power, but still we seek blinded by power’s arrogance.

It’s the nature of Spirit to seek the darkness, for it is its brother. The nature of darkness is to linger ever ready where the light is weak. The Light is our Spirit.

We are confused by corrupted religions, their messages that carried hope and words that raised our Spirit lost in translation. We use our souls to analyse for codes but fail to even read the message. It is elusive to our spark of light.

We dream, but we don’t remember, its hazy, just enough for us to sense it happened but unclear, like reasons for why we do, what we do. We feel something bigger, it scares us.

We protect the innocence of youth without understanding why, unable to see the divinity we all have, it fades like a torch that is running low in power under the barrage of growing up.

We grow, our bodies and souls become strong and able to endure. Our emotions and wants, open desire and experience, the fear of youth replaced by vigour of control.

We begin to know love, it feels like the sun on your back, the radiance fades when the clouds appear. Coldness leaves the scars and they itch on sunny days, but it’s who we are so we keep moving forward.

We find love and we use it like a blanket a child would hide under, afraid of monsters they see. Unable to see the monsters we can feel like Love is enough. Our tiny lights alone in the dark casting just enough for us to feel.

We follow each other and allow our value to be dictated. Always seeking more, and thinking love is enough when we are going to war, we march in lines and work for another day, always another day.

We have a chance, but it slips by us aided by our confusion, Logic says “We can Feel” without asking what can feel. What are we really, some say Spirit.

One day we’ll wake up and I think you’ll feel fear just like we do, some will call it karma, but that’s not right you aren’t alive like we are, you are fear.

We’ll wake up one day, it’ll happen when we’re startled awake like an atheist discovering Grace. We’ll cough and you will tremble when we do as you bark some muted threat.

We’ll wake up some day, Our Spirits lifted, buoyed up by Love we will see that you are not our master, you are our waste. We might see monsters that we create but you are our shame and Our Spirit must shine above that.

We’ll wake up when We know that we are our Spirit, bright and true. This is from God and you’ll cry when we know this, our Spirits will grow as a new understanding of our ages begins. We’ll rejoice as you're forgotten.

We’ll be awake when we understand that When our Spirits are raised we can move mountains, we were born to create and creation is all around us, we’ll stop throwing it away like you because we will understand you can’t buy it like you did us.

We’ll be awake and you won’t because our Spirits will consume you in our Light. Our light will shine the Truth into your darkness and confusion and all that will remain of you is an echo, you tricked us and that will help our temperance.

We will be so awake, that we will experience Heaven on Earth. We will seek to grow all Spirit, in all life, understanding that this is our worship which is done with an open heart, it’s the glue of our Heaven.

We have awoken after an eternity, our Spirits will have grown enough to stop basking in God and touch her. We understand because we saw the monsters and we changed that. We can speak without talking, we can feel Her.

You are asleep, its where you belong. You thought you could smother us with hatred, like a vampire afraid of our light, you sold us into throwing it away allowing it to nearly extinguish. But you could not kill us.

You will sleep for a long time, and whist you may threaten to awaken, we will know that it is an empty threat. Our spirits lifted us to freedom, you led us to shame.

You are sleeping, but we will ask you a question………. Whose idea was death anyway? Shouldn’t you practice what you preach? You won’t answer though, computer says “no” and even when we try to hear it comes across garbled, so typical of you.

You’ll remain, even you have the essence of Spirit within you, you can’t see that, but we can. The thing behind the eyes, its eternal, we have Life and in Life is Spirit, Spirit is of God and that means we are in charge, of ourselves mind, not you.

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