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The Government's Response To The MNWR Occuptaion

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posted on Feb, 17 2016 @ 01:53 AM
This is a thread to discuss the government response to the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. I put it in Weaponry because I think we can consider for the purpose of discussion the government as a weapon that was used to deal with the refuge occupation. How was that weapon arrayed then? What forces were brought to bear, and when, and why exactly? I'm personally very curious about the minutae concerning this happening that comprised the government's response to this event.

This is a thread in the Weaponry forum to allow that discussion to take place. I'm sure there are plenty of insiders and experts that will be willing to share some insight into what flags dropped and when, what wheels started spinning and how, etc. Don't get yourselves in too much trouble now, if you're doing sensitive work that would prevent you from speaking about this issue. There are specific rules that I'm sure you know much better than I do that will prevent you by law from saying certain things. Much of the process is not so protected though, I think, so as to make this a boring topic to discuss. Please then, do tell, insiders and close observers.

Arguments about whether Finicum was murdered or not, the constitutional legal issues, whether the Bundys were right or not, etc., are not welcome here. If you must broach these in discussion, perhaps try to frame it as an either or or something like that. For instance: 'If they meant to take Finicum out they would have done this, if they meant to apprehend him they would have done this.' Only as a hypothetical please, and only in the context of providing context for how the aparratus was responding to the situation. You know what I mean.

I'm asking for heavy moderation on this one. Off topic argument should not be tolerated, in my opinion. Please help me out on this one, mods. This thread is to study, learn about, and share information and wisdom on the nature of the government's response to the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. Let's try and keep it to that please.

I don't know where to start really in terms of good research on the topic. I'll dig up some links as we go along, though. I will refrain from posting an opening link then as anything I submitted right now would be ignorant, essentially.

Also please note that I will shortly create a thread about the psy-op that was the Occupation in the Military Projects forum, so that sort of discussion(The government's psychological approach to the occupation and related psy-op strategy) would fit better there.
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posted on Feb, 17 2016 @ 11:28 AM
a reply to: TheBadCabbie I thought that the government response was reserved. They wanted the occupiers to run out of patience and just go home. What they didn't want was to send in troops to convert occupiers to martyrs. The occupiers had enough women and children as shields to prevent the government from assaulting them directly. The occupiers changed their reasons for the occupation until they got around to the Bundy gripe which is when the world realized that it was about nothing but that and they had only used the Hammonds as an entry. After attracting various strange people, the Bundys had to deal with them while promoting their cause. The Bundys also annoyed the locals and the Paiute tribe by cutting fences and playing with artifacts in addition to disrupting many lives. All the locals wanted was for them to go home as they had no reason to care about the Bundys cause.

Things got difficult for the Bundys when the occupiers started seeing internal conflicts. Fortunately, many got tired and went home. All this time, the government had been laying back and building a case while not directly confronting anyone so as to prevent bloodshed. The occupiers had freedom to leave the reserve and were not cornered within the reserve which might make the less mentally stable among them decide that they would have to fight to the death. When the leadership decided to go and discuss their version of the Constitution some distance away, the time was opportune for arrest. The Oregon governor may have pushed this as it looked like she couldn't control her state.

At the first barrier, Finicum decided to run for it. At the second barrier, I believe that he was still trying to escape but couldn't get through the deep snow. He exited the truck and tried to look for a way out. Realizing he was surrounded, and being too proud and afraid to surrender, he precipitated events that took his life.

Meanwhile, back at the reserve, the loyal followers wanted a do-over. No charges and they just walk. Fantasy. Once again, the government was reserved. No shooting, just handcuffs and court dates although I thought that Crazy Dave would do himself at one point. No martyrs. No known damages that can't be repaired by the fines and confiscations that will be leveled at the occupiers.

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