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Chipotle: Scope of a previously disclosed criminal investigation into food safety has widened

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posted on Feb, 2 2016 @ 04:21 PM
I am amazed that the stock of Chipotle~ is still in the high 400's, source escpecially when they have lost out on SOOOOO much buiness over the last few months; there are (3) in my area, and all of them are on the verge of shutting down.

How can they be so un-popular, yet still have a stock @ 480.90?

far below the median target of $756 just three months ago.

I am do not partake in fast food, but apparently many others are;

Any ATS'ers eat at this restaurant? Any in your home town skeletons? I am looking forward to hearing.

Chipotle says the scope of a previously disclosed federal criminal investigation has widened beyond a single restaurant in California.

The company says it has been served with another subpoena requiring more documents related to its company-wide food safety. Previously, it said it was served a subpoena in relation to a California restaurant, where there was a norovirus outbreak over the summer.

Chipotle also confirms its sales sank 14.6 percent for the fourth quarter after food scares sickened dozens of people around the country.

It's the first sales drop since the company went public a decade ago.


posted on Feb, 2 2016 @ 04:36 PM
What do people expect? I always say:

I you didn't grow and pick it or bleed it out and butcher it yourself, or don't intimately know the person who did, you can never know what you're sticking in your mouth.

posted on Feb, 2 2016 @ 05:00 PM
a reply to: ReadLeader

My son has worked at one in Niagara Falls for about 1 1/2 years. There have been many procedure changes and a few managers let go. At his location business is booming.

posted on Feb, 2 2016 @ 05:05 PM
a reply to: ReadLeader

So it's a case of folks not understanding they are run by an individual on an individual basis.

One store giving the rest a bad rep as it were.

Most franchises have a strick set of guidelines to follow, it's do the individual stores (owner/manager)follow through?

You fail enough inspections you loose said franchise.

runninga franchise restaurant has a lot of metrics most folks don't think about.


posted on Feb, 2 2016 @ 05:11 PM
I always loved Chipotle. I used to get their veggie burrito bowl. I haven't been in a while, but that's just because there isn't one conveniently located near me now. I hope they get their problems worked out.

posted on Feb, 2 2016 @ 06:02 PM
There hasn't been any cases of ecoli since november according to my wife, she works at corporate. They are still looking into the cause of it since it doesn't seem to be linked to just contaminated food.

We have heard that the Strand found is only grown in a lab....

posted on Feb, 2 2016 @ 08:49 PM
My thoughts on it are that your food will only be a good as your suppliers are.

Chipotle insists on being locavore in its sourcing, so it deals with a LOT of different suppliers by necessity. If you do not keep your auditing of these places regular, you risk having some of them fall out on their quality and then they can leave you up a creek. And one bad supplier in the chain can cause you all kinds of problems even if everyone else in the chain is pristine.

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