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Looking for a place to start when choosing a home

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posted on Feb, 15 2016 @ 10:01 PM
Many countries will not let you own property or a business without a local national owning 51%.

There are people in Asia that work hard all day in a field for just about 9$. Also many countries will say you do not have a work permit for your internet business and fine then deport you. Going someplace and teaching English without a degree is becoming more and more difficult..... for local native English speakers are more desired.

I know people who have lived overseas and cannot even count to 10 in the local language.. Up to them..

So unless you win the lottery or marry into a family with land some of your goals IMO will be quite problematic.. In many countries the government is a very weak presence.. and there are no property taxes, school taxes, or other ways of taking your money.. As long as there are property taxes you don't own a darn thing... you are just a renter IMO..

Many X-pats are doing business in Cambodia and seem to be quite happy there... However a third world country is not for everyone.. and it does get darn hot for about 9 months of the year... two months a year the temps might get to 59 F (or 15C) at night a couple of times just to let you know there really are seasons besides hot and wet and just plain hot..

To learn a new language is not that hard ... learn one word or phrase a week and in about 6 months (or sooner) you can usually be able to make your desires known.. Counting in a native language is right up there on the priority scale IMO

I used to split my time between the states and Asia usually with 4 months in one place and 4 months in another.. My stateside property taxes et al plus the doubling of my electric bill (smart meter) even when the house was shut in while we were gone just made it easy for me to decide to sell everything and move..

The only hassle I have experienced is once a year having to get a notarized copy (US Embassy) report my income (for my in country retirement visa) and every three months report I am still alive.. Otherwise we live in the country on a producing farm and just don't have governmental hassles .. Nope I don't personally farm ... others do and give us 50% of the produce.. works great.... we own the land and let others make a living as we get our fair share of the crops produced... So far we have never been ripped off...

Unless you have a job before going overseas (your employer will do visa and other stuff for you) or you win the lottery or get married to a well healed local...... I would suggest, unless you have income, stay home in your native country. Most overseas countries have a rule that they will hire locals for a job before some foreign devil... The states have many areas which are isolated and domestic entanglements are far removed to some big city ...

Peru, Panama, and a few other central and South American countries can be worth a look see.. But for us Asia was the decided destination.... and so far I have not regretted my decision. If I ever do we will move again... But I retired well and have that option.. I consider myself blessed and lucky lucky lucky

All I do is play golf every stinking day and let my wife keep us out of trouble and me happy... Works for me... hahahah

Unfortunately many think the grass is greener across the river....only to find out it is just grass just like the place they just left..

I do not travel nearly as much as I used to but IMO all first and 2d world governments are tightening the ropes of controlling their populations.. China in many ways with their internet blockage and other ways of restricting information laid the road map for a few other countries to follow.

There is always an excuse to snoop and collect data on their citizens... got to watch out for ISIS or other radical misfits... For without government how could anyone survive... especially those in power...

posted on Feb, 15 2016 @ 10:57 PM
you're going to want a country that value private property rights. Any country with a culture and government that does not is not something you are looking for.

International private property rights index

Only pick countries with a blue next to their number. That leaves you with 26.

out of these 26 cheap farmland/productivity is going to be australia or chile or your going to be staying in the US

But if you are just looking for cheap land there is plenty of places even in the US. I found some 80 acre plots going for 15-20k in nevada.

Most of the arable land is being used, has ordinances preventing it from being developed, is state/federal land so arable land will demand a higher price.

posted on Feb, 16 2016 @ 03:52 AM
a reply to: lordcomacSome where in the wilds of Canada seems to meet your requirements. That is if you do not mind traveling just a short distant. If your thinking globally I would look toward any of the Scandinavia countries.

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