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Not a Usual Tuesday

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posted on Feb, 23 2016 @ 11:56 PM
I actually wrote this story for another board's writing contest for March but thought with the way things are going on in the Mideast it might be a good time to also post the story here and not wait any longer.

It will take a few minutes to like some of the videos so please hold off on any comments until you see "The End".

MARWC Not a usual Tuesday

I thought it was going to be just another Tuesday until all hell broke loose in the Mideast.

According to the news reports the invasion of Syria by Turkey and the Saudi Sunni coalition had started on a two pronged attack both from the North around Aleppo and the south along the Jordan and Iraq tri-border area of Syria.

Aleppo had fallen, just last week, into Syrian hands after all the effective Russian bombing coupled with the push by the Syrian army (and Shia Iranians) which routed out the Sunni invaders who had held the city for the last three years. Everyone knew if Aleppo fell to those supporting Assad the effort to overthrow the legit Syrian government would be a loss without a major escalation of the war effort.

OK so some more Mideast violence, so what 's new ?

Well, the new twist was a warning by Russia to stop the 350,000 man invasion force now ! Russia had warned that if this force was not stopped “NOW” and then turned around and removed within the next 24 hours Russia's response would be an all out defense of Syria and all the invaders along with their respective countries would suffer the consequences.

The news had all kinds of commentators voicing different scenarios of what Russia might do to include the unthinkable action of a nuclear response. Unfortunately very few if any actually brought up that all of this was mostly and continuation of the religious strife between Sunni and Shia religious sects. The Sunni want

Then there was bigger breaking news..... as the newscaster fumbled to get the live report up and running, it was almost comical!

Russia had surprised everyone by not waiting 24 hours for their military response because the Sunni coalition invasion force had not stopped and was still moving into Syria. So, the unthinkable had became a reality when Russia unleashed a Nuclear firestorm upon Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Oman, Qatar, and most of the southern invasion force stationed in Northern Iraq. Anyone with half a brain foresaw this happening for the ONLY way to stop 350,000 ground troops with 20,000 tanks coming at you is to use tactical nukes. There simply is no other choice unless you want to stand, lose, and die.

Besides the wringing of hands and stern warnings from the NATO alliance there really was no appropriate response for each of those countries that had been Nuked were all part of the coalition invasion force.

The 350,000 man ground force had basically been wiped out in just a few hours with some carefully targeted Neutron bomb carrying cruise missiles fired from the Vastoff which was a Kirov-class Heavy Nuclear-Powered Missile Cruise ship stationed off shore and close to Lebanon.

The nukes were not nice and certainly got everyone's attention !

The Neutron bomb was supposedly banned with international agreements because all it did was kill living things and left infrastructure standing and operational. It was thought to be to clean and easy a weapon to use. The sanctimonious thinking of banning the weapon might have been because there was not enough destruction for those who could make money rebuilding stuff I suppose?

China had already warned that any retaliatory action of a “nuclear kind” by NATO or the USA would see their own cities turned into a nuclear wasteland by the combined efforts of The Peoples Liberation Army's ICBMs and The Russia Defense forces. Even little Kimie of North Korea had threaten to nuke Turkey!

So far, from what I could gather, from what news sources I could find, other than the harsh words from the west, that was, so far, the total response; just harsh words.

Thankfully no western power had decided to sacrifice one of their major cities by getting involved in a military way with the whole mess that Turkey and Saudi had escalated into a nuclear event; probably with some serious egging on by western interest in my opinion, but still not worth any western city's demise.

I finally tore myself from the television and showered and was getting dressed when I heard the emergency broadcast beep beep beep from the television.

“Now What”?

After the annoying noise the Presidents face and back drop of the nations flags in the Oval office was shown; he was going to inform the nation of what America's response would be to all the happenings in Syria and the use of Nuclear weapons by Russia and the obvious threats by China/North Korea. Besides the stern looks and serious tone of the broadcast it really was much to do about nothing as far as our Nation's response. With all the talk about newly implied sanctions (that were in the works) I had to judge the whole speech was more about calming the population and informing the populace that even though Turkey was part of NATO they were the aggressors in this instance and NATO had no intention or obligation to come to their defense.

Thank goodness for that little tidbit ! Sanity in an insane world !

I did not have the time to sit and listen to the rehash of all the worldly events so I left for the club to have some breakfast, coffee, and be ready for my 9am tee off time.

As I drove the short distance to the club the radio was full of more talking heads telling everyone how mean and evil Russia, China, Iran, North Korea and Assad's Syrian Army was. How we should stand tall and take on this axis of evil and even destroy North Korea once and for all; letting the chips fall where they may.

posted on Feb, 23 2016 @ 11:57 PM
What a waste of words and crock of stupid hawkish mutterings in my opinion. I personally would not sacrifice one small city in America or Europe for the religious faction Sunni, Shia, idiots in the Mideast, much less start an assured extinction event with an all out nuclear war..

I had just pulled into the parking lot of the club house when the radio announced that due to several protest and uncertainties of the world events the government is asking all citizens to remain inside their homes and only those in critical positions for the nation should report for work. All banks would be closed today.

My Tuesday Golf game is critical as far as I am concerned and judging by the parking lot it was also critical to just about half my usual golfing friends !

I ate and listened to my fellow golfers discussing the news events of the day; the general consensuses was, “Putin for President”! hahaha

In our golf game we were playing for a pot of money we had all put $100 dollars into. If only one skin was won that would pay $3000 in a group of 30 guys.

All my Tuesday golfers with their individual handicaps were very competitive so with all 18 holes played their might only be 3 skins paid because of all the tying scores. One skin in 3 (lowest score on a hole out of 30 players) paying one thousand dollars usually got most people's attention.

I had eagled the last par 5 with a lucky 8 iron shot that had hit the green and bounced once before trickling into the cup which gave me a score of 3; pretty much assuring me of at least one skin.

Needless to say I was feeling fairly satisfied as I approached the 18th tee box. As I stood there lining my tee shot up I had a momentary thought of all the young soldiers who this very day had lost their lives and left children and wives with nothing but collapsed societies and nuked cities. The people in the destroyed cities had never thought this would be their last day alive; what a waste, no?

As I started my back swing for some reason I thought of how I too had marched off to my own patriot war once upon a time when I was younger. I am just glad I am old now, for I am never doing that again.

All Dead

The End

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