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My New Synchronicity Flow Involving John St Julien and Hawaii

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posted on Feb, 10 2016 @ 11:34 PM
Hello All,

So I just wanted to update you all on some synchronicities that have been going on as of late. I want you all to understand that in place of having any friends and family to talk to about all of this. I am basically using you all as my virtual friends, and virtual sounding boards. Just treat me with kid gloves, and I'm sure I won't take offense to what you have to say. Fair enough?

I mentioned John St Julien in a couple of my previous posts. So I just wanted to share the synchronicity that has been going on that involves John. Anyways, I have e-mailed John St Julien a couple of times. Once hoping that I would get a response eventually, which I understood would be a long shot. Being how busy he is in Tanzania and all. But one e-mail I sent explained the Steve Vai/Hawaii synchronicity and my family situation etc. to him, asking for some guidance if he could find the time. The second e-mail was just to share The Liquid Tension Experiments live recording of Kindred Spirits, and how that song has inspired me through what I am going through right now. I haven't heard back from John. BUT

He put up a new video on Youtube in the last few days, talking about how he got to meet his favorite band just recently. So get this string of synchronicity. When he had been in Tanzania for a short while, and was struggling with a failing charity he had just arrived at. He was listening to this artist, to inspire him during those times of trials and tribulations in his life. He loved their music so much, that he wished he could meet them someday. Knowing it was a complete pipe dream, being that he was in Tanzania for the foreseeable future.

Then he meets a girl from Germany named ?Fritzy?, that is also in Tanzania working for a different charity at the time. They end up becoming an item over time, and she has been coming to Tanzania to help John with his new charity since that time. After that, I sent my two e-mails to John, about how I got to meet Steve Vai and get his autograph for my daughter, and all of the synchronicities that surrounded that two day period. Then the other e-mail with the Liquid Tension Experiment link, explaining how that song has uplifted my spirits.

Fritzy had to go back to Germany. John was later going to Hamburg, Germany to meet up with her, and to bring several supplies for the charity back with him. Which he explains is cheaper than just shipping the items to Tanzania due to tariffs etc.. But it just so happens, that the band that John wanted to meet was having a concert in Hamburg, while he was going to be there. Fritzy and a friend had tickets to the show, but John didn't, because he didn't know about it. So Fritzy searches online to see if she can find John a ticket. She ends up talking with someone that was able to get them on the guest list for the band. So not only did John get to go to the concert while he was there for free, he also got to meet the band. He even has video of the concert and meeting the band in the video he posted on Youtube.

So after the Steve Vai/Hawaii synch happened, I told John about it in my e-mail. Then the same thing happens to him completely out of the blue with his favorite band. We both got to see the artist that we wanted to see for free, and we both got to meet the artists after the show. Now as if that wasn't enough already. Take a wild guess where his favorite band is from? I had never heard of the band, so I had to look it up myself. But if you haven't guessed it by now. His favorite band is from Hawaii. They are called Nahko Bear. To top that off, with a cherry on top. The second video that I watched to see what he/they sound like, said gondola recordings. So I clicked on it. It's of Nahko singing in a gondola, in Aspen Colorado on the way up the mountain. What's the big deal about that? I live in Colorado, and saw Steve Vai at a concert in the mountains. Now what are the chances?

May the Source be with you all,

posted on Feb, 10 2016 @ 11:37 PM
mamma say what?

posted on Feb, 11 2016 @ 12:04 AM
a reply to: lavatrance

This thread is basically a follow up to a previous thread that I had posted here on ATS. If you would like to read the background on what I am talking about here, it will probably help to explain some things in this post that might not make sense without having read it. You can find that here if you like:


posted on Feb, 11 2016 @ 11:07 AM
a reply to: TomSawyer
So basically what you are saying ,with your synchonicities and John's synchonicities,
is that things worked out so well that there is no way that your earthly intelligence
could have conceived of planing for events to play out like they did.

Welcome to realm of the Higher Mind. Which is a little more adept at "orchestrating"
events , shall we say.

Look at it this way: Say you want to listen to a band on the radio . So you start moving the radio's
tuner to stations that you know are going to be playing tunes that you like.All you have to do
is "turn on and tune in" . You understand that it's not magic, but that there are people working
behind the scene to bring the broadcast to you.

Now take it a step further. You want a real , live experience with your favorite band .
You think about it alot. You are actually "tuning" your mind to those desires.
Higher Mind works behind the scene to make it happen .

Watch some of the Bashar videos on YouTube . He talks about this stuff alot.

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