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Bits and Pieces (Poems)

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posted on Feb, 6 2016 @ 07:44 AM

Bounce Back

It's the way you bounce back , that's what it is. .
It's getting up from your knees, after taking the hits.
We all get pushed down, put in our place,
It's the way you bounce back, that makes the difference.

One Thing

If everyone of us tried to leave behind,
One thing for the betterment of mankind,
Seven billion people making a difference,
By contributing one thing to our coexistence.


I never wanted to win the lottery,
But play it anyways, continuously.
I beat the odds several times a day,
The lottery of life is what I play.


Here is my point of contention,
We are all a porous reflection,
Of the past and present combined,
Molded to be as we are over time.

Starting with the first human being,
Who made a tool, to satisfy a need,
Sharing with other people his secret,
Who in turn continued to teach it.

Judging me

Thank you for judging me!
I appreciate it tremendously.
For someone as perfect as you,
To even notice what I do,
And take a moment from your life,
To tell me how to live mine right,
You've lived your life so flawlessly,
You've every right to be judging me.


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