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I Finally Feel I Have the Perfect Diet Down!

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posted on Feb, 16 2016 @ 06:34 PM
Just a quick warning, this ones going to be a little long. So on my ATS career, I have written posts about vegetarianism, trying a raw vegan, fasting, Jesus being a vegan, and other posts in similar topics, and needless to say, I am super conscious about what I eat. The reason is simple; I feel better and perform at a higher physical, mental, and spiritual level when I eat right. Being a former (drug)addict, learning to eat the right foods has curbed my craving for drugs as I simply feel "naturally high" all the time now. "Let thy food be thy medicine" (Aristotle quote) is the motto I live by now and I believe any disease can be cured with the right foods. Also, it's not just what you eat, but how MUCH you eat, what foods you combine together, your own bodies ability to digest your food, and even when you eat. For example, take one of the healthiest foods in the world, (like broccoli for example), but if you eat too much of it, it will hinder your bodies ability to extract the nutrients from that food and you will not reap as much of the benefits that that food has to offer.
So let's start with the most obvious; what you eat. All foods either fall into one of three categories: carbohydrate, proteins, and fats. According to Douglas Gram's "The 80/10/10 diet" (which is a phenomenal book as well as one of my main inspirations to the Golden Mean Diet), the most optimal diet for humans is when 80% of daily calories come from carbs, 10% of calories come from proteins, and 10% of calories come from fats. This is applying Pareto's law to food, which I find fascinating. He also states that the optimum diet for humans is a raw vegan diet, which inspired me to try the diet for a month which was a life changing experiment. Douglas Gram's credentials are no joke by the way, as he has worked professionally with top performers of almost every sport and every field of entertainment. I am a firm believer that humans, being tropical animals, function at the optimal level when they eat plant based foods foods. After all, in the tropics where man originated from, is abundant in fruits, vegetables, grains, etc. Back to the 80/10/10 diet, it goes to show you that we don't need as much protein as most people think, and in fact, to much protein in you diet can cause weight gain, yeast overgrown, and even cancer. Source
Considering most Americans eat meat several times a day, I I think that could be a reason why most Americans are chronically sick! So I try to stick to the 80/10/10 diet, although I am not religious about it. If I happen to consume 20% daily value of fat in a day, I make a mental note of it and try not to do it the next day.

I tend to eat the same thing every day for one of two reasons; one I thoroughly enjoy my meals and two it's less decisions I have to make in a day which gives me more mental power, similarly to why Obama wears the same suit every day. He claims "You'll see I wear only gray or blue suits," [Obama] said. "I'm trying to pare down decisions. I don't want to make decisions about what I’m eating or wearing. Because I have too many other decisions to make." It is a proven psychological phenomenon that your brain performs at an optimal level when you make less "little"decisions" as these decisions use up brain power. Source

So, this is what it looks like: for breakfast I eat 3-6 bananas (depending on the size) which is all carbs, 15-20 raw cacao beans which give me a natural energy boost as well and is touted as a super food, followed by 1-3 teaspoons of honey. I follow this with an organic multi vitamin. For lunch, which is my biggest meal of the day, I eat brown rice and beans (mostly carbs with protein as well, a complete protein at that) with an added avocado (mostly fat as well as a source of protein) with some organic corn chips (carb) with lemon and red pepper for a spicy kick added. For dinner, which is my smallest meal of the day, I eat a mango salad with only a bed of organic spinach and 2-4 mangoes with lemon as a dressing ( all carbs). Pretty simple, huh? Yet, it never gets old and I thoroughly look forward to every meal! I eat my last meal around 6 PM and my breakfast around 10 PM, effectively allowing my body to fast for 16 hours daily to reap the benefits of intermittent fasting. Fasting is a whole other topic which I'm not going to get into, but long story short is that fasting has been done as long as humans have been around, boosts HGH levels upwards of 1000-2000%, and can cure virtually any disease known to man Source. Also, I mentioned dinner is my smallest meal; going to sleep with a relatively empty stomach full of fruits has increased my dream recall tenfold. I wake up remembering 4-5 dreams every night in detail, and because I enter this deep REM sleep daily, I feel super recharged and full of energy every morning. My theory on why this is is that, since digestion is the most energy consuming function our body does (more so than exercise, respiration, circulation, thinking.. Crazy huh?), if you go to sleep after a big meal, most of your mental energy is sucked up by digesting that big meal and not on your dreams, but if you go to sleep in a light stomach, since a lesser amount of energy is being used in by digestion, a greater amount of mental energy is at your disposal for a more creative and intricate dreamscape. Don't believe me? Try sleeping on a light stomach and take note of your dreams, it's pretty fun!

So the next thing to focus on is how much you eat.
"The fool is thirsty in the abundance of water"- Bob Marley
I think this quote perfectly describes what happens when you eat to much. Did you guys know that your stomach is the size of your fist? It really is a small organ, and every time you gorge and eat a huge meal you stretch your stomach out to uncomfortable levels. Even if your eating the worlds healthiest foods, if you eat too much of it, it retards the digestion process and you won't get as much nutrients out of the food as if you were to eat a good portion size. Finding the right portion size can be tricky at times, and it's definitely different for everybody, so this is why I recommend to eat slowly as it takes about 20 minutes for your stomach to signal to your brain that your full (chewing your food slowly to porridge like consistency also leads to better digestion). Also, this is why I recommend eating as much raw food meals as you can, as the water in the fruits/vegetables will make you feel full before any overeating can occur. Needless to say, I got my portion sizes down and no more hurting and regretting after accidentally overeating, which we all know is easy to do at times! A good rule of thumb to follow is to eat until your about 3/4 full, and in fact "The Essene Gospel of Peace" advocates this and that's where I got the idea from. For me, it's better to under eat than to overeat. With that being said, we need much less food than are lead to believe. Ancient man ate about once a day at noon and were ripped (think 300 movie) and basically disease free. Modern man eats three big meals a day and... Well you get my point.

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posted on Feb, 16 2016 @ 06:35 PM
Next is what foods you combine together. I didn't know anything about food combining until recently, but since I've applied some of these principles my digestion has felt incredible. Here is a basic chart that categorizes different fruits and vegetables and let's you know which foods are good to combine.

In short, improper food combining is one of the primary factors that cause gas, flatulence, heartburn, and upset stomach. What's worse, poor digestion can also contribute to malnutrition, even if you think you're eating a decent diet. This is because your stomach used different enzymes to break down different foods. In short, fruit is best eaten on an empty stomach, it's best not to drink fluids with foods (30 minutes before or after a meal works) and sweet and sour fruits are best not combined together (don't eat an orange and a banana together, for example). I highly suggest researching this subject as my ability to digest food has increased a ton by this knowledge.

The fourth point I noted is your ability to digest foods; you can be eating all the right foods but if your bodies digestive system isn't up to par, you won't reap as many benefits. Taking probiotics helps, but by simply eating the right portion sizes and following the rules of food combining I noted earlier, it will improve digestion. Also, doing a 24 hour water fast once a week does wonders for your digestive system as it gives it a chance to rest.

So that's basically it guys, for me this new found knowledge has vastly improved my health and well being. I use to go through the days like a slave, craving foods and experiencing highs and lows, now I feel liberated and truly look and feel great! If nothing else, i hope i inspired you to take note of what you eat and how it affects you feel.
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posted on Feb, 16 2016 @ 06:35 PM
ugh might want to add some line breaks. nothing worst than a page lone paragraph.

posted on Feb, 16 2016 @ 06:38 PM
For your spinach salad if you are not cooking it there is much less nutritional value than cooked. Plus it has oxalic acid which prevents the absorption of calcium and iron.

posted on Feb, 16 2016 @ 06:39 PM
Sorry, i typed this up really quick at work on an ipad and its hard to edit posts on these things. Ill try and clean it up later on. a reply to: reddragon2015

posted on Feb, 16 2016 @ 08:03 PM
I don't know if any of that can cure ANY DISEASE, but aside from your grand claims... I basically agree with the gist of what you've written.

I have type 1 diabetes so I know all about being on a very strict diet and knowing about foods.

I was just diagnosed over 2 yrs ago and it basically traumatized me.

I was never obese and my basically active and relatively healthy lifestyle didn't have anything to do with the onset of my diabetes either... or so I was told and as far as we know. Also, there are no type 1 diabetics in my family either as far as anyone knows. So sometimes your body just breaks and suicides on you in the form of an auto-immune disease. A specific gene gets triggered and "turned on." The gene might be passed down, but it might never be "expressed." The trigger may be environmental? I haven't really delved into it big-time yet so I'm not clear on the specifics. But whatever the case... because of this disease... I also eat the same things everyday too, basically. And yes I'm obsessed with diet and food now, forever, if I want to survive.

Prior to my diagnosis I pretty much subconsciously knew that I was dying... for months, literally. And I went on fasts and dramatically cut down on my carb intake because I knew that every time I ate bread I wanted to go to bed and that wasn't normal. I also thought GMO was the devil so I cut that sh-t out, too. But none of that cured me... cause I still ended up in the hospital and found out about those darn anti-bodies that attack the islets on my pancreas, which had been attacking my pancreas for up to six months prior to diagnosis, and now I need to inject insulins (that's right, plural) several times daily (that's right, I implied plural injections daily) in order to survive.

I also keep track of the carb(the carb is basically the most important in regards to insulin measurement), fat, sodium and sugar content of everything I eat. I have a scale. I measure out my servings. I read everything now and when I go to a restaurant(it's not often, I never eat out basically), I just eyeball the servings... and keep a close eye on my blood sugars. Fats are my friend, btw. I'm also married to protein, basically. And I can eat sugar, too, so fruits are ok, I just never go over around 20 grams per meal. The occasional piece of cake or donut is doable but it's not often I treat myself to the sweet stuff. However, kind bars are also my friend when I want something sweet. I also keep track of how much water I drink daily (sodium intake is important in regards to water intake as well) and if I don't have enough water I can literally feel the difference. I also have to know what hour it is that I have eaten (has it been two and a half hours after I have eaten because that's very important in regard to my blood sugar, and it's super important specially if I am going out- I don't want my blood sugars to be too low while I'm driving or out and about or else I risk seizing) and etc. I always have juice with me. It's in my car. It's in my purse. Boxed juice. I rarely use it nowadays but once in awhile I do need it.

BASICALLY, It's a fugging sh-tton of information that I have to carry and hold in my mind at all times. I even now know how some things affect your other organs (like the liver, for example) because your other organs also play a hand in keeping your blood sugars level. Basically, poisoning yourself will lower your blood sugar and that's important to know when you're drinking, or sick, or food poisoned. Cause low blood sugars = seizures and seizures = quick death and/or brain damage if it's not addressed in a mannerly time. And nobody wants that.

So yeah, at the end of the day... I now eat what's familiar. It's important. I rarely change my diet. And I'm at peace with it basically, I think... lol.

Sorry, I kind of just used your thread to vent about my stupid condition... but I do agree that a good diet will affect your mental abilities and energy levels. I know firsthand. Food is super important when it comes to keeping the machine that our bodies are running smoothly.
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posted on Feb, 16 2016 @ 09:08 PM
That's good that your conscious about what you, but letting it dominate your thoughts in an unhealthy manner isn't good neither. Try and keep it simple; eat nature foods, listen to your body, and ENJOY your foods and be grateful for the nutrition it provides. Nature foods are ALIVE so you can even communicate with your meal before you eat and thank it for gracing your body with its nutrition.

With all that being said, proper diet is just one piece of the puzzle. You were right; I was wrong in saying just a proper diet can cure any disease. That's just the foundation. You also need proper daily sun, exercise, access to good water, clean air, and 6-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep every night for optimal health. If you have all of that, I believe it's impossible for any disease to inhabit your body. You can have the best diet in the world but if your indoors all day every day not getting sun, breathing in polluted air (indoor air quality is proven to be of a significantly lesser quality than outdoor air) and getting little exercise, your body is going to react and hit you with some kind of disease.

Anyways, no need to apologize for your rant, and I wish you best!
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posted on Feb, 17 2016 @ 05:52 AM
Personally I follow a ketogenic diet.For me it's the perfect diet.Constant energy,clear thinking,no sugar crashes or cravings and constant fat loss.
It's proving to be effecting at fighting cancer,reducing the risk of developing alzheimer's and dementia,curing type II diabetes and reducing symptoms of depression and bipolar disorder.

posted on Feb, 17 2016 @ 04:02 PM
a reply to: sekerofknowlege

Great post! Raw vegan is great if you can get a minimum of 4000 cals worth of ripe sweet fruit a day but for the vast majority of the population not sustainable or obtainable due to budget/availability and many other reasons.

Eating raw throughout the day about 3000 cals worth of ripe sweet fruit and a big starchy meal (1200-2000 cals) at the end of the day is just as good if not better than total raw, plus 9-12 hrs of sleep in total darkness, pumping your lymphatic system at least every other day for an hour, 20 mins direct sunlight a day at least, 4 liters of water at least.

3-6 bnanas for brek is not enough for a small child, unless your a 3 foot coma patient aim for 12 bnans for brek and the same for lunch, get rid of the cocoa beans that just damage your adrenal glands due to the caffiene/theobromine/phenylethylamine they contain, cocoa once or twice a year wont kill you but it's not a health food.

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