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UK Referendum 23 June 2016 - Will it be an EU BREXIT or Not?

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posted on Jan, 24 2019 @ 12:45 AM
Rudd the Crud and knife in TM's back. This is what happens when you bring a snake back into the room (Cabinet)!

Brexit: Almost 20 government ministers ‘meeting in secret’ to discuss plans to avoid no deal, reports say rts-say/ar-BBSEy2N?li=BBoPWjQ

posted on Jan, 24 2019 @ 12:48 AM
This is a total betrayal of the Labour LEAVE voter as was Labours position at the referendum

Labour to join forces with Tory rebels to rule out no-deal Brexit

Brexit news latest: Likelihood second referendum will be held 'has risen sharply,' data shows

posted on Jan, 24 2019 @ 09:35 AM
I emailed Nigel Farage and Boris and said to them "Surely there is no need for a hard border in Ireland and a form of mobile checking can be done on both sides using different locations just as when they do spot checks for drink drivers and people trafficking etc. With cross border coordination."

And received the following response from Nigel. "Exactly!"

posted on Jan, 24 2019 @ 12:34 PM
Make of this what you will.........I didn't know the Queen was Pro-BREXIT at the time of the referendum. Apparently she has the power to stop parliament bills becoming law and could therefore constitutionally ensure BREXIT on 29 March 2019. This power has not been used for 300 years.

Will the Queen step in to save Brexit from being stopped?

posted on Jan, 24 2019 @ 12:48 PM
Only 9 ways to save BREXIT.....

May draws up nine ways to save Brexit: PM will race to get Brexiteer rebel backing for a revised deal next week before MPs force her to delay leaving the EU efore-mps-force-her-to-delay-leaving-the-eu/ar-BBSFb04?li=BBoPWjQ

posted on Jan, 24 2019 @ 01:06 PM
And the options will be; TM's final deal or remain! When remain was already discarded at the genuine democratic referendum.

Brexit news latest: Likelihood second referendum will be held 'has risen sharply,' data shows

posted on Jan, 24 2019 @ 01:10 PM
Is it the beginning of the end for "Corby, I want to be PM before I die.

Brexit: Labour MPs accuse Corbyn of 'standing in way' of Final Say referendum on Theresa May's deal oPWjQ

Labour frontbenchers warn of opposition to second referendum

posted on Jan, 24 2019 @ 03:36 PM
When A = B then Plan B is Plan A so its BREXIT one way or the other. Or Plan C for Conspiracy Remain.

What is Theresa May's Brexit Plan B and when will Parliament vote on it?

posted on Jan, 24 2019 @ 03:46 PM
It's truly sickening to watch these politicians runing around dreaming up excuses for not complying with the ACTUAL people's vote on June 23rd 2016. They should all hang for treason.
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posted on Jan, 24 2019 @ 05:26 PM
Watching Question Time .......

Comes from a conservative MP who resigned because of T.Mays deal that she

was disappointed at learning that the government had asked the company

Airbus to come out with that they will be leaving due to Brexit.

Is there no end to this kind of Dodgy Dealing

posted on Jan, 25 2019 @ 02:37 PM
Lying turds! The only catastrophe facing the UK should we leave with no deal which will prove that all these political elite have conspired to con the people which is treasonous will be that they still have their jobs in Parliament after BREXIT!
Hang em High!

posted on Jan, 25 2019 @ 03:57 PM
Voters in one English town warn London - 'Do not betray our Brexit'

posted on Jan, 28 2019 @ 06:15 AM
Its already unstable, knifing daily, so many illegal immigrants (how many are bad ones?), too many boats from France carrying potential terrorists and how many are getting through. We are already in a mess and now they warn us about whats already happening and try and blame something that hasn't happened yet. The biggest threat to stability is not honouring a democratic vote!!!!!!!!!!

Brexit will leave the UK 'unstable' for decades with violence on the streets and independence referendums in Scotland and Northern Ireland, EU intelligence secret report warns and-and-northern-ireland-eu-intelligence-secret-report-warns/ar-BBSPSLt?li=BBoPWjQ

posted on Jan, 28 2019 @ 06:26 AM
No surprises here and it may get May the deal that would pass a vote. Personally, I prefer a No Deal BREXIT but I would rather have this deal than the EU getting us to stay in the EU. Is HALF better than NONE, we will just have to see I guess.

Blow for May as Ireland stresses it will not yield on Brexit backstop

Johnson predicts May fightback with Brexit 'freedom clause'

How Tuesday's Crunch Commons Votes Could End The Brexit Deadlock

posted on Jan, 29 2019 @ 04:10 PM

Brexit: What happens now after tonight's amendment showdown votes

Parliament votes to go round in circles – and saves the death of no-deal Brexit for another day FN?li=BBoPWjQ

posted on Jan, 30 2019 @ 11:19 AM
Here here!

'If there's no deal you won't get a penny!' Brexit minister warns that UK will REFUSE to pay £39bn divorce bill unless the EU agrees to PM's new backstop plan as she prepares for Brussels showdown unless-the-eu-agrees-to-pms-new-backstop-plan-as-she-prepares-for-brussels-showdown/ar-BBSWoUC?li=BBoPWjQ

posted on Jan, 30 2019 @ 11:23 AM
Only what the people ordered!

EU Warns No-Deal Brexit More Likely Than Ever After Commons Vote

Plus ça change: The Brexit view from Brussels

posted on Jan, 31 2019 @ 06:19 AM
link to the R's

Brexit: Tory truce crumbles as Theresa May accused of ‘stupid mistake’ in EU talks by leading Eurosceptic

posted on Feb, 3 2019 @ 07:51 AM
Clever move! get her power and mandate back and deliver a BREXIT (Deal or No Deal if the EU don't play ball better). BREXIT voters will switch to TM which will give her a majority!

PM 'could call June election' and vows to 'battle for Britain'

posted on Feb, 3 2019 @ 08:02 AM
a reply to: RP2SticksOfDynamite

The only thing she's battling for is to save face...

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