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Well an update from edsinger.....

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posted on Feb, 20 2016 @ 10:02 AM
There is a new election coming this Fall and I wanted to update the old timers on a few things. I know I defended Bush Jr. and I still feel that history will be kind to him. It will be much more kind to him than to Obama. Much of what has happened is not really Obama's fault except the POS socialized medical crap. W left office with humility and walked away as the Constitution requires.

However , that is not the point of my post. In 2004 I did vote for W and I would change nothing. In 2008 I voted for McCain with a nose plug covering the stench. At that point, what I has saw in 2000 at the Iowa straw poll (in person mind you) proved to me beyond a doubt that the game is rigged. Obama nudged it along with his coming out of nowhere and in 2012 it was sealed with his victory again.

Do I hate Obama? Not at all, he is what was given us, he was chosen. We no longer choose our leaders. Reagan was the last one that I think the people actually chose... We the people have voted ourselves more of other peoples money. That will not change as there is NO difference between the parties if you really look at it.

I did not vote for Romney, as I could not vote for a man that thinks Christ is Lucifer's brother and they both are space aliens.

However, I did vote. Andrew Jackson was my write in vote and I made sure it was in the record.

So here we are, the world is a mess. 5000 plus Americans died in Iraq and we walk away....and yet we now have to go back. I think not, the powers that be want to go back in, why? For what purpose will it serve now? I say no, let Iran have it.....If the Sunnis want to save it, then shed their blood for it this time. They had their chance.You see, years ago I had said that the secret to controlling the Persians (Shiites) is the Sunnis. The power of the Sunnis lies with the Caliphate which is Turkey at least in manpower. That is what we are in for matter who you vote for in Nov. the Russians have allied with the Shiites and the West the Sunni's. Yeah, ironic no? We fund the damn terrorists.

Trump? Well he has things that I like about him but also things that scare me. He is hated by the media which I consider a good thing. However he is NO conservative. Cruz? Nah.....Rubio? there really is not a good candidate on the Republican side. The other side? A habitual liar or a damn communist. No real choice there either. You think this is by mistake? I tell you it is planned. They already know.

What should scare us is the last 7 years of debt fueled spending, no velocity in the money supply, the move to negative interest rates, and of course the war on cash. This is what is on my mind...not the buffoon that gets into office in January.

So as we go through the election season, I have a plan for whom I will vote....yes it will be a write in...

posted on Feb, 23 2016 @ 06:22 PM
Wow - I guess everyone agrees with me. This place has changed dramatically - I won!

posted on Apr, 4 2016 @ 06:27 PM
a reply to: edsinger

For those that care...

edsinger endorses..."none of the above"

We have lost our Republic.

posted on Apr, 4 2016 @ 06:34 PM
This is a crazy year isn't it?

I just don't know much, but I do know that if they go into that GOP Convention and someone comes out as the nominee who wasn't a part of the primary process and didn't receive wide support, then I'm done with it.

Why bother voting if they can just negate it all? If they've gotten so far down that road that they can make the vote matter so little or at least bother with maintaining the illusion so little, then the only recourse left may have to do with citizens and their private firearms, and I don't know if Americans will ever get to that stage.

posted on Apr, 7 2016 @ 06:50 PM
a reply to: ketsuko

Talked with some Canadians, Trump Scares them Bad. I told them I was not for any of them and they could not understand it. Then again, when a person who has never even held a gun gets to hold an AR-15 for the first time, something clicks...I think he understands why some Americans are the way we are, not western cowboys but lovers and defenders of freedom.

It makes you proud to be an American as it will be us again defending freedom....

None of the present Candidates are that...they are ALL bought and paid for including Trump.

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