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Boynton Beach woman accused of hiring hit man to kill husband heads back to court

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posted on Feb, 24 2016 @ 08:05 AM
This is an older story. Seems like this just happened yesterday.
Original ATS post, is here. for your interest.

Now, to catch everyone up who doesn't have time to read the articles. The little hottie pallattie hires undercover to wipe out sig. niff. The local LE Dept. Stages a fake crime scene, now cutie poo is under house arrest, now 7 yrs later.

Her "latest" defence is that she was auditioning for a reality show!!!! Laughable at best. What will be interesting to see here, is what the final verdict will be. Her attorney is a great actor: )

I want to hear from the ATS community on this!!!!

Dalia Dippolito testified before a judge in West Palm Beach Tuesday afternoon in an attempt to get the charges against her thrown out in her murder-for-hire case.

The Boynton Beach woman said the plot was just an acting project that she, her husband Michael Dippolito and former boyfriend Mohamed Shihadeh were going to post on the web.

Dippolito described the videotaped recordings of her with Shihadeh-turned confidential informant was all part of the script for a murder-for-hire plot that involved a wife hiring a hit man to kill her husband.

But Dippolito wanted to back out when she found out police were going to be part of the fake plot.

She said when she met with Shihadeh at a Chilli's restaurant back in 2009, she told him she wanted to back out, but he threatened her.

"He lifted his shirt and showed his gun," Dippolito said.

Dippolito said Shihadeh told her he was being pressured by police to continue with the fake plot.

posted on Feb, 24 2016 @ 08:43 AM
She should audition for something along the lines of , real housewives of.. something.


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