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Life file [ori2016]

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posted on Feb, 19 2016 @ 01:18 AM

It began with words. It began on a computer screen. It began with a challenge and pause to catch breath. It began.

The immortal programmer flexed his muscles and shifted side to side on his seat. He'd had a dream of something special as in it dreams it had seemed to expand beyond the borders of his own intellect and reached into a realm of infinite possibility. Much like a rock musician might hear a tune in a dream and wake up stirred because he can still hear it in his waking head and he begins to write it down. He knows the world can't live without it. The immortal programmer is going over the nuances of the dream now in his waking head.

Much like a small seed has all of its future life in it so the immortal can see the tree but he wonders about the seed. The immortal knows that you can't imagine the seed by just gazing upon the tree. Blue sky's and white clouds and people and ants, all filled his mind and became part of his memory as he sat at his computer preparing to begin.

His nimble fingers created a new file on his desktop 'life file'.

He himself was an immortal being and new know death and so never knew life for in order to have life you must have death or its not true life. He was of the order of the forever wakeful and knew no life at all but that was a good thing as his order was higher than the life order although many would debate not.

In the realm of mere existence he had had this strange dream come to him in his sleep. A world of hustle and bustle. A world of people running here and there and to and fro. A world of choices and decisions all of which would ultimately lead to death even if wise and good and pure or true.

'Pure and true,' the immortal giggled to himself. Where was he getting this stuff from? Perhaps he might discover the meaning of the forever wakeful state by creating and ultimately understanding the meaning of the state of life. Does it mean to die the same as it means to live forever or is it all as meaningless as dry waterless dust?

'How do I begin this scenario of life? He scratched his beard. 'Light bulb!' I will begin it like everything else. I will create an elaborate script with a beginning and a middle and an end. I will add plot twists and characters and locations and scenes. I will begin with everyone being born and I will end it with everyone dying. In between will be 'life!'

So the immortal programmer began to set about writing his script for life and he called it history. He added his plot twists and his scenarios and his locations and scenes. He added peace and war and famine and feast. Some characters he made believe in him and some characters he made enemies of those who believe although he was in no dander at least he was in as much danger as someone who can be in danger from animation on computer screen.

After he had spent hours writing and programming he leaned back in his chair and added the final 'run' command. 'This is going to be fun'.

The dragged a tentative sip of coffee from his half empty cup and with a small amount of pause for anticipation he pressed the return key. The screen lit up and on it a universe turned into stars and among them a planet formed where there were to be countries and oceans. A baby was born and a baby died. A man was sitting on his computer writing a story called 'life file'. A bird sang. A dog barked.

The immortal creator left his seat to fetch the newspaper and pay the milk man. He hurried back so he could get back to his programme. He was just giving the code a tweak here or there making things up and changing things as he went along, some bad changes, some good.

Eventually at about 12 o clock at night the programme ran its course and the last man closed his eyes and died and the screen went blank.

The immortal programmer blinked at the monitor. He was feeling something but couldn't recognize what it was.' Well that was fun.' He thought as he realized the program had made him feel sad. He clicked the save 'life file' button and switched off the computer at the wall.

He are now alive I'm the immortal programmers memory and we are struggling to get out and our life goes on immortal.

posted on Feb, 20 2016 @ 11:07 AM

A Star and Flag for You HD3D!!
If I took this right, This is a Nice accounting for Our Reality as some sort of a Digitally Programmed Matrix!

I liked this!


posted on Feb, 28 2016 @ 01:38 PM

posted on Mar, 3 2016 @ 11:07 AM

I got a little confused with the last line but I think I understand where you were going.

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