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nukes dont exist conspiracy

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posted on Feb, 27 2016 @ 12:23 PM


posted on Sep, 15 2021 @ 10:05 PM
Do 'nukes' exist?

Anyone that says yes or no with confidence, is a fool, because no one can TRULY know, unless you're a psychic, an enlightened Zen master, a higher-level entity (possibly a visitor from another planet), etc.

That's the whole point about this kind of thing - 'Nukes' and the story about them is not REALLY about 'nukes' - it's about 'do you trust the government(s)'. it's like a test.

Basically, there are people that believe the official story, then there are people that question it. There are also, of course, fools that believe any conspiracy theory without questioning it, and would SCREAM that nukes do not exist without ever truly researching it one iota, just because they saw it said somewhere.

I don't claim to know anything for sure, and neither should anyone else in this world of misinformation, disinformation, lies, deception, powerplays, politics, powerhunger and TPTB-type elitism.

Official story is pretty much always either a lie, a pack of disinformation, or at least highly embellished or exaggerated. Sometimes it's 100% true, but does anyone really trust that to be the case of EVERY SINGLE 'official story'?

What raises my suspicions besides the obvious (the 'proof' is SO weak, flimsy and actually really suspicious, full of anomalies, 'plot holes' and such, like immovable clouds), are the stories of people SURVIVING that blast. Also, the photos of 'nuked city' look 100% identical to a firebombed one, and there are trees and buildings still standing against the narrative. Also, there's no notable radiation in Hiroshima or Nagasaki, and both cities are full of life, although that wasn't supposed to be possible.

There are rationalizations for this, of course, but those being true would mean there ARE safe ways to 'nuking cities' without leaving them radioactive, so why didn't they use them in Vietnam, etc.? (Being exploded in the air doesn't explain lack of radiation, when it still obliterates the whole city)

I just watched a 'japanese reacts to'-video, where a Japanese woman, looked middle-aged, stopped the video to tell the camera how she remembers her grandfather - at this point _I_ paused the video, and predicted that her grandfather SURVIVED A NUCLEAR BLAST (supposedly impossible), and what did she say? "My grandfather lived in Nagasaki and was lucky to survive.." yeah.

HOW did I guess? How is it so easy to predict that almost whenever a japanese individual starts talking about their grandparents having lived in those cities, they ALWAYS survived easily?

There was even a man that lived through BOTH blasts - he just happened to be there both times!

This is not possible if 'nukes' are real... so I am very, very suspicious of THIS official story as well. It's so fun when the japanese people speak about it so innocently, not realizing 'they are not supposed to reveal this kind of suspicious details'..

..while still blindly believing it was a 'nuclea superweapon', that for SOME reason, has NEVER been used in another war - and USA has been in many wars.

Why did they stop using it? Why did they painstakingly develop a superweapon, use it twice, and then never again? And why are BOTH cities completely fine now, although they were supposed to be free of life for thousands of years?

I am telling ya, when you compile the facts around this topic and then compare them to the propaganda videos, and the 'official story', and what was SUPPOSED to happen, they don't gel at all, and the story gets more and more suspicious.

Luck had nothing to do with her grandpa not dying from the supposed 'nuclear blast'. It's just that the 'nukes' don't really seem to be possible (I think even some 'scientist' types have actually thought about this and came to the conclusion such a bomb couldn't work the way it was depicted) OF COURSE he survived!

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