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Hey Fireball Fans! Awesome exploding meteor caught on camera in Australia

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posted on Feb, 20 2016 @ 12:52 PM
Having worked with adobe after effects, particle illusion and many others, the lens flare alone is enough to declare this fake, add him sit down and get this on footage within a minute even more so, you'd at least expect a longer wait to the meat.

And the streak in the sky, pretty sure, the sky doesn't catch fire like a back to the future stunt.

And then it came from right to left , well a top right to left stopping middle of screen almost, that's too perfectly framed to be natural. Plus it looks as if he used a que to edit in the effect, once he glances right, pans back split second and show begins.

If it's not fake, I'd expect to see a few other videos go viral as well.

posted on Feb, 20 2016 @ 12:56 PM
Checking the coordinates in the video I find one thing very interesting...

It doesn't come up by the beach in fact it looks like it would be a bit farther away than what seems to be shown in the video, so with that I would call it fake.

Not to mention one of the comments on the the youtube page seem to point out a few obvious things...

Sure, a man decides to sit down while filming, and aims the camera at the sky. A few seconds later a fireball appears with weird lense flare that I haven't seen in other fireball videos (and the flare appears before the fireball appears).

Then as it gets brighter, the camera doesn't adjust/everything around the ball doesn't get dark, just like in all REAL fireball videos and what cameras do when there is a lot of light onfront of them.

Then the fireball explodes and somehow the explosion travels very very quickly to the man filming , he who has not expressed any form of reaction to the events onfront of him whatsoever

I have to agree with that comment...something doesn't look right at all.

posted on Feb, 20 2016 @ 12:59 PM
Call BS for now because
From AMS only got this one on Jan 29/16 nothing else close

From lunarmeteoritehunters
Jan 28

Jan 27

Jan 26

But with my sky camera running for 3 year now I think we are getting a few more big one
but that just my opinion

posted on Feb, 20 2016 @ 01:06 PM

originally posted by: Rezlooper

originally posted by: TechniXcality
a reply to: Rezlooper

Man, I don't care what they say, it's still proof of jumping jack flash even if the video is fake.

It's no wonder your wife left you... you're an ____ (fill in the blanks)


posted on Feb, 20 2016 @ 01:46 PM
a reply to: Rezlooper

I think it's fake also... for the same reasons mentioned before...

posted on Feb, 20 2016 @ 01:49 PM
trained observer stopping in for a visit...

naw....the first thing a pilot sees is the sky is obscured at 2500 feet AGL...........can ya guess the rest. you guys are smart....

edit on 20-2-2016 by GBP/JPY because: our new King.....He comes right after a nicely done fake one

posted on Feb, 20 2016 @ 02:05 PM
It's Guerrilla marketing, for: "OverWatch Security"

posted on Feb, 20 2016 @ 03:06 PM
Looks Kewl, but fake I feel.
Nice find tho OP.

posted on Feb, 20 2016 @ 03:48 PM
So fake... You can see the "trail" of the meteor move in relation to the camera moving compared to the clouds behind it.

CGI tracking failure on the makers behalf.

posted on Feb, 20 2016 @ 05:41 PM
Ok guys, I guess the verdict is in on this one... Fact or Faked? Umm... faked. It's unanimous.

posted on Feb, 20 2016 @ 06:32 PM
a reply to: Rezlooper

Just to add to the faked side. The video is timestamped 8.00pm. In Australia at the moment it's sunset at around 7.30pm and last light by 7.55pm. Clearly it is not dark in the video, but daylight.

posted on Feb, 21 2016 @ 06:23 AM
It is fake obviously as pointed out by some previous posters.

However I wouldn't use timestamps and/or locations as proof that it is fake.
Hell if that was proof my camera can take pics in the past as the date is always 01-01-2000
and not to mention my old gps which is always a few streets off

posted on Feb, 21 2016 @ 06:31 AM

While testing one of our Body Cameras on a stormy day a meteor hit the bay directly in front of me just as i sat down. The sound was insanely loud but only lasted for a second or two. Scary stuff, i was literally lost for words. Hopefully no boats were hit!

This is a fake video. The sound would have come up to a minute later or so.. not instantly. Reliability rating? 1/5.
Sorry mate.

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