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Dragon Godz of Saturn...

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posted on Feb, 24 2016 @ 07:38 PM
In the beginning there was nothing.

Then there was thought. And the thought was, "We will become."

The explosion created this universe and numerous others. At incredible speeds, material was blasted away to begin to coalesce, forming balls of spinning molten hot material in space. They began to orbit around burning masses called Suns.

The orbiting masses of metal and rock would be called Planets by the creators.

Who were the Creators?

Why Dragons of course.

Our system, one of trillions, was formed of a single Sun and the Planets we know of today. One was involved in a massive collision with another, a rouge Planet, causing an immense explosion and total destruction of both Worlds. This created the Asteroid belt we know of today in our Solar System.

The remaining Planets grew in size. Some Enormous!! Some small.
Soon the surfaces would cool, shrink somewhat, crack, and dirt and other sediments would be created. In this soil, life began to form.

By force of Will, Dragons took on physical form. They chose substances that gave them their shape, appearance, skin, scales and physical abilities. They chose large wide spreading wings for flight. They chose to eat meat, creating many different species of animals. They chose to breathe fire. They were naturally telepathic and more, they were also able to naturally shift in Time, Space and to other Dimensions.

They would feed of off energies in their surroundings by day, but became very weak as they slept. This was a vulnerable aspect of the Dragon Lords that they kept to themselves as a dark and precious secret.

They were Godz in their Time!

They ruled the planets for Eons, from one particular Planet. Other animal life began to develop as well on all the Planets.

The Dragons wanted workers to tend to their needs on Their Home World, they named Saturn, and created bi-pedal Humanoid form beings for their workers. They took their own DNA, reptile, and reworked some chromosomes to make their workers smaller, unable to breathe fire or have any mental abilities other than to be able to perform menial labor.

These beings would be called Reptilians.

The Dragons had the Reptilians build Huge Castles for Dragon’s pleasure. Reptilian servants would feed, bathe, and perform other tasks that the Dragons simply did not want to do. They could have easily done all those things, but thought They should not have to.

"Let them do those chores!" One mighty Dragon said to another. "It is beneath us." "Who Them ? I pee on them. Yes, pee on them." Said the other Dragon. The name Peon, (for lower status individuals) was born.

Soon the Reptilians would start to become too smart, in their own eyes, for performing menial tasks. They wanted less work, more freedom. They revolted and a War broke out between Creators and their Reptilian servants. Terrible, shocking wars enveloped the Planet.

(These events played out among trillions of other Planets in All the Universes. But we will remain here in this one for this Tale.)

After years of fighting, the Dragons tired of the tedious onslaughts from their workers. No Dragon lives were lost, but nothing was accomplished for further development of their Castles or living conditions.

They cast the remaining Reptilians into a portal directed to the third planet from the Sun, to be banished forever.

The reptilians soon took over that world, Earth it would be named, as there was no competition for their skills and power. Until Humans came along that is. But that's another story all together.

It was discovered after the Reptilians had been banished that there was another species of Bi-Pedal Humanoid Creatures living on the Planet Saturn. These, the Dragons would soon name Sarn.

The Sarn lived underground for their early stages of development and evolving lives. They came above ground to hunt, and only at night. Their large black eyes could see very well in the dark. They were unknown to other large carnivores.

The Sarn were of medium height, by our standards, muscular, and had Blue Skin tinged with purple and Green. They have long snouts, like a Wolf and large dark eyes. Two tusks protrude from their lower jaw up and fore wards. Sharp teeth are hanging down from their upper jaw as well giving them a formidable appearance! They had 2 legs with Hooved feet, 4 arms with 3 fingers and an opposable thumb on each hand, for grasping items. They were very good hunters using weapons of spear and dagger. After the Reptilian Banishment, they replaced the stone tips with metal that they found when wandering the land.

They communicated with grunts, gestures, and chirping sounds. They wore long Hair. No clothing was worn by these inhabitants either. That was not important to them. What was important, was caring for their offspring and Mates. Soon after the Reptilians were banished, they moved above ground.

The Sarn knew of The Mighty Dragons and always hid from them when they were seen in the skies. The Females especially were very frightened by the Large winged Beasts that Breathed Fire! They would run back to their camps and warn the others of their sightings.

The Dragons saw Sarn Camp sites, now scattered all over the planet in places that were not inhabited before. They would often sit on high cliffs or mountain tops to watch for who was creating all the small fires around their World.

One day Sarn were seen by the Mighty Dragon Rhem. He soon reported the sighting of the beings to His Kin.

They all wondered of what these creatures were doing on Their Planet! They could not understand how they could exist without their knowing. Perhaps these creatures could project a shield of sorts to conceal their thoughts. If not, then The Dragons would have picked up the signals sent forth from Sarn Minds.

The Dragon Lords soon gained respect for the Sarn. The Sarn naturally were frightened of the Dragons at first, but quickly began to warm up to the Large flying beasts. They tended to the needs of the Dragons and in return were given free reign of the Planet’s surface.

The Sarn would give raw jewels found from time to time to the Dragons. The Dragons really liked the gems and began to hoard them.

There were huge piles of these rough stones all over the surface of Saturn.

A Sarn female one day thought to rub the dirt off some of the rough stones, resulting in shiny finished stones! These were highly prized by the Dragon Creators. They found that by heating the stones by their own flame, the gems took on another fascinating finish!

Glossed over with smooth unblemished finishes, these stones became prize possessions for the Dragon Lords.

They continued to amass great piles of precious stones. These they would use as their bedding. They found that by sleeping on the stones, that they were more refreshed in the morning when they awoke.

The energies in the stones added to the Dragon’s power, adding as they slept. In a normal day, The Dragons consumed energies from their surroundings, and from whom ever may be near them. They fed off these energies by day, and would transmit that energy into the stones on which they slept. The stones became very valuable to The Dragon Lords.

(Continued Below...)
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posted on Feb, 24 2016 @ 07:41 PM
a reply to: SyxPak


Perhaps this was an answer to their vulnerability of losing energy while sleeping. Now they would become even greater in their powers over the Planet Saturn, And in any other world they wished to inhabit!

Rhem was contemplating his great pile of gems. He wondered how hot he could get them. He gathered huge energies to him, combined them with the hottest flame he could breathe and sent the energies to his store of mostly golden gems. As he lay on them, they formed around him, layering over his scales, giving him a great store of energy for night or day.

When he shook himself, he found his scales coated and fused with the golden gems.

Thus he became the first Golden Dragon.

Other Dragons watched and soon Dragons of all colors emerged from the process, red, green, siver and bronze and all now possessed Power, no matter the time of day or night.

Now, they could have it all!

Some of the Sarn eventually began to dislike Their living situation. They admired the nice large Castles of The Dragon Godz. They wanted to live in one of those magnificent Palaces!

One of the lead Sarn, Atem, approached The Mighty Dragon Lord Rhem and asked if They might be able to have one of the Castles for dwelling.

Rhem answered with a Loud Roar and "NO!!! Why would You even think such a thing possible?! You shall be harshly reprimanded if any further ridiculous questions are asked!"

"I thought it not ridiculous Mighty One." Atem feebly answered. "We only wish to have a better standard of Home in which to live..." He quietly finished...

"Your banishment from Saturn is My answer to You now! Such insolence will not be tolerated and I will make an example of You for such action!" Rhem angrily replied. "Others will now be more careful in Their attitude and subject matter when Talking to Me, or any of the Other Dragon Lords!"

The Mighty Rhem added, "There will be a Portal that will open at sunset tonight. In it You will walk. You may have anyone of Your choice accompany You. The Portal leads to the Planet Earth. There are currently Reptilian beings on that Planet, that had been banished from here long ago...

As the day wore on, Atem became more and more depressed. He went to His home and approached His Mate, Evee, and told Her of His banishment.

"I will certainly go with You! I should not bear to think of life with out by My side!"

"Then we shall go together. Ask of others if They would like to go on this adventure as well! Atem exclaimed. "I am now going to look at this as such! I was becoming very saddened by the thought of leaving this wonderful Planet, but now think a change will do Me, Us, good!"

"I shall ask around Atem!" Evee returned. "I do think Others will want to follow Us on a journey of a new beginning!" She exclaimed...

Darkness soon fell upon the Valleys and mountains of Saturn. It was a beautiful sight!

An area the size of three Sarn on each others shoulders tall, and about ten of them wide opened on the side of a nearby mountain. It was pitch black with a tiny dot of very bright light in the center
"Go to the light!" Atem said to Evee, and the dozen followers that wanted to go on this journey...

They all entered the portal and vanished from Atem's sight. He looked around at His homeworld and bade a silent goodbye... Into the portal He walked...

His face became very cold. It felt as if He was being torn apart, but there was no pain. He was soon standing on solid ground, on a new Planet, He thought.

Yes, this is not Saturn. It must be Earth!

"Atem, We have arrived!" Evee said excitedly." Let us wander in search of a new Home!" She said as Atem walked to be near Her side.

There was daylight on This side of the Planet. Enough for several more hours to see easily.

'This is a different Planet indeed!' Atem thought to Himself. "Such beauty I cannot believe exists here as well as on Saturn!'

A group of Reptilians charged out from a hole in the ground, near the edge of a wooded area!

They surrounded the startled Sarn and one of them demanded, "What are You?! What are You doing here?!" The obvious leader snarled from a toothy face.

"We have been banished to Your Planet from, Sat...." Atem started before being interupted by the Leader,

"Saturn. Right?!" He asked.

"Why yes, how did You know that?!" Atem wondered.

(Continued Below...)

posted on Feb, 24 2016 @ 07:43 PM
a reply to: SyxPak


"We also were banished from that World.After a century of living here as if still on Saturn, We have begun to do experiments on Our DNA and splicing of Genes. That technology was recently taught to Us by some small grey skinned beings that came down from the sky in a silent object one evening. I say recently but it was actually several years ago. They talked to Us for hours, then days, and we shared thoughts on a miriad of subjects." The lead Reptilian said to the Group of Sarn.

"I would like to see where You do Your experiments!" Atem mentioned with a smile. "I believe that would be fascinating!" He finished.

"That will be no problem at all. What is your Title, if I may ask." The Reptilian asked, surprising the Sarn of it's pleasant demeanor.

"I am called Atem, and This is My Mate, Evee." Atem responded.

"Atem and Evee then it is! My Name is Drakon" He returned. "We now have the cability for Wings. Like our Creators!" He said happily. "We have done amazing things with the splicing of DNA!"

As this was related by Drakon, a large Humanoid Beast wandered at the edge of the woods. It was very very tall, had one eye, and was very very muscular.

"We call Him Cyclops!" Drakon said.

Just then Cyclops dove into the underbrush, apparently after an animal or something...
He rose with another strange Humanoid/Animal in His clutch.

"OH! That We call a Minotaur." Drakon said of the half Man half Bull creature now in the hands of the giant Cyclops... "We have several mistakes We have made during Our experiments. They roam the land here. Do not be surprised to see some very odd looking beasts on this Planet!" He finished.

A different type of naked humanoid came from the woods and approached the group of Reptilian, and Sarn. It was obviously a Female. With long flowing Silvery White Hair, She was gorgeous.

"I am called Jazyx, (pronounced like the word, basics.) I am pleased to meet You all!" She said with a beautiful smile on Her face. "My Mate, Cinike (pronounced like the word, inside...) will be along soon. He is hunting for our evening meal."

"This is one of Our mistakes Atem. As you can see, She, as We call the Female of this breed, has no pretty features, compared to Our kind." Drakon said as Atem drank in the Beauty of the Female before Him.

"I would suppose that beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder." Atem spoke as if in a Daze...

"It would seem so..." Evee said jealously. "Come Atem, we must depart..."

Several eons passed on the Planet Earth until one day a craft crashed on the wide open plains of New mexico...

By this time, Humans as they would be called, had flourished in the worlds of technology, and arcitechture, and other fields of technological feats...

When the bodies of the small grey Aliens were pulled from the crashed Ship, one still alive, the MIlitary Men were in awe! This is the first time they had actually seen the small greys that were talked about in Alien and U.F.O.circles of the day...

The reality that part of the Humans DNA had began on a World of Saturn Milleniums ago, then to become part Reptilian, would shake the foundations of Religions, and other areas of Humanity that were held in high esteem! Complete Chaos would envelope the entire Planet!!

When the Aliens told Their tales of travel, the secret history of the beginnings of Mankind were told.
They told the Military leaders of the time period. The information would Shock the World to it's Core! "This must NEVER be told to the rest of the World!" a Five Star General Said.


We will not go further and tell of what will become of The Race of Humans, and the Race of what would eventually take over the Planet Earth.

That will be discussed in detail, in another Tale...

The End...

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posted on Feb, 24 2016 @ 08:02 PM
Syx Stars at this time seems appropriate,
to mention a Thanx to Whomever Starred and Flagged this Tale!

Thank You!!

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posted on Feb, 24 2016 @ 08:07 PM
Very interesting Syx! I love fantasy tales and this was a good one for sure!

posted on Feb, 24 2016 @ 09:15 PM
Looks like I have something to save on my Pocket so that I can read on my KoBo!

posted on Feb, 25 2016 @ 08:40 AM
a reply to: Night Star

Thanx Night! Glad You liked this!

posted on Feb, 25 2016 @ 08:41 AM
a reply to: Mizzijr

Worth saving even?! Thank You for that Compliment!

I do appreciate that!!
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posted on Feb, 27 2016 @ 10:46 AM
Please leave comments, and S+F's if You want, at the address below.
This was for a writing contest, and I forgot to add [ORI2016] in the title for it to be considered there for entry...
Thank You very Much!!

Dragon Godz of Saturn [ORI2016]
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